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15 Reasons Why Charlottesville Smacks of a Setup


Something smells wrong about yesterday’s protest gone amuck. Charlottesville smacks of a setup.

A protest of a confederate statue being taken down turned deadly. An Islamic style car ramming into a crowd took the lives of three people and caused dozens of injuries. It’s not just because it was George Soro’s birthday, but there’s 15 other reasons why Charlottesville smacks of a setup.

1-The Media Spin

Sure, not all the information is in. But those of us who are mainstream media skeptics are aware that the real news often lies between the scripted lines droned by  hair sprayed anchors.

NBC4  for example, reported the incident immediately. In the video below the anchor only mentions that it was at a “rally held by White Nationalists.” There was no mention of Antifa or BLM showing up uninvited. Since the “White Nationalists” spearheaded the protest, the entire incident was subliminally blamed on them.

The others who violently clashed with people who were ostensibly exercising their right to free speech were described as “victims” and “counter protesters.”

The “victims” and “counter protesters” included Antifa and BLM.

MSM is harping on the White Supremacist angle and giving Antifa and BLM a pass. Typically, so are Globalists like Hillary Clinton who react with rehearsed platitudes.


2-Berkeley MO

The Anti-Trump Mayor allowed the clash between the 2 hate groups to occur without police protection, in spite of ample notice due to a permit.

3-Familiar cast of characters

The “counter protesters” were comprised of both Antifa and BLM. Both known to be funded by George Soros.

4-Selective outrage

Not only is MSM subliminally blaming the entire assault on White Supremacists, they’re giving Antifa and BLM a free pass for their part in yesterday’s violence as well as their history of racism, suppression and violence.

There is no pressure on the Left  to disavow.

5-Advance notice ignored

The white nationalist group had a permit to protest the removal of historic statues.

This implies that the application was made in advance-plenty of time to arrange for adequate police protection.

6-Shopping spree?

Some find it odd that some of the white nationalist racists were so well supplied with costumes and accessories. It’s  reminiscent of the DNC/Soros-supplied signs for “protesters” of staged anti-Trump events.

Image result for yellow and black signs in trump rally


It is also odd that a bunch of “white nationalists” were all 18-30 years old. That’s  generally more typical of the age of Antifa members.

8-Party crashers

The “counter protesters” did not have a permit. Everything was quiet until they showed up.

9-“Peaceful Protest.” A subjective term

Protesters were not intent on peace, but well prepared. Police were not.

Fox News reporter Doug McKelway was on the scene. He indicated that both sides showed up in body armor and were carrying sticks and tear gas.  Antifa came armed with some of their favorite weapons-cement filled soda cans. Handy portable flame throwers were also available. Isn’t that attempted murder we see in this pic?

10-Blue Lies Matter.

Not only did the police see the impending  danger and do nothing to break it up, when the violence erupted they left the scene, “We’re leaving. It’s too dangerous.”

11-Road trip

Road trips are fun, but expensive.

Law enforcement officials stated that the White Nationalist crowd was largely from out of state. That smells like Soros money. Was that his birthday present to himself?

12-The Perpetrator is  Suspect.

James Alex Fields. served a brief stint in the Military. He is described as a “loner,” which is typical of mass murdering nut-jobs. He moved to Ohio with his Mom and got his own place shortly after.

His motives have not been confirmed.

Early reports suggested that he was frightened by the aggressive crowd. But the street was clear enough for him to put his Challenger in reverse, so he could have done that before  plowing into people.

James Alex Fields is the loser on the left

MSM instantly brought up Party affiliation. Of course we’d all want to know that. Fields was a registered Republican. MSM can therefore imply that registered Republicans are all racist.

Unhinged Bernie supporter, James T. Hodgkinson, who shot Rep. House Whip Steve Scalise at the GOP baseball game was a registered Democrat. There was little outrage from the Left, and worse-some praise.

Let’s just hope James Fields isn’t taken out like Hodgkinson was-before he can be properly questioned.


NYT reported,”A photographer said he saw Mr. Fields on Saturday with symbols of Vanguard America, a group whose manifesto declares that “a government based in the natural law must not cater to the false notion of equality.”

The organization denied any ties to Mr. Fields.” Was the disguise supplied?

13- Witnesses. Paid or played?

