At his point I’m going to just refer to the events at the Robert E. Lee protest as the “Charlottesville Setup.”

It’s clear from the media and political spin that Saturday’s incidents in response to Robert E. Lee’s statue being removed can be termed the Charlottesville Setup.

The Left is whipped into a glorious  self-righteous Trump-hating frenzy to replace the Russian Hoax. IMO the outright lies and/or lies by omission to exploit the events take a wait-and-see approach off the table.

So here’s today’s updates on the Charlottesville Setup:

See yesterday’s post “15 Reasons Why Charlottesville Smacks of a Setup.” 

What we “know” about the Charlottesville rammer.

Due to the obviously compromised media, including  Fox, all that we “know” about James Alex Fields is what we’re being fed. Our daily dose includes:

  • Fields had his first hearing this morning. He’s being held without bail on suspicion of second-degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding and failure to stop in an accident that resulted in death.
  • He’s a loner.
  • Was in the military-failed basic training-got kicked out.
  • Friends state that he had interest in White Supremacist Ideology.
  • “Infatuation” with Adolf Hitler and Nazis, according to the suspect’s high school history teacher.
  • His Facebook page was littered with Trump, Nazi and White Supremacist Images. He gave himself the moniker  ‘Conscious Ovis Aries.’
  • Prior to the crash, Fields was captured in a photo marching with the white nationalist organization Vanguard America. The group has publicly and vehemently denied Fields is a member.

His profile is reminiscent of many mass murderers and whackos. It’s also the profile of someone who could be recruited and exploited by-I dunno-the CIA? 

What we would like to know
  • If he acted alone with an intent were to ram into a crowd of Antifas, how did he  manage to drive from Ohio to that crowded street at that particular time?
  • If he was so infatuated with White Supremacist ideology why wouldn’t he be a part of a group?
  • If he was so infatuated with White Supremacy why would he like Trump? Trump is clearly pro-Israel. His daughter converted to Judaism. His other kids, except Tiffany are married to or dating Jewish people.
  • Vanguard denied that Fields is a member-this will be easy enough to confirm or deny as theDOJ iinvestigation progresses.
  • If he is a member of Vanguard and they continue to deny it, they’re obviously afraid of being implicated. But here’s their statement…

And of course we’d all like to know why the police were told to stand down.

Police on the scene were reported to have been ordered to “not intervene until given command to do so,” according to the ACLU.

Hopefully the FBI and DOJ share our curiosity.

What we know about organizer, Jason Kessler of Unite the Right
  • Antifa shut down his press conference to respond to the violence. He literally had to run for his life. Again. First amendment rights be damned.
  • He held a press conference prior to the rally. His intent for it to be a peaceful rally could not be more clear. He voiced concern about violence from the Left, specifically Antifa and BLM. He mentioned that they exploit racial tensions.
  • As reported in The Daily Progress, “Kessler has distanced himself from the KKK rally, saying that the leader of the Klan chapter that filed for the city permit is an FBI informant and was paid by “left-wing groups to discredit legitimate conservatives.”

That assertion is particularly  interesting given that David Duke quickly joined in on the attack against President Trump.

The Left loves to forget that the KKK donated $20,000 to  Hillary Clinton’s campaign-which she accepted and never disavowed. Also that Hillary’s mentor was KKK Grand Dragon Robert Byrd. Oh-and that her most admired woman, Margaret Sanger was a vicious eugenicist Hell-bent on wiping out the black community.

So it would be no surprise to learn that the KKK, like BLM and Antifa, is among the hateful domestic terror groups holding hands with the Left.

Proof-James Alex Field’s new car was attacked by Antifa first

A Twitter thread posted by Lucid Hurricane-X lays out a series of photos  and a slo-mo video showing “counter protesters” attacking Field’s car with baseball bats and flags before he hit the gas.  Click on these links to see the full thread…

Bombshell! Staged “Witness”

Well how ’bout that! In a huge chaotic crowd, the guy that news reporters ‘randomly”  chose to interview has deep connections to the government- and George Soros. Brennan Gilmore was no random face in the crowd.

Points from Dennis Michael Lynch, Gateway Pundit and blogger Scott Creighton:

    • He served for 15 years in the U.S. Foreign Service at many postings abroad.
    • Formerly served as chief of staff to Tom Perriello, candidate for Virginia governor. Perrielo was given $385,000 from far left donor George Soros.


  • Gilmore “just happened to be at the exact right place at the exact right time already filming with his camera to capture the entire event from beginning to end,” wrote blogger Creighton.
  • Brennan Gilmore had  pre-approved establishment message canned and ready to go for a CNN interview on the scene.
  • His video hadn’t gone viral, yet CNN was already interviewing him.
  • He equates ‘alt-right’ with ‘terrorists’ and ‘racists’ with ease.
  •  He  just happened to be in Charlottesville this weekend with the rioters.

The Gateway Pundit goes so far as to say that the (Deep) State Department was involved in all this and is going to great lengths to cover it up.

