CALEXIT fails and does a Hillary-blames Russia.

It’s another delightful case of Democratic Backfire. Their own Russia-hate campaign backfired and crushed their Calexit dream.

“Liberal” rags blared headlines like, “Calexit over after leader’s Russia ties exposed!”

But it wasn’t really like that at all. It was more of a Russian bride kinda thing.

KTLA reports,

The Russia-based leader of a Calexit campaign has backed off efforts seeking California’s secession from the United States and announced that he intends to “make Russia my new home.”

Louis Marinelli, president of the Yes California Independence Campaign, wrote in a farewell statement that he would withdraw efforts to get the question of secession on California’s 2018 ballot.

Seen by many as a fringe effort, interest in California’s secession increased after Donald Trump won the presidency. The added attention increased scrutiny on Marinelli’s residency and drew attention to what he described as “anti-Russian hysteria” in the United States. He wrote that he moved to Russia because of a dispute with the federal government over his wife’s immigration status.

“While Washington refused to act and the Americans continued to spew their hatred towards immigrants, Sacramento actively worked to protect our immigrants,” he wrote, referring to the state government of California. “It was this contrast which motivated me to start this campaign for independence.”…

“It is only proper, given my intention to seek permanent residence in Russia and not return to California in the foreseeable future, to withdraw that petition from circulation, and to allow a new petition, free from ties to me and drafted by others, to be resubmitted at future date of their choosing,” Marinelli wrote in his farewell statement.

The Oxymoron of “Liberal Logic”

Sooooo OK. He started Calexit because the rest of the country “hates immigrants.” Sacramento embraces immigrants aka illegal aliens. But he’s moving to Russia because of all the anti-Russian sentiment in the US.

This guy did NOT get the memo that Russiaphobia is hate being spewed  by  Calexit supporting “Liberals!”

American workers should be allowed to take the day off to grieve.

Or to run to their safe spaces to hug rented puppies. Or hit someone over the head with a baseball bat. Oh wait-got the parties mixed up there for a second.

Point is, many Americans were thrilled with the idea of saying adios to “Liberal” infested California. They would gladly have chipped in to build another wall around the state and let the whackos fester in their glittery cesspool.

Hillary and CALEXIT both point to Putin for their loss.

It couldn’t possibly be their fault. KTLA even stated “Polls have so far not shown widespread support for Calexit.”

Maybe part of the lukewarm support is due to the mixed leadership of Gerry Brown.

His choice to buy future votes for Democrats by favoring  illegal immigrants over CA residents is a turn-off to all but the most hopelessly radicalized Lefties.

He recently signed  the “Trust Act,” at Bill making California a sanctuary state. The Bill allows illegals to acquire CA Drivers Licenses. So now they can vote. It all works out so well. For Democrats.

There’s a couple of other things the “Yes CA” folks never think of:
  1. Pretty sure there’s actually more than one race for President. Something like one every four years. Apparently they’re convinced that there will never be another “Progressive”Democrat elected to sell our country out.  Let’s hope they’re right and take comfort in that. But if that nightmare were to occur, would they beg to be taken back  like an on-again off-again lover?
  2. The Gov. would be the big kahuna. Gerry Brown is enough of a disaster. But they could do even worse. What would they do if their Gov/Pres turned out to be a dictator?  On the other hand, if the state’s population was comprised solely of Liberals they wouldn’t recognize a dictator if he, or she, or “prefers not to say”  slapped them in the face.
But CALEXIT is not a joke. It’s a threat to America.

“Conservative Californian” is not an oxymoron.

Hard to believe, but there are actually conservatives in California.

The “Liberal” habitat is primarily on the coastline. The Dems promote their downtrodden “brand” with the likes of slovenly Sanders and fat slob Michael Moore. But  they actually represent the elite who occupy the most expensive real estate in the USA. Thank God for the electoral college.

Anyway, It would have been terribly unfair to conservative Californians to have their life hijacked. They invested their entire lives there, based on the presumption that CA is a part of the US, not a separate country with some acid-head dictator at the helm.

California Caliphate

The  most important reason CALEXIT cannot ever be allowed to happen is that it allows the opportunity to set up an enemy country within our borders. California would have been especially disastrous because militarily speaking, it owns 4,000 miles of US coastline.  CALEXIT  would have laid the groundwork  for an invasion.

We cannot let any state secede and set up an enemy country within our country. We also have to remain diligent that the Anti-American Globalist Party, aka the Democratic Party, never infiltrates our government again.

The potential military blunder of CALEXIT also drives home  why we need to keep a close eye on our Canadian friends. We share 4,000 miles of  our Northern border with them  and another 1500+ with Alaska. We cannot allow Trudeau to morph our great neighbor to the north into a Canadian Caliphate.

Libs have no problem being “Russia-phobic.” When we refuse to buy into their smear we’re accused of being “in bed with the Russians.” Well that goes both ways-we’re Radical-Islamophobic. And for good reason.

So CALEXIT has died, along with the hopes of Calexiters and conservatives alike.

Heartfelt sympathies to bitterly disappointed Americans. But it really is a victory and a blessing in disguise.

Oh well. There’s always that whole earthquake and tidal wave dropping Cali into the ocean thingie. But remember-some of us are stuck out here!

Do you think we need to beef up our laws to make it harder to bust up the USA?  Comment below!

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