Ignoring the life altering impact of a chronic disease, CA ruled that it’s legal to knowingly infect others with HIV.

Liberal California ruled that it’s legal to knowingly infect someone with the HIV virus. That’s like ruling that attempted murder and/or assault and battery with a deadly weapon is fine, just fine. Just keep voting Democrat.

See ‘Sick! CA Wants to Decriminalize Infecting Others With HIV!”

This ruling completely ignores reality and common decency.

Note~ Earlier IMOwired printed the following statistic: “In a stunning report from the Center for Disease Control, 1 out of 6 homosexual and bisexual men will contract the HIV/AIDs virus.” However, a sharp reader caught that the sentence was skewed. The CDC report was stating that 83% of HIV cases were gay and bi men, not that 83% of gay and bi men have HIV. Please accept my apology for that error.

In digging more to make this correction a lot of conflicting numbers were coming up. For example, a New York Times article mentioned that HIV affects one out of two gay black males. A 2010 report from WebMD stated that one out of five gay males have HIV. Bottom line-it’s rampant and will only get worse. It might help for these gay males to have better access to testing to make sure they can treat HIV early. Some people have found mylab box (get a mylab box coupon here) helpful when keeping track of their sexual health. Which is important if the infection rate is so high.

Question: Liberals will tout that incidents of AIDS has fallen remarkably. Sure, that’s great. But don’t the lives of the rest of the community matter?

To callously dismiss the fact that so many bi and gay men will contract this horrible disease is unconscionable. The lives of those infected will be altered forever. It will impact relationships. They will be dependent upon expensive medication for the rest of their lives. They may die.

California gave the green light to knowingly infect others with this deadly disease.

Governor Jerry Brown decided that lives don’t matter.

Gov. Brown signed Bill SB-239 into place that lowers the penalty for knowingly infecting a sex partner with HIV from a felony to a misdemeanor.

But this doesn’t just affect the gay community. Some people with this chronic disease are bisexual. So they can pass it on to anyone.

But it gets worse.

This bill also allows people who know they have HIV to donate blood.

The LGBTQI community decided that lives don’t matter.

It’s just weird that the gay community doesn’t care if other people in the gay community live or die. Just so long as they’re indulging themselves along the way while serving a political agenda.

Of course they’d howl at that. So much of their agenda is masked in “caring” that their people will be bullied, assaulted murdered. But this Bill doesn’t phase them.

Note~This is not about whether or not people can help themselves, were born that way or should seek conversion therapy.

This is simply meant to pose one solid question: If so many gay or bisexual men will contract AIDS, why promote the gay lifestyle so aggressively to children and young teens?

According to Rutgers, young men from the ages of 13 to 24 accounted for 92% of new HIV diagnoses. 92%.

HIV isn’t the only disease ignored by those pushing their agenda.

There’s a host of other ailments that effect those who engage in this alternative lifestyle. Do NOT read this list if you’re easily upset or offended.

It is not mean or homophobic to speak about reality. It’s disease-phobic , and rightly so. For those who can choose their sexual lifestyle, it would be kind to inform them about the health ramifications of choosing GB.

  • Hepatitis A-spread through many types of contact, including sexual contact and is especially prevalent among homosexual and bi men due to ingesting fecal matter.
  • Hepatitis B and C- spread through sexual activity
  • Syphilis
  • Chlamydia and gonorrhea of the rectum, penis or throat
  • Herpes
  • Higher risk for anal papilloma
  • Higher risk for anal cancer
  • Higher risk for penile cancer
  • Polyps
  • Anal fissures/tears
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Ulcers and abscesses
  • Nerve and muscle damage can lead to anal incontinence.This can become severe enough to warrant wearing diapers or needing surgery for a colostomy bag.
  • Drug, alcohol and cigarette addiction is more prevalent among gay men.
  • Higher rates of depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies
  • Gay bowel syndrome-refers to a host of diseases contracted because of male homosexual practices. This can result in gastrointestinal discomfort, abdominal pains, cramps, bloating, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea caused by trauma or introducing bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites into the body.

