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McCain Touts the New World Order

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McCain Touts the New World Order. Watch 15 Other Leaders Pitch Our Demise.

  • John McCain. Once a traitor. Always a traitor

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John McCain. Once a Traitor. Always a Traitor.

Michael Aquino

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Satanic Monument in Veterans Park-Surprised? Meet Michael Aquino.

Cornell and Bennington Suicides, Podesta and a Pedo Ring

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Possible Link: Cornell and Bennington Suicides,Podesta and a Pedo Ring

Two more added to Clinton Body Count

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Two More. Clinton Body Count Continues to Grow.

John McCain badmouths rex tillerson

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Traitor John McCain Badmouths Rex Tillerson and Pres.Trump

Robert Kiyosaki was recruited by the CIA to run drugs

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Robert Kiyosaki Was Recruited by the CIA to Run Drugs (video)

vetted immigrants ellis island

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Vetted Immigrants: An American Fairly Tale

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Said Trump Could Be Greatest President

Backstories, Politics/OpEd

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Said Trump Could Be the Greatest President in History

megyn kelly alex jones interview

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Megyn Kelly Alex Jones Interview Reopens Sandy Hook Wounds.

  • should families of 9/11 worry about President Trump and Saudi Prince?

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Should Families of 9/11 Victims Worry About Peace in the Middle East?

Backstories, Politics/OpEd

Remembering Waco. And Hillary’s Role in the Massacre.

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Clinton Smackdown in Arkansas

Backstories, Today's Crazy

Marketing and Manipulating the Democrat Brand. It’s Truth Bomb Time!

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CIA-Masters of Deception

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