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Special Message to Readers-Finally Out of Fascistbook Jail

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Imam Tawhidi to Start Independent Media Platform to Fight Radical Islam

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Is Repealing Net Neutrality a Clever Way to Repeal Media Bias?

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How to Contact the White House and Your Representatives

browsing data

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BS Dem Freakout: Trump to Sign Bill Allowing ISPs to Sell Browsing Data

Sexual Abuse by School

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State by State 2017: Sexual Abuse by School Staff. Which State Had Zero?

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IMOwired Interviews David Hernandez: Candidate for Lt. Governor of California

Hope to cure autism

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A Vintage Drug Offers Hope to Cure Autism

  • smartphone addiction

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Smartphone Addiction-Better Than the Alternative…

  • CA making safe spaces for heroine addicts

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Whaaaaat? You Won’t Believe Who CA is Making “Safe Spaces” For!

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PAWS-Bipartisan Bill for Abused Women and Their Pets

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A Thumbs Up and Suprise Emoji for Mark Zuckerberg…

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Sign of the Times-Crooks Rob Fingerprints from Photos!

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CIA-Masters of Deception

  • resumes a word of caution

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Resumes-A Word of Caution

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