Note~The above diseases and ailments will no longer affect only the Gay/Bi community because anal sex similar to what as been seen on websites such as https://www.fulltube.xxx/ has been promoted to the general population-even in public school sex ed programs geared to young children. Recently an article in “Teen Vogue” graphically touted and instructed underage girls how to have anal sex.

“See 5 Recent Psychosexual Attacks on Our Children (disturbing content)”

The radicalized LGBTQI agenda needs to be stopped in its tracks.

The movement has become a politicized weapon rather than a means to develop mutual respect and compassion toward those who live alternate lifestyles.

It’s a powerful political force being exploited to drive the Globalist agenda:

  • Weakens the US military-particularly transgender.
  • Destroys traditional families.
  • Decreases world population (see UN Agenda 21-goal of reducing world population by 95% by the year 2030)
  • Now radicalized and hostile to create civil unrest.
Children’s lives do not matter to the Left.

To drive their agenda they are psycho-sexually exploiting children. (see the “Transgender Agenda” tab for many related posts)

That the politicized LGBTQI movement is going after innocent children is a game changer. The gloves have got to come off. Conservative members of the gay community need to put a stop to this or people will reconsider their tolerance.

See” Gay Camille Paglia Defends Children from the Transgender Agenda.”

Public schools are going after children at increasingly younger ages to indoctrinate them into the gay and trans lifestyles.

“Liberals” may ridicule all the above points regarding the Globalist agenda. But one question remains for them to answer….

Why seduce children and young teens into a lifestyle that leads to so many chronic illnesses and/or death?

California “Liberalism” is a disease.

The Liberal Globalist agenda in California is not only killing the state in terms of finances and safety, Bill SB-239 openly advocates for killing individuals.

Overly dramatic? When the bill passed, allowing homosexuals and bisexuals to knowingly infect another human being with a life-threatening virus, what other conclusion can be drawn?

If that’s not insane enough, the penalties for refusing to validate mental illness have been ramped up. A bill just passed stating that health-workers can be thrown in jail for “misgendering.” That would mean willfully addressing someone with the wrong pronoun after having been informed of the person’s preferred pronoun.

Judgmental? Yes and no.

This is no judgement on those who are sworn members of the gay community and/or feel they cannot help themselves or that they were born that way. Most of us probably know at least one gay person that we admire and/or love dearly.

This is a judgment-a harsh and unapologetic judgement- on those who pass laws that favor the few and endanger the many.

This is a judgment-a harsh and unapologetic judgement- on those who push this dangerous lifestyle on others-especially vulnerable children and young teens.

If this were not sexually related it wouldn’t have had such traction. Ironically many who push the dangerous alternative lifestyle choice on kids rail against the health threats caused by cigarettes, big gulp sodas, and environmental pollution.

“Being judgmental” has been given a bad rap.

God gave us judgement for many reasons. The most basic reason is to protect us from life threatening situations. HIV is a life threatening situation.

These alarming statistics should be judged (acknowledged) and we need to stop pushing young people into a dangerous lifestyle.

All that’s required of the general population is to be respectful, courteous, fair and compassionate towards others.

The general population does not have to approve of other people making unhealthy choices nor do we need to approve of seducing children into making those choices.

Shouldn’t the general population-especially children- receive respect, courtesy, fairness and compassion in return?

“It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out.”

Decriminalizing the deliberate act of infecting someone with a life-threatening illness because a few people in the gay community might be offended is brainless.

Other than the means of transmission, how is it any different than knowingly putting antifreeze in someone’s drink or parasite-laden stool in their oatmeal?

Ironically, one of the health concerns for the LGBTQI community that is listed on many websites include homo-phobia. Not one of them noted that the bigger threat to their health or life is due is homo-promo.

By aggressively promoting this seriously unhealthy lifestyle on others, the radical, politicized LGBTQI community have lost their minds, compassion, and respect or others-including their own. It could be argued that they’ve lost their souls.

Your opinion? Comment below.


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