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CA to Federal Government: Pay CA $18 Million Or We’ll Let Forests Burn

18 Million Or We'll Let Forests Burn

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CA to Federal Government-Pay us $18 million or we’ll let forests burn to the ground.

The headlines would have you believe that this is another spat between President Trump and CA Gov. Gerry Brown. But before you jump to California’s-crazy conclusions, the issue is about bills that the Federal government is obligated to pay.

You just have to read between the headlines.

In one part of the article Fox News explained.

Nearly half the land in California is federally owned, and the greatest percentage of that is in National Forests. The dispute stems from longstanding commitments that coordinate and reimburse firefighters for work on federal lands.

OK.  So the demand is not unreasonable. Well that’s  a boring headline.

What was left out of the headline is not boring. And that it was glossed over is troubling. Hopefully Fox isn’t totally caving to the Left.

The subtle buried bombshell is that this all began on Obama’s watch.

This is a fire that Obama left burning.

Fox News presented this in a way that readers would assume this issue is between California and President Trump. But the unpaid bills were under Obama’s watch.

Another part of the article in Fox News stated,

The federal government is supposed to repay local governments within two months, but more than 90 percent of payments from last year missed that deadline. Two-thirds of payments in 2015 were late.

Fox also quoted  Emergency Services Director Mark Ghilarducci.

“The Forest Service is “illogically relying on a “sudden interpretation” of a 1955 law that prevents the government from paying volunteer firefighters.”

But how “sudden” is this interpretation if the late payments can be tracked back to at least 2015?  That would mean that the “sudden” interpretation occurred under the Obama administration, not President Trump’s.

It’s also possible that when the last budget was passed, Obama’s “sudden” interpretation was carried over. We can’t forget that the Dems had so much input in deciding the last budget that they were crowing about all the concessions that our new President made in order to avoid a government shutdown.

Therefore, Obama lit the fire, left it burning and the Democrats stoked it.  If Republicans in Congress didn’t catch it and fix it, it’s on them too.

Hopefully President Trump will remedy this oversight.

He took the high road and approved disaster relief for the Oroville Dam.

That crisis was due to Governor Gerry Brown’s fiscal ineptitude. But President Trump’s concern was for Americans-even Californian Americans.

In spite of Gov. Brown’s seditious #NotMyPresident rhetoric President Trump did not play politics with peoples’ lives or our environment.

Of course he got no credit for that.

Wake up call

Just the same this should remind Californians that they need to  replace their “leadership.”  If Gerry Brown continues to stubbornly dig his heels in by retaining sanctuary status for California, he will forgo federal funds. Residents won’t be able to rely on their #NotMyPresident Trump to bail them out of unexpected disasters.

People were quick to comment in the Fox article. They cried, “Let it burn!” because of their disdain for Californians.

However, the better solution would be to encourage voter turnout for Republicans who are running for office in 2018 to MCGA.

California is a beautiful part of America that has gone to Hell thanks to Democratic “leadership” and Liberal elites. And let’s not forget-not all of California is blue.

“Let it burn!”

Another reason the cries to “let it burn” are absurd and heartless is the utter disregard for God-given life.

Not just the human life that we conservatives claim is so sacred.

We’re talking about some of the most magnificent forests in our country. Many trees are literally thousands of years old. They’re national treasures. These forests belong to all Americans.

There is also the precious gift of vulnerable wildlife to consider.

At any rate the political threat  is loud and reckless.

It’s an open invitation to arsonists. Not just demented pleasure-seeking arsonists, but to terrorists and Soros-backed domestic terrorists who would use forest fires as environmental warfare. By presenting this as a Trump vs. Brown issue, it becomes all the more tempting politically.

Let Obama’s legacy burn

IMO President Trump should give them their 18 million dollars. These firefighters put their life on the line to rescue others and to save our natural forests.

He should make a big tweetin’ deal out of it. He should expose Obama’s stiffing of the firefighters and rip up his legacy of “caring” so much for the environment.

He should use it all to make a case for new leadership in California.

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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Fox News

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  1. Lewis Saintsing

    Let California burn in hell . Well, no. The animals need to be saved….the 4 legged kind.

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