Catalonia has officially separated from Spain and by default, the grip of the  EU. They’re hysterical with joy.

However, the joy of the new nation of Catalonia may be short-lived.

Reuters reports,

“The Spanish government moved to impose direct rule over Catalonia on Friday, stripping the region of its autonomy less than an hour after its parliament declared independence in a stunning show of defiance to Madrid.”

So the outcome is still shaky.  As we’ve witnessed with BREXIT and the landslide victory of Donald Trump in 2016, the Globalists don’t give up easily.

The  EU is losing its Luciferian grip.

Belgium’s Philippe Lamberts, the co-head of the influential European Greens in parliament, warned on Wednesday that the Catalonia crisis “threatened the spirit of European integration, even more than Brexit.”

Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the EU, insisted he did not want Catalonia to break away from Spain, expressing fears that others would follow suit. He admitted to being  “very worried” about the impact a split could have on the European Union.

Some citizens laud the unelected EU and their progress at instituting the New World Order because they’re financially baited and benefiting (for now).

Others fall prey to the EU’s financial blackmail. Some are terribly under-informed Hill-bot types who have no clue-and no desire to learn-that a One World Government portends the enslavement of humanity.

There are enough people in sovereign countries who have woken up.

In that moment of clarity they rejected Globalism and the Luciferian elite who aim to create a New World Order. Globalism is rasping with its last dying breath.

The struggle is far from over. As the push for Globalism suffers mortal wounds, the death throes could become more violent and aggressive.

The US actually backed Madrid rather than a Catalonian-exit.

It’s surprising, particularity since President Trump backed Brexit and praises all countries who are resisting Globalism and suicide through EU-driven Islamification. His #Resistance to a One World Government is why he won and why so many citizens in foreign countries  #WishHeWasTheirPresident.

Just guessing, but there may be two reasons:

  1. Diplomatic relations.
  2. Shared concern.

Diplomatic relations are naturally a possibility. Shared concern my not be necessary.

The EU fears the contagion of independence will lead to the demise of the EU. Catalonia loosened itself from their grip even though secession is forbidden by law.

The Trump administration may worry that California will be inspired to secede.

However, even it people hate California and wish it would all burn or fall into the sea, secession must never be allowed for military reasons.

CALEXIT is not an option.

To make the argument that CALEXIT is not an option, the foundations for the argument must first be acknowledged:

  • We are  in the midst of a soft Civil War spurred by a coup.
  • Liberal forces are fighting on behalf of a Globalist takeover.
  • Therefore, California’s reason to secede would not be to remove themselves from tyranny, but to invite it.
  • The permanent move would be motivated by backlash to the 2016 election. Which, if President Trump is as awful as California Liberals say he is, will only be a temporary problem, lasting  another 3-7 years.

CALEXIT would endanger all of America.

If California were to secede that would be the equivalent of setting up a hostile country within our own borders. Additionally CA owns 840 general miles worth of coastline which would put our national security at great risk. So yeah-not an option.

That said, wishing the people of Catalonia, and other sovereign nations battling our common enemy-the EU-heartfelt congratulations and prayers for success!

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