For months the Left has pointed to a pin that Sebastian Gorka wears as “proof” that he’s a Nazi.

Sebastian Gorka, the Deputy Assistant to the President, has had to explain the story behind the pin ad nauseum.

Spectator. co. UK reported a response.

‘I was born in 1970. I was hardly goose-stepping down Nuremberg. My father was nine when World War Two started. My father defended his Jewish schoolmates who went to school every day after the Germans occupied, so it’s disgusting.’

Buzzfeed was not content with his explanations. They sent reporter Mitch Prothero all the way to Hungary to bury him.

It backfired miserably…

Prothero tried mightily to keep the Nazi pin secured on Gorka.

He interviewed  Gorka’s former employers in Hungary and members of the Hungarian counterintelligence service. They were anything but fans. But even those who don’t like the man would not suggest for a second that he’s a Nazi or antisemite.

Breitbart reported the futile odyssey and Prothero’s ultimate defeat.

Porter also confirms what was first reported here at Breitbart News — that the medal Gorka wore at the inauguration, which was awarded to his father for his anticommunist activism by an organization called the Vitezi Rend, had nothing to do with the historical Vitezi Rend that had ties to the Nazi-aligned Hungarian regime in the Second World War.

Hoo boy! That had to hurt! Not only was their smear campaign discredited, they made such a stink over it that they had to publicly clear Sebastian Gorka.

Buzzfeed is gettin’ stung on the behind in another way…

Their ex-employees have created a new craze that’s gone viral!

It’s a You Tube series called “Why I left Buzzfeed.”  Variety reported that the ex-staffers use the You Tube platform to tear Buzzfeed a new one. Ironically it was the  skills they learned there that has made the series go viral.

Oh well Buzzfeed. Maybe the Left will cook up another phony dossier you can publish and humiliate yourself with.

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