A Bill pushing for increased gay rights has people on edge. California Bill AB-2943 could lead to a Bible ban.

Why ban Bible sales? Because passages that frown upon homosexuality hurts their feewings. Even more likely-the Bible interferes with the Globalists’ politicization of the radical LBGTQI movement. 

The Left’s motto: when it’s offensive-ban, burn, bash, bully, boycott, etc.

What is Bill AB-2943?

It probably depends on who you ask.  For radical gay rights champions, it’s a humanitarian Bill.

For everyone else, the Bill encompasses banning conversion therapy and deeming it a criminal act to help anyone who is seeking advice regarding their own sexual persuasions or gender identity.

This would include criminalizing counseling, making speeches or sermons, or selling any books that frown upon homosexuality and/or transgenderism or offer a path out of that lifestyle.

Churches and counselors who offer services-even when requested by a confused or unhappy individual-could be criminally charged. Likewise, the selling of books to guide a person away from choosing the LGBTQI lifestyle would be against the law.

An opening like the size of a needle eye works for both sides. 

“Fact checkers” downplay and ridicule Conservatives’ concerns that this Bill would lead to a Bible ban. But is the possibility of this Bill morphing into a ban on Bible sales all that remote?

Our growing tolerance of the  sexually charged “Liberal” agenda has, as many initially feared, morphed into an all-out war on our children. Forced Sex “Education” in public schools is all the proof we need. So how is it silly to assume that this needle-eye Bill signals an all-out war on the Bible? It certainly is a Civil Rights issue because it makes it illegal for people to seek help to make their own choices.

It all starts with one tiny victory. Then slowly, one after another, little victories chink away at the armor of sanity, safety and freedom for everyone else.

Prime Time example-the Left destroyed watching television as a family-friendly pastime because they slowly degenerated public programming into nonstop porn and graphic violence. Their retort to those who challenged the chronic loosening of standards? Change the channel.

OK.  So how ’bout they just don’t buy or read the book?

Will the Torah be next? The Quran?

The Left hates Jews and Israel every bit as much as they hate Christians. But since they’ve gotten cozy with their Globalist War allies, the Radical Islamists, they may have painted themselves into a corner here. There is no ideology more vehemently opposed to homosexuality than Islam.

Will Muslims become accidental allies in seeking to protect holy books?

Will the Left dare to insist that sales of the Quran be banned? Have these low information, emotionally unhinged fascists even thought about it?

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