Target embodies the definition of insanity at a store near you that hasn’t closed down yet!

Wimpy CEO Brian Cornell made a big excuse for the demise of his company. Target sales  tanked  because of the transgender bathroom debacle. The boycott backlash cost Target upwards of 15 Billion dollars. Gosh I wasn’t around when the blog post went out. Too late now.

With the transgender toothpaste out of the tube, Target aimed in a new direction.

IMOwired previously reported,

“In an effort to stay afloat Target will be making a “seismic shift.” Interestingly, part of that effort will include opening smaller locations on college campuses. Looks like they’re hoping that “Liberal” students will have enough money on their parents’ credit card to keep the lights on.”

There’s not an old saying, but judging by every recovering alcoholic, there should be.

“The best remedy for a mistake is to do it again, but bigger and harder and stupider.”

Target is now selling Pronoun pins!

Yes! You can now buy a pin that will give others the heads-up as to what  gender pronoun you wish to be addressed as that day.

target pronoun pins

That’s right. Get ’em while supplies last.

Because a Big Box chain is bound to stay afloat by appealing to 1% of the population. It’s really worked out well so far.

Apparently embracing the roughly 4.5% LGBT demographic didn’t boost their bottom line much. Maybe this will help.

Do you shop at Target anymore? Comment below!

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