Can the “unhinged mob” win the hearts of voters in the Midterms? 

Democrats have morphed into the Party of Domestic Terrorists. Their tactics on the streets, at Trump rallies and in the halls of Congress have rightfully earned them the moniker of an “unhinged mob.”

Bloodthirsty “Liberals” have eagerly responded to calls for violence from their leaders/handlers in DC and Hollywood.

The GOP has in turn, responded to them with a video ad entitled  “The Left: An Unhinged Mob.” It already has more than 3 million views on You Tube.

The video exposes elected officials such as Corey Booker, Maxine Waters and sore loser Hillary Clinton inciting harassment and intimidation, violence and rioting.

“We’re not a mob, we’re just peaceful protesters.”

The Left is pushing back at the use of the “M” word, but due to their desperation, they cannot seem to put the brakes on. And it can’t be denied that they are in fact, an unhinged mob. The internet is always faster than their Globalist censors.

“Liberals”target those with major influence in Washington-like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders and Stephen Scalese. B-rate washed up celebrities like Tom Arnold have even suggested going after their children.

But citizens who are not power players, but simply hold a different opinion-aren’t safe either. The unhinged mob attacks anyone who appears to be a Trump supporter. The spoiled yet rage-filled white “Liberals” curse their victims for being white. But Black, Latino, gay and female conservatives are not spared either. They’re viciously attacked, often by news anchors. However since the Left utilizes news anchors of color, they cleverly skirt charges of racism, hate crimes and civil rights violations.  

Portland Oregon has been literally taken over by a dangerous “Liberal” mob, blocking traffic and chasing down cars. The recent image of the mob of domestic terrorists chasing the car of a 74 year old man gripped the nation. The Portland mob runs amok with the passive blessings of the police and the Mayor.

Instead of working on a meaningful platform and encouraging healthy debate, the Left has hijacked the lives of “Liberals” by indoctrination, encouraging them to commit crimes and robbing them of precious time in their lives.  

Democrats cringe when their soldiers are called the “M” word.

Just the same, they will not put the brakes on calls for violence. Instead, they’re compelled to hit the gas even harder.

Sellout Bernie Sanders would not condemn the violence. He insisted that the Left needs to “mobilize.” 

The Hill reported his response,

I am very strongly in favor of mobilizing the American people to stand up and fight for economic justice and social justice and racial and environmental justice. And I think we have to mobilize people.

In a rush to “mobilize people” by inciting violence and rioting, what exactly have Democrats  accomplished? 

The short list:

•Sane Americans are SO over Democrats’ violent rhetoric, race-baiting and gender-demonizing.

•Exploiting a mentally ill “psychologist” with zero proof and zero credible memory of details of allegedly being raped by Brett Kavanaugh has backfired.

•They’ve shown that they don’t care for or work for people of any color or gender. They only care about political power. 

•Their best accomplishment? Thousands of Democrats of all genders, colors heritage and sexual persuasions are waking up and #WalkingAway every day. 

Do they actually believe this behavior will win votes with anyone outside of their radicalized troops? Or are they laying the groundwork for  a Civil War? 

Will the DC Swampmonsters hang themselves? 

What is truly terrifying is that elected officials who are calling to destroy our country with acts of terrorism and open borders are our nation’s “lawmakers.” They’ve proven that they should have no say in crafting our nation’s laws, let alone selecting a Supreme Court Justice. 

Will their Blue Wave dry up in the face of the explosive fire set by these emotional arsonists? 

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