Looks like the Clinton “brand” has tanked.

Senator Jason Rapert has proposed that the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in Little Rock needs a name change.

Breitbart Reports,

In November, Sen. Jason Rapert, a Republican, began a poll on Twitter to gauge public interest in removing the Clintons’ names from the airport. The informal and unscientific poll yielded 7,337 votes, with 53 percent favoring a name change and 47 percent opposing one.

The airport, formerly Adams Field, was renamed the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport in 2012.

Rapert’s proposed legislation, Senate Bill 430, would disallow any publicly funded airport from taking the name of a living person elected to office. He said the Clintons should be disqualified because they were alive at the time of the renaming, and each held a federal office.

Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola disagreed with the bill, commenting, “I happen to think that the naming of the airport as it is doesn’t have any negative impact on our state or on our city. As a matter of fact I think it is the opposite.”

Maybe the bigger question is-“What the Hell were they thinking?”

Why in the first pace would Little Rock name their airport after the Clintons when one of their first scandals involved the Mena Airport?

But many people, even those who were adults at the time of the scandal, are unaware that it was Mena Airport that started the infamous Clinton Body Count ticking. The Mena Airport scandal involved charges of cocaine trafficking that allegedly involved the Clintons. Large amounts of cocaine were delivered on low flying aircraft. Two kids, Kevin Ives and Don Henry, witnessed a drop off and were soon found dead. Their bodies were placed on train tracks to be run over. The mother of one of the victims said, “they saw something they shouldn’t have seen.”

In fairness, the Mena airport scandal didn’t just involve the Clintons.

It also involved the CIA and the Bush family. The CIA was accused of using the airport for cocaine trafficking and gun running. The operation led to the Iran-Contra scandal that rocked the nation.

“American Made,” formerly known as “Mena” is a movie that will be released this fall. It stars Tom Cruise and  focuses on the scandal involving Barry Seal who was a TWA pilot turned drug smuggler for the Medellin Cartel . He was recruited as an informant by the DEA and CIA. Even with so many boycotting Hollywood, it may be hard to resist a buying a ticket and a bucket of popcorn for that one.

The screenplay first made the rounds before the election. Hillary was worried, but quite fortunately for her, production was stalled and it was put on the blacklist. Probably a relief since she was already hoping that her followers wouldn’t be lining up to see  “Clinton Cash” or “Hillary’s America.” No doubt Jeb breathed a sigh of relief as well.

It’s often referred to as the  “Mena Coverup.”

In spite of the fact that Mena Airport scandals dominated headlines at the time, it’s not easy to find information on the internet that sum up the case that aren’t fringe sources. Has the google search been altered?

However, There’s no shortage of videos on You Tube that cite news coverage and interviews with highly credible witnesses. Here’s a couple for starters…

This one focuses on Bill Clinton’s personal cocaine use, his connection to drug smuggling in Mena and the death of the two young boys who probably witnessed drop-offs. Larry Nichols, who once worked for the Clintons is featured as well.

This one explains how Mena airport not only was the epicenter for drug smuggling (accounting for some 75% of all drug trafficking in the US)  but also provided cover for the notorious CIA operation that led to the infamous Iran/Contra affair.

The Clintons, the Bushes and the CIA were all absolved of course.

But given the nature of these shocking scandals at the Mena Airport  it’s puzzling that the Little Rock airport would have chosen the Clinton name.

So what do you think? Should Arkansas invest in developing a new brand?

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