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Eric Bolling’s Son: Official Cause of Death is Only Half the Story.

Eric Chase Bolling


The death of Eric Bolling’s son was ruled a drug overdose. That was the official cause. But it’s just half the story.

The root cause is dirty politics. Eric Bolling’s son died of a drug overdose on September 8th-following the news that his Dad was removed from Fox due to sexual harassment allegations.

That Friday night Eric Bolling and his wife Adrienne were already dealing with having lost his job at Fox. That same evening they lost their only son, 19-year-old Eric Chase. He was found dead in his Boulder, Colorado apartment.

It has taken weeks to get the autopsy results. The coroner’s official cause of death was released yesterday. The newest report indicates that there was a “history of drug abuse discovered at the scene.” Unfortunately, another person has lost their lives to drug abuse. This is not uncommon to hear these days. With easier access to drugs, more and more people are falling victim to their negative impacts. Drug abuse can cause deaths, which is why it’s so important that family and friends do try and prevent the person from abusing these substances. Perhaps people close to an individual suffering from a drug addiction could try and get them to visit, for example. By getting them to attend a rehabilitation center, they can overcome their addiction and return to normal life. No one wants to lose a member of their family, so try and save them from their addiction. For some more information on drug rehab, visit this website. You will be able to find what is treated and the treatment options available, amongst other things.

“People” reported,

“The Boulder County Coroner’s report, obtained by PEOPLE on Thursday, lists the cause of death as “mixed drug intoxication” and ruled it as an accident. The post-mortem toxicology report, which was completed on Sept. 11, revealed Eric Chase had cocaine, marijuana, alprazolam (commonly known as Xanax), and the opioid drugs, fentanyl and cyclopropyl fentanyl, in his system. “History of drug abuse and white powdery substance discovered at the scene,” stated the report.”

Eric Bolling was gracious in his announcement on Twitter.

He continued, “2/ Adrienne and I thank you for your continued prayers and support. We must fight against this national epidemic, too many innocent victims.”

Opoids is only half the story

What led to Eric Chase’s death can easily be tied to his Dad being under sniper fire. The Soros-backed Left attempted to off Eric Bolling and grab another scalp at Fox. Eric Chase was caught in the crossfire.

Eric Bolling was the target of a financial political assassination.

The war on free speech-that is, Conservative voices-reached a fevered pitch. Media Matters was looking for another scalp at Fox.

A Huffpost “reporter” Yashar Ali broke a salacious story that Eric Bolling had sent coworkers photos of his genitalia. The incidents allegedly happened several years ago and the article cited 12+ unnamed sources. Fox sided with the sleazy blogger and suspended Bolling immediately. Bolling sued the Huffpost mudslinger for $50 Million dollars for liable.

See “Eric Bolling is Suing Huffpost “Reporter” for 50 Million”

The Left’s Madame, Attorney Gloria Allred quickly pulled together a line up of Propaganda Prostitutes. One of them, Carol Heldman is a serial accuser. All her girls have a habit of disappearing when it comes time to prove their allegations, as they did when trying to frame then-candidate Trump for sexual harassment.

See “An Eric Bolling Accuser is a Repeat Offender-er” .

IMO Eric Chase Bolling was a casualty of war.

His heart was broken when he learned that his Dad was removed from Fox. TMZ’s sources report that friends say he was “destroyed” and under “emotional torture.”

TMZ brought up another good point…

“Our sources say Eric Chase was found in his bed Friday afternoon with the covers over him in normal position. There was no suicide note, we’re told, and no pill bottles or drug paraphernalia. Nevertheless, the operating theory is that this was some form of overdose. As one source tells TMZ, “19-year-olds just don’t go to sleep and not wake up.”

It is not a stretch to say that but for the war on conservative voices, Eric Bolling’s son would not have been so upset that he became reckless- in need of some extra numbing-and overdid it that night. We’ll never know if his self-medicating was actually intended suicide.

You don’t get back time.

A less tangible, but immeasurable tragedy is the death blow to the family’s time.

Instead of sharing happy family memories during his last months on earth, Eric Chase was eaten up by humiliating accusations leveled at his father.

Precious time that this family could have spent together was robbed by the evil forces on the Left who wage war on conservatives and play low-down-and-dirty with peoples’ lives and reputations.

The Globalist Left thinks nothing of slandering their opponents and causing great harm to them, their families and their business associates. They contract vile women-professional accusers. They concoct phony documents and call them “dossiers.” They reach out to their demon-scum in the media to spread the word. The blood of their targets spills throughout the country, causing hatred and division.

These soulless forces drove Eric Chase to numb his heartache all alone in his room, in the depths of despair.

President Trump declared opoids to be a national epidemic.

The Daily Caller mentioned the timing.

“The news that Bolling’s son died from drugs comes on the same day as President Trump made a speech declaring the opioid crisis a national public health emergency.

Trump said, “Beyond the shocking death toll, the terrible measure of the opioid crisis includes the families ripped apart, and for many communities a generation of lost potential and opportunity.”

The Left’s soul-eating virus is another epidemic.

The Left has fallen prey to a soul-eating virus. The symptoms involve carrying out unconscionable acts to crush free speech and political opponents by employing dirty tricks involving character assassination. The disease is passed on through so called “journalists” working for tabloids posing as respectable media.

But for…

Last August Eric Bolling sued Huffpost hack Yashar Ali for $50 million dollars. That was for personal damages to his career and reputation. That price tag, IMO, should skyrocket and extend to Huffpost, Gloria Allred and Media Matters. The personal damages to Eric Bolling’s career quickly extended to taking the life of his son.

But for the pain and angst caused by that scandalous post, Eric Chase would probably not have died that night even if he did have a chronic problem with drugs. That night he was emotionally destroyed due to the news of his father losing his job due to deeply humiliating accusations.

But for that state of mind he would not have committed suicide-intentionally or accidentally-by overdoing it. That is, IMO, the other half of the story.

I’m going to put on my tin foil hat.

Originally I wondered if the Harvey Weinstein hysteria wasn’t just another way to revive old sexual allegations about President Trump to take him down.

Without discounting that “conpsiracy theory,” now I’m wondering…due to Harvey Weinstein outrage, it might make Eric Bolling’s past behavior (if proven true) less sympathetic to a jury should there be a lawsuit connecting the dots from his son’s death to Huffpost, Yashar Ali and Soros-backed Media Matters.

If the allegations are proven to be false, they must be sweating bullets right now. After all, accuser Carol Heldman, is a “serial offender-er” and good friends with Presstitute Madame Gloria Allred.

Media Matters was on a Hell-bent roll taking down conservative voices at Fox. Isn’t it odd that the Fox scalp-hunt ended after Eric Bolling’s son died?

Prayers for Eric and Adrienne Bolling during this difficult time. Your thoughts? Comment below.


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