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Clinton Ties to the Cornell & Bennington Suicides, Podesta, and a Pedo Ring

Clinton ties to the cornell & bennington suicides, podesta and a pedo ring

IMBd photo Chester Bennington. Podesta doppleganger or son?


There’s new proof of Clinton ties to the Cornell & Bennington Suicides, Podesta, and a Pedo Ring

Five days ago IMOwired posted news that Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Chester Bennington of Linkinpark may not have committed suicide at all.  The deaths of the husbands and fathers can be connected to John Podesta and what may be Podesta’s complicity in an elite pedophile ring.  It’s gone a step further. There’s new proof of Clinton ties to the Cornell & Bennington Suicides, Podesta, and a pedo ring.

If you didn’t read the backdrop to this post,check this out first:

“Possible Link:Cornell and Bennington Suicides, Podesta and a Pedo Ring”

This connection is a FACT.

It was published on Linkinpark’s website and in their video provided below. There are photos taken with Bill Clinton to back it up. 

It is also posted on the Clinton Foundation’s own website.

The Clinton Foundation donated to Linkinpark’s nonprofit in Haiti.

The rest is conjecture only.

Bill Clinton & Mike Shinoda of Linkinpark


The new link in the chain. The Clinton Foundation.

Linkin Park started an organization called Sustainable Recycling Solutions (SRS) in Haiti. Without applying for any grant* they were surprised to receive a $250,000 donation from the Clinton foundation.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, Mike Shinoda of LinkinPark got a rare and unsolicited visit from none other than Bill Clinton himself. Here’s the Linkinpark video…

Questions and suspicions…

No free lunches

The Clinton Foundation has a reputation for being a pay-to-play organization.

The Clintons were not in the habit of donating anything from the Foundation without solicitation and an agreement of receiving something size-able in return.

Haiti and the Clintons are a bad combination.

The Clintons are loathed by Haitians due to having  been screwed  over by the Clinton Foundation after the earthquake. But there’s another Haitian specter that looms over the Clintons.

Child sex trafficking.

The Clintons bailed out Laura Silsby, the former director of The New Life Children’s Refuge. Silsby  was caught red handed trying to smuggle 33 children out of the country. The Clintons appointed a lawyer for Silsby-Jorge Puello, who was also convicted of child sex trafficking.

Monica Peterson, a human trafficking activist and blogger went down to Haiti to investigate Clinton’s ties to child sex trafficking. She wound up dead.

Did John Podesta used his influence to secure funding for his son?

It’s entirely possible that Chester Bennington is John Podesta’s illegitimate son. He has discussed the horrific sexual abuse he endured as a child by a “family friend.

Was Podesta and/or  the Clintons trying to exploit the past bond, and seduce Bennington and his band with money to join them in  possible pedo-ops?

Another theory.

One theory swirling is that without the possibility of constant oversight, one of the band’s own SRS recycling operations became a front for child sex trafficking. Chester found out