Beautiful. Courageous. Patriot. Outspoken. Determined. Inspirational. Frequent guest on nationally syndicated programs. Oh-and she’s a black conservative woman.

“I never imagined it. I just kept going”

A journalism major, Candace Owen’s early career involved a stint at a private equity firm. Her next venture was no doubt inspired by having been bullied by racist students in her home town of Stamford, Ct. Candace founded the website Social Autopsy that would allow victims of online bullying to report incidents.

However, there was intense push-back from the Left, claiming that her site could dox innocent people. The events that led to the shut down of her site and her Kickstarter campaign are absolutely chilling.

The push-back was in response to the perceived threat that Candace “created technology that could unmask trolls” during the 2016 election cycle. Candace was threatened and blackmailed-ironically-by someone who claimed to be a victim of bullying-Zoë Quinn, a Twitter employee.

Quinn, who BTW voluntarily had a chip and a magnet implanted under her skin, previously claimed that she was being attacked by anonymous white men and Trump supporters. However, people were disputing her unproven claim that conveniently bolstered the Trump-supporters-are-idiot-white-misogynistic-alpha-males narrative. When Quinn caught wind of Candace’s new anti-bullying website that seemed to tout the ability to unmask online trollers and bullies, she called Candace and begged her to pull the plug on Social Autopsy. She said that Social Autopsy would “ruin everything” and warned her that “they” would dox Candace’s family and pursue her.

Candace said no.

Within hours of Candace telling Zoe that she would not pull her project, she was eerily and viciously attacked in the very manner that Quinn had just warned her about. Social Autopsy was flooded with thousands of vicious, threatening trolls. Candace fought back and through Twitter, informed readers that Zoë was not  a victim of harassment, but that she was guilty of harassing others.

MSM rags such as WaPo quickly jumped to Zoë’s defense, seeking to destroy Candace. Ironically, had they been actual journalists, instead of MSM “hit men,” as she describes them, they would have questioned Candace to see if she actually had access to such ground breaking technology. Imagine if, during the 2016 election cycle, Candace had the ability to unmask paid political trolls and how that would effect MSM’s chosen candidate? But they didn’t ask. They pounced.

Ozy.com explains how this incident became her Red Pill moment:

The backlash led in part to her political conversion. She watched as mainstream outlets shamed her, in her view. The only site that covered the story accurately was the “white, nationalist” Breitbart News, she said to Dave Rubin, a YouTube news personality. This was in April 2016, and Owens found confirmation in Trump, who was on the television near daily claiming the media was lying. “I realized my friends were my enemies, and my enemies were my friends,” Owens says.

Once she recovered from the shock, her wake up call inspired her to wake up others through her You Tube channel, “Red Pill Black.”

Candace challenges the Liberal agenda and calls out the Democratic Party for chronically exploiting the Black community.  She does so in spite of horrific bullying, intimidation and vile racist slurs from the Radical Left.

She’s not only a gifted commentator, but hilarious.  Her signature video is a skit enacting her “coming out” as a Conservative to her family…

Her perseverance and online presence has paid off.  Candace has quickly become a nationally recognized political celebrity and a Fox News contributor. 

Candace fights not only for the Black community, but for all Americans who have been ensnared in the MSM misinformation trap. Facing the fire and fury of the programmed Radical Left and their Globalist handlers is a terribly daunting challenge.  But she’s up to it.

Her quip in response to “Liberal” racist critics drives home why Democrats continue to #Resist educating minorities through school choice. “You can feel free to call me an Uncle Tom. You can feel free to call me an Auntie Tom. It does not affect me,” she says. “Do you want to know why? Because I actually read the book. Uncle Tom was the hero.”

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