“…after he appeared all over social media and mainstream outlets stating that the “Nazi” protesters were committing violence against the “anti-racist, peaceful” counter-protesters, the…State Department later removed any reference of Brennan, scrubbing previous articles that identified his credentials as a former government spy.”

The media is  also covering it up.

Dennis Michael Lynch referred to the GP assertion,

“The media knows exactly who he is yet played it off like a casual observer,” citing several old posts about Brennan which have since been removed inexplicably.”

This is a good time to remember that Barrack Obama reinstated Operation Mockingbird, allowing FBI agents to pose as journalists. Also, in 2012 Obama legalized propaganda for use against the American public.

What we DO know without one shred of doubt

The motives of the attack and/or the media spin are clear. This is the new “Russia!”  war cry.
  • Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer, politicians  and the entire Left is pouncing on one word that the President didn’t say.  President Trump condemned all violence and bigotry and encouraged everyone in this country to respect and ideally, love each other. Yet Signer insisted that “Trump whiffed on response to the riots.”
  • The President came forward to readdress the omission and called out those groups by name. But that will not satisfy the blood lust from the Left.
  • No one on the Left is condemning MSM or one another for refusing to use the words Anifa or BLM.
  • No one on the Left is condemning Antifa or BLM for their part in the violence. Katie Couric reported that her Producers were being sprayed with urine, but the report did not mention that the attackers were Antifas.
  • That MSM reports and Antifas are full of cr*p.  A witness, Marissa Blair was  quoted in the NYT. “We were just marching around, spreading love — and then the accident happened. In a split second you see a car, and you see bodies flying.” Apparently Antifa’s idea of “spreading love” involves baseball bats, cement filled cans and hurling piss and feces.
  • None of them condemn racist gay-bashing Charlottesville Vice-Mayor, Wes Bellamy. In fact, he was interviewed for his take on the matter.
  • That Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is a Clinton crony. He worked hard to free 200,000 felons to vote for her in the last election. He’s such a filthy swamp monster that Liberal Mother Jones wrote an expose on him.
  • That the Mayor Signer is one of many city officials that are ultimately responsible for the 3 deaths and  dozens of casualties because they purposely did not provide the security and law enforcement needed.
  • That those same officials  along with the media and the DC Swamp are actively promoting the Right=Racist narrative.
  • That the Left is ramping up to end the promised “Summer of Rage” with a bang. They will surely exploit this as justification to start a Civil War.

See “Russia Hoax-Dead.  Staged Charlottesville Attack-Exposed. The Left is Ready to Attack. 

We do know a young woman, Heather Heyer, died in Charlottesville.

It is tragic that Heather Heyer was mowed down and killed.

  • The young woman was an Antifa member.
  • If the young Antifa member had not chosen to block traffic, she would be alive today.
  • Those who are the loudest in their condemnation are the ones who are ultimately responsible for Heather Heyer’s death.
  • She lost her life fighting for Antifa.
  • Heather Heyer was an unwitting solder for the Globalist Army, fighting on the front lines for everything she claimed to hate.
  • Her boot camp training was courtesy of the well organized and Soros funded domestic terror group, Antifa. Her marching orders were courtesty of mis-information fed to her from the MSM. An entire generation has been mowed down by the Left.
  • Her peers who survived yesterday’s attack are as good as dead. Their young lives have been hijacked by hate, lies. and the mission to swallow us up into a single world government.
  • The 2 helicopter pilots were also victims of the same evil game plan. Had there been adequate preparation and response for this event, they may be alive today. The city officials are responsible for their deaths as well.

Bottom line. Nazis and White Supremacists suck. But they DO have first amendment rights. And everything was quiet until Antifa showed up.

President Trump’s words will fall on deaf ears

It will not matter that President Trump restated his condemnation for the Charlottesville violence to specifically denounce the violence by thugs called White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis and the KKK.

His enemies still fault him for not saying it the first time. Yet they  gave BHO a total pass for refusing  to say ISIS or Radical Islamic terrorism  over the course of 8 years- even after it was demanded of him.

It will not matter to the Left  that BHO embraced BLM cop killers by inviting them to the White House after the Dallas riots. Imagine if President Trump invited Jason Kessler to have a cup of coffee  and a little chat in the Oval Office right now.

The American Globalist Party comprised of Dems and RINOs will pound this to death.  

The last thing the Globalists want is for the US and Russia to get together to defeat radical Islamic terrorism, human trafficking and Globalism.

They are equally terrified that US citizens will join together and respect one another, regardless of color, gender, religion or sexual persuasion.

That would spell the death of Identity Politics and cripple  their agenda.

Charlottesville isn’t an incident. It’s a battleground.

NOTE-There are other theories floating out there, specifically regarding pics of the driver, the license plate, etc.  IMO the pic of the driver was too distorted to comment on. License plates issues and discrepancies about the vehicle. are not IMO credible enough to share at this point.  If something turns up, I’ll update. 

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