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Chuck Schumer Next to Bend Over for Russian Probe?

  • Chuck Schumer Russian ties


  • Schumer ties to Russia

    Putin-Schumer celebrate grand opening of LUKOIL in NY

  • Caption for Putin's thoughts?


Looks like Chuck Schumer might be next in line for a probe into ties with Russia.

Chuck Schumer and the other traitorous members of Congress need to ceast and desist with their McCarthyistic smears. But they just can’t seem to control themselves. The overpaid Wile E. Coyotes never learn that their schemes always backfire.

Freedom Watch’s Larry Klayman is going after Comey.  If Comey lied and withheld evidence, he’s not going to just slither away without being held accountable.

But Klayman won’t not stop there.

He had unearthed some hypocritical ties to Russia involving  Globalist Leftie Chuck Schumer.  Back in March Larry Klayman said that he will be filing a FOIA request to look into unethical and possibly criminal ties that Schumer has with Russia.

He has 2 big Q’s about Chuck’s association with Russia:

1. The Uranium deal.

When Hillary was Secretary of State she lined her pockets with Russian money by selling someone else’s property-ours! When she handed Russia 20% of our uranium, she likely needed a little help. Chuck was the NY Senator serving alongside her. Klayman wants to investigate Schumer’s  role in the deal and what was in it for him.

Schumer ties to Russia

Putin and Schumer yuk it up as they celebrate the grand opening of LUKOIL in NY.

2.The Russian bromance that gave birth to  LUKOIL expansion.

It would appear that Schumer greased some heavy duty wheels when he allowed Russian petrol empire LUKOIL to open up in NY. As Klayman says,

“Schumer implies that Russia is corrupt and engages in payoffs.”  He also wants answers to these questions: “Arranging for Russia’s massive oil empire, chiefly LUKOIL, to open up in New York state surely required a great deal of government maneuvering, meaning “grease…What deals were struck between Putin and Schumer to get Russia’s premiere oil company to do business in New York? How did the current minority leader of the U.S. Senate get LUKOIL through regulatory hurdles, environmental regulation, etc.? It is hard for a U.S. citizen to start a business. But Russia had no problem opening up gas stations in Schumer’s home state?”

Schumer ties to Russia

Caption for Putin’s thoughts?

Larry Klayman’s got a couple of other questions…

1. Schumer’s  role in the crash of 2008

In 2008 Schumer claimed that IndyMac Bank was insolvent. This triggered a national economic disaster. The housing market and mortgage industry subsequently collapsed. Freedom Watch will find out why he wrote this “unnecessary” letter to set that catastrophe in motion.

2. His push to weaponize the IRS to target conservative groups.

Schumer’s quite a troublemaker. Klayman says the following:  “Schumer helped spark the inquisition of tea party groups. Schumer’s public letter to the Internal Revenue Service urged a redefinition of 501(c)(4) organizations to target conservative public-policy efforts. Lois Lerner and others implemented that detailed attack in persecuting tea party and other conservative organizations. We will demand all documents of Schumer’s involvement in attacking the First Amendment rights of U.S. citizens.”

So Chuck, you arrogant anti-American pr*ck-you could be next in line for a Russian probe.  And then some. Enjoy the backfire!

Do you think Dems might want to shut up and get back to work? Comment below!



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