The Daily Caller reported, “Numerous eye witnesses told The Daily Caller News Foundation that the vehicle was driven by a member of the white supremacist movement.”

Antifa was not wearing their masked garb. So how would witnesses know that he was a white supremacist? Was it the symbols he was wearing? It would be hard to see his  white T-shirt or dweeby haircut while he was tucked inside his speeding car. He could just as easily have been part of the “opposition protesters.”

It will be interesting to see if these witnesses are interviewed again. Or any of the “protesters” for that matter…


14) Let the new Trump-hate games begin.

The Mayor of Charlottesville placed the blame on our President.

Mayor Michael Signrr proclaimed,  “There is a direct line between the Trump Campaign and the White Supremecist Rally.”

Seriously. Could the purpose of this event be any more obvious?

15-Mom’s reaction.

Blogger Rick Wells felt the mother was oddly calm about the incident. IMO she seemed genuinely surprised and a bit choked up. It’s hard for someone who is not used to being interviewed on camera. The process would be overwhelming.

She said her son was a Trump supporter, that Trump is not a White Supremacist and that he has a black friend. Ms. Bloom also stated that she stays out of her son’s political business. Anyone with an adult child would understand that.

Could it be that her son fell prey for the big bucks being offered by Soros to demonstrate? There are still many ads on Craigslist offering money to protest President Trump. Some offers are as high as $15,000.  So imagine what the payout would be for an Islamic style car ramming and with an easily visible license plate-some jail time.

That kind of a payout would be tempting for a young man who’s so strapped for cash that he had to live with his Mom at the age of 20. He only recently got his own apartment. Life is expensive. Follow the money.

Agent Provocateurs

Bill Still cited a wonderful French word for this activity-agent provocateurs.

The definition he referred to included the following:

“In the United States, the COINTELPRO  program of the Federal Bureau of Investigation included FBI agents posing as political activists to disrupt the activities of political groups in the US such as the Klu Klux Klan.”

Unite the Right Organizer will out complicit police today

The timing is perfect.

The Russian Collusion story has crashed and burned.

This seemingly staged event offers 2 huge benefits to the American Globalists:

  • When the misinformed Left catches onto having been played all this time with the Russian/Trump collusion hoax, there’s likely to be Hell to pay. To distract attention away from having been conned, it’s easy enough to return to playing the sparkly racist card to keep the hate alive.
  • Again, since the Russian Collusion Hoax is dead in the water, this drama offers a new reason to hate on Trump and justify the coup-or worse.

Charlottesville and Kim Jong-Un provide loud clues that the American Globalist Party is not about to give up and start a healthy game plan to win in  2020.

Russia Russia Russia! Racist Racist Racist!

This is the typical Left MO. It wasn’t that long ago that they were busted for staging racial confrontations at then-Candidate Trump’s rallies.

The Left  power players fuel the narrative that to love your own country not only makes you an evil “nationalist” it makes you a racist.

Branding the nationalist movement “White Nationalism” further stokes the  programmed fires that  all Trump supporters are racist.

It simultaneously implies that  there are no minorities who are conservatives and passionately want this country to survive and thrive.

If you love Trump you’re a racist. If you love America you’re a racist. If you’re a minority who loves Trump and America you’re an Uncle Tom.

The Left is so easily manipulated. If they weren’t accomplices in the attempted overthrow of our country, it would be funny.

The MSM doesn’t demand that the Left disavow.

They ignore the President’s immediate response  and condemnation of the violence and its racist motivations. They push the notion that Trump and all his supporters are racist. They feign outrage that he didn’t say the words “White Supremacists” while he was condemning all violence, racism and bigotry.

They want their followers to forget, ignore and preferably, never hear this.

What are your thoughts about Charlottesville? Comment below!

Note: Thanks to input from a sharp-eyed reader a correction was made to this post. I accidentally wrote that the GOP shooter was a registered Republican rather than Democrat. Apologies for any confusion. 


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  1. Lew

    people who affiliate with groups like these, both left and right, are nutjobs to begin with. this event was bound to happen. I’m certain this won’t be the last one either. People just don’t know how to talk to one another anymore.

  2. Michelle

    Steve Scalise was shot but not killed…do your research…and the police made the legal protestors (those with the permit) leave or get arrested and would not take down the barriers so they had to leave by walking through the antifa and blm protestors….the police did not “just up and leave”

    • That’s right about him being shot not killed. Thanks for the input.

    • Joanna

      he never said Steve Scalise was dead he said the shooter was dead or did you just skip that part of the story and go right to lets blame Trump screw the truth right? I am from Virginia and the police were ordered to stand down, funny how the only groups armed was ANTIFA AND BLM the group who had the permits were not armed instead they were ushered into this circle that the police had set up on the outskirts of that big circle was ANTIFA AND BLM all armed with knives, flame throwers, bricks, bats and chains and its now being proven the guy driving the car was part of ANTIFA but of course I am sure since you over looked the fact that the writer said the shooter of Scalise was dead not Scalise to give yourself an excuse to trash Trump. Wake up Michelle the press is feeding you a line of horse hockey the real story is what is going on in NK but because Obama allowed the little fat boy to keep his nukes we are all now in danger of glowing in the dark thanks to Obama who knew that fat boy had nukes all the way back to 2013 and thanks to Bill Clinton who sold NK the nuclear reactors promising us that we would be safer and they would not turn them into nukes kind of the way Obama said the worse deal ever made by a sitting President with Iran telling us the world would be safer and they won’t get nukes when they already have them while bypassing Congress and flying over 1.4 billion in tax payer money never mind that Iran is a terrorist nation and funds most of the terrorist around the world while they chant for our death but of course the way the liberal brainwashed naïve college kids will believe anything you tell them after all they have been programed to believe the left and blame the right for everything never mind the corruption, collusion, or treason they have committed right?

      • Shannon

        Ya Joanna I agree with absolutely everything you just wrote. I may give Michelle a tiny break. I think she misunderstood what the writer was saying. For a second I thought he meant Steve was dead and not that the shooter was dead. Just the way it was written. I thought makes no sense reread it and then I got what he meant by that line. I don’t know if these people were all white supremacist either. Lots of people care that we are taking down our history piece by piece. I would of protested this too but not with a white supremacist group. So ya I agree with what all the writer said. This does sound like a set up. At least some of it for sure. I hope the girl from Virginia on here continues to keep people informed if this is an antifa member who killed and hurt people. It’s important to keep the truth out there. I agree with you both. This story felt fishy immediately to me. No mention of blm even being there. How did they even know the permit protesters were gonna be there? The mayor also. Something is off there too.

      • Carolyn daniel

        Very well said!

      • Dee

        Bill Clinton gave 4 billion to NK to get rid of their nuclear. Bill Clinton gave Iran the nuclear plans. Look it up.

    • steve scalise

      he said Hodgkinson was killed He did NOT say Scalise was killed only shot. Maybe you need reading comprehension skills

    • Nancy

      Michelle, I noticed she said the shooter Hodgkinson was a Republican. That is the first I heard that he was a Republican. It was said, that he was a Bernie Sanders supporter, and Sanders made a statement about it, or did I read it wrong? I know on the news station it said, he was a Liberal, and the Liberals do not mention this shooting much like they’re doing the Charlottesville shooting.

      • Thank you so much for catching that. You are correct. The shooter was a Democrat/Bernie supporter. He hated Republicans. I’ll correct that now. I apologize for the confusion and thank you for your input!~Diane

  3. To be clear I absolutely condemn the actions of the person in the gray car yesterday, with that being said those that were protesting removal of the statue did have a permit, when the permit was revoked they went to court and a federal judge said that they had the right to be there and the permit was reinstated, all levels of state and local government failed those that were exercising their first amendment rights, antifa and the left had made it known that they would be there and they were with sticks bottles cans rocks bodily fluids and excrement all to antagonize and to invoke a riot. The local government that gave the order to the police to stand down and then the police to follow an unlawful order knowing that it would turn into a riot are the ones to blame, because of their stupidity one person died 19 people injured some severely and or critically, for the governor to come out and blame it all on those that had the proper permits and the proper rights to be there and not call out the antagonistic race-baiting rioters from the left is absolutely asinine. If the doj is to get involved and do an investigation they need to start at the top and work their way down.

    • Shannon

      Agree totally George Allen.

    • Charles Willette

      So true. Well said..

    • DARoberts

      And speaking of the governor condemning so-called “white supremacists” and “Nazis” coming to Virginia, what was his reaction to a leftist coming from Illinois to Virginia to shoot Republicans? He called for more gun-control. What a two-faced jerk.

    • they need to start with the “anti-protesters” who were there illegally and had no permit to assemble…their intent is made clear…they came to break the law…they should ALL be arrested and jailed!!!~They not only purposely infringed upon the rights of the law-abiding citizens who were having a peaceful demonstration complete with permits to assemble, but they should all, each and every one of them, be held accountable for all deaths and injuries that occurred on either side…

  4. Diana

    Smells like George Soros, Obama & Clinton!

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    Actors and Photographers Wanted in Charlotte
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  6. jacqueline walker

    I guess the left reads the same as CNN writes the news, leaving the truth out! Thanks for sharing this, sure makes you think.

  7. William Toro

    It unfortunately doesn’t matter , the part of antifa or blm being there . The main goal is to get the narrative they want to get out so all the people that didn’t vote for Trump regardless if its hillary or bernie supporters or the never Trumpers gang like mccain graham or flake and so on have something to grasp onto for their pain and suffering from their loss.The narrative that drives the news cycle is enough. It doesn’t matter to them if it all was sorros funded.

  8. I am hoping Sessions will ensure that a true and complete report will indeed absolve the Alt-right who were legally permitted and were only trying to defend themselves from these anti protestors who were allowed to run free and create chaos causing bodily harm to others, and complete disruption of a legal rally. I will believe when I see it having lived through the civil rights movement and all the rights we have lost over the decades of blk activist taking whatever they can with both fists.

  9. Also, I had connected the dots same as you last night. You are right on, this was a set up by the Mayor, Vice Mayor, Governor and Democrat party. None of this would happen if the tyrants would stop tearing down our monuments. Stop this culture cleansing of my people. Let the people vote!

  10. Maureen

    Obama is back in the Country. He traveled worldwide to round up the Globalist’s. ALL of these protests are staged to create chaos. There is a definate plan here. The democratic socialist communist party of USA, with obama as their leader, is upset that we the people put a major cog in their wheel with our election of President Trump. They are sore loosers and are using these protesters to push and advance their adgenda. Divide and conquer. Read saul alinski’s guide to radicalism. They are following it ver batum. The FBI needs to find out who hired these people and prosecute them for disturbing the peace. The 2018 elections will be stacked with communists running as Republicans. They will train them to speak to conservatism and then when in office will flip to the far left. We need to be diligent. They will stop at nothing. Obama has these left wing mayor’s in his pocket. That’s why they picked this town in Virginia. Create havoc, chaos, unrest. Divide the nation with paid protestors. Someone needs to be investigated and arrested. Jeff Sessions should investigate and follow the money.

  11. Roslyn



  12. william rockhill

    demoncrat backed event all the way you can see that the police were standing down as they all fight meaning it was meant to end like this period …and the fact that they were on side streets with no room crammed with protesters from all sides …..

  13. Betty Sauls

    Did you also demand President Trump name Antifa/Soros as a terrorist hate group?! If not WHY?!!!

  14. This article is literally made out of logical fallacies. They’re like “hey we don’t need good evidence or arguments, we just need so many bad small ones that it will overwhelm less intelligent readers into thinking a conspiracy happened”

  15. cynthia fink

    Mcauliffe and mayor set up this whole thing knowing that it was going to cause protesting and rioting. They never should have issued the permit to begin with the way times are right now. They use this as a political agenda to get back at Trump whom both of them hate according to their websites. Now because of their political agenda people are hurt and injured it’s uncalled for and it’s unnecessary our leaders are supposed to protect their citizens their towns in the cities this did not happen here.

  16. Wendy

    SO much stupidity on the Scalise shooting critical comments! He was LEFT for dead! AND – HAD he not ben there – there would have been no Secret Service – and MANY would have been slaughtered! So – the INTENT ( if we could use a misinformed Comey word) – WAS real …the INTENT to KILL MANY – and that’s enough! Great article – thanks for putting it together – so much today in 140 characters just doesn’t cut it!

    • Great points about the Scalise shooting!I’m so glad you enjoyed the article. Thank you so much for your kind words-it means a lot:)

Comments appreciated!

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