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Obama's "Resistance"

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Two Surprising Sources That Bankroll Obama’s “Resistance”

Lorene Goline, female teacher from arkansas arrested

Education, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Another Female Teacher Arrested for Having Sex With Students. Funny?

McCain's revenge

Backstories, Politics/OpEd

McCain’s Revenge: Fifteen Back Stabs Since the Election.

Backstories, Luciferian Elites, Politics/OpEd, Racist Nazi Democrats

The #1 Reason Why the Left Hates Christians and Jews

browsing data

Biz/Career, Information., Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

BS Dem Freakout: Trump to Sign Bill Allowing ISPs to Sell Browsing Data

Marlon Bundo book

Awwww!!!, Good News, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

BOTUS (Bunny of the United States) Marlon Bundo Book Deal!

Trump's Speech to UN

Good News, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Meme Time! President Trump’s Speech to UN-Globalist Smackdown

quiz about abortion trans

Education, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Drain the Public School Swamps: Creepy Quiz for Eighth Graders

Scottie Nell-Hughes sues Charles Payne

media, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

A New Fox Hit-Not the Good Kind. Ex Guest Sues Charles Payne

O'Reilly's accuser

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

“Hot Chocolate” in Hot Water: Bill O’Reilly’s Accuser Has Arrest Record

#StopTheHoaxNow, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Judicial Watch Discovers More Hillary/Russia Collusion

students bound by duct tape

Education, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Slavery Lesson: Students Bound and Put in a Dark Room

Mueller team

#StopTheHoaxNow, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Putin in Crosshairs of Dirty Mueller Team # StopTheHoaxNow (petition)

Weiner's 15 Year Old Victim wanted to affect the election

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Lawyers Claim Weiner’s 15 Year Old Victim Wanted to Affect the Election


inspiration, Luciferian Elites, Pizzagate, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

DC Luciferian Elite Said She Killed People With Hexes

Voodoo dolls

Backstories, Luciferian Elites, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Witchy Woman: Voo Doo Dolls and Hillary’s Satanic History

white child being hung

Politics/OpEd, Racist Nazi Democrats, Today's Crazy

Idiotic Rap Video of White Child Being Hung

Sexual Abuse by School

Education, Information., Politics/OpEd, QuikList

State by State 2017: Sexual Abuse by School Staff. Which State Had Zero?

Laura Ingraham

Good News, media, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Good News for Laura Ingraham and Fox Viewers

Eric Bolling's son's autopsy

media, Politics/OpEd

Eric Bolling’s Son’s Autopsy Complete. Can the Results Be Trusted?

Hillary's lawyers

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Bleachbit Bombshell: Hillary’s Lawyers Will Face Bar Investigation.


#StopTheHoaxNow, Breaking News, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Breaking: Larry Klayman Filing Complaint to Remove Mueller

Eric Bolling's son

media, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

War on Free Speech: Eric Bolling’s Son Found Dead (updated)

Camille Paglia

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy, Transgender Agenda

Gay Camille Paglia Defends Children from the Transgender Agenda

Awan Set Up Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

media, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy, Uncategorized

Bizzare Twist! Possible That Awan Set Up Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

hillary's book What Happened

Comic Relief, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Sooo Many Reasons Why Hillary’s Book “What Happened” is Awesome!

Sheriff Clarke

Good News, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy, Uncategorized

RINOs Beware: Sheriff Clarke is on Board the Trump Train

squiggly brows

Comic Relief, Good News, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Wut? Squiggly Eyebrows ‘n’ Lips Are the Latest Thing

Democrats demean holocaust

Politics/OpEd, Racist Nazi Democrats

Racist Nazi Democrats Demean Holocaust Victims

Environment, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Ha! Wait’ll You See Who Outsold Al Gore’s Climate Change Book…

Sex Toy Teacher Hoax? Not Exactly

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy, Transgender Agenda

Sex Toy Teacher Hoax? Not Exactly. (update-disturbing content)

Adult Bullied a Child With Autism

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Leftie Adult Bullied a Child With Autism

common core

Education, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy, Transgender Agenda

Common Core Corruption: Drain the Porn School Swamps! (corrected)

conspiracy, media, Pizzagate, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Not Again. Kurt Smolek-Another Hillary Associate Dead.

Bezos Sells Antifa hate

media, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Whole Foods Owner Jeff Bezos Sells Antifa Hate. Mmm. Yummy.

Comey's FBI Investigation of Hillary Was a Sham

Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Bogus Operendi: Comey’s FBI Investigation of Hillary Was a Sham

Backstories, media, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Fakiest of Fake News CNN Faked Hurricane Harvey Rescue!

Harriet Tubman

Politics/OpEd, Racist Nazi Democrats, Today's Crazy

Racist Nazi Dems: NO to Harriet Tubman on Twenties?

arling of the Feminazis was busted for duping followers and pissing on Harvey's victims. Linda Sarsour's Hurricane Harvey scam was busted.

George Soros, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

A New Low! Linda Sarsour’s Hurricane Harvey Scam Busted!

Evergreen State

Education, Politics/OpEd, Today's Crazy

Evergreen State College is Learning Lessons the Hard Way

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