Obama supposedly represented “Hope.” Especially for the black community. But hope never made it to Chicago.

Instead, Chicagoans  lie in the wake of con job  campaign promises. This once great city morphed into an apocalyptic nightmare with the  nation’s highest murder rate.

Obama was supposedly the ‘cool” president.   More like “Stone Cold.”  

He had 8 years to fix problems in the black community. He yukked it up on late night comedy shows and lived the good life taking extravagant vacations, compliments of tax payers’ blood money.  He was living it up while he allowed the citizens of Chicago to die. He allowed the city to die.

Gang members in Chicago’s black community were not impressed. They’re fed up and they’re reaching out to President Trump to help.

CBS Chicago reports,

The founder and pastor of a megachurch in Ohio told President Donald Trump he has spoken to gang leaders in Chicago who want to work with the White House to reduce violent crime.

Dr. Darrell Scott, senior pastor of New Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, was a guest of Trump’s at an African-American History Month meeting at the White House. He said he is a “black Trump supporter,” and claimed he was “contacted by some of the top gang thugs in Chicago for a sit-down.”

Taking a swipe at former President Obama, who began his political career as a community organizer in Chicago, Scott said the gangs “want to work with the administration … they believe in this administration; they didn’t believe in the prior administration. They told me this outta their mouths.”

Trump said, “I think that’s a great idea, because Chicago is totally out of control.”

“If they’re not going to solve the problem — and what you’re doing is the right thing — then we’re going to solve the problem for them, because we’re going to have to do something about Chicago, because what’s happening in Chicago should not be happening in this country,” Trump added.

The 2016 murder rate was 798 victims with 4379 shot. There’s already been  55 homicides and 310 people shot in January  2017.

Shotgun wounds and the bodies can be counted.  But not the tears. Almost every one of those stats was someone’s loved one.

Also immeasurable is the futures that have been lost. For 8 years the city has languished, and the up and coming generation will pay the price for a school system and community in ruins.

Democrat Rahm Emmanual also coldly turns his back on his citizens.

He cares only for illegal immigrants who put a further strain on the budget and sabotage employment. He chooses to defy President Trump’s orders to either ban sanctuary cities or lose Federal funding.

Could their death wish for America be any more obvious? 

The Dems stay in power because they’re elitist snobs. They pander to the black community for votes by speaking “brutha” and raving about hot sauce.  Their condescending approach reveals that they truly believe that the black, Hispanic and other minority communities are too dumb, dependent or too weak-willed to catch on.  That’s what they count on.

But they’ve got a big surprise coming.

The Dems were oblivious to the huge groundswell in minority communities that favored President Trump. That movement changed the outcome of the election. The courageous voices of black and Hispanic conservatives continue to speak up and wake up. These may just be the most powerful voices in our country today.

It’s going to be exciting to see what can be done for Chicago when this partnership between the gang members and other members of the community and Trump are forged. It should prove to be a powerful alliance and we will pray that together they can not only make “Chicago Great Again, ” but better than ever.

Once  manipulative race-baiting is out of the picture, people will be free to  work together to make the world a better place. We’re all in this together.

The tool of the globalist Dems to  “divide and conquer”  is losing its edge. They lost the battle of the election. They’re about to lose the entire war.

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