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CIA could be involved in forging Obama's birth certificate

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Breaking: New Evidence Points to CIA Involvement With Birth Certificate

Obama showing his junk

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Dems Would Hate It If This Video of Obama Showing His Junk Were Shared…

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Joseph Mifsud Linked to Hillary’s Missing Emails. Now He’s Missing.

Fake News writer Paul Horne found dead

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Paul Horner-Pro-Hillary Fake News Writer Found Dead. Hmmm.

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Not Again. Kurt Smolek-Another Hillary Associate Dead.

McCain Touts the New World Order

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McCain Touts the New World Order. Watch 15 Other Leaders Pitch Our Demise.

seth rich lawsuit

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The Coup Gains Momentum-Seth Rich Lawsuit Ties to White House

chris bennington 911 call

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Update: Chester Bennington 911 Call. Something is Off.

Clinton ties to the cornell & bennington suicides, podesta and a pedo ring

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Clinton Ties to the Cornell & Bennington Suicides, Podesta, and a Pedo Ring

Cornell and Bennington Suicides, Podesta and a Pedo Ring

Backstories, conspiracy, Pizzagate, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Possible Link: Cornell and Bennington Suicides,Podesta and a Pedo Ring

Two more added to Clinton Body Count

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Two More. Clinton Body Count Continues to Grow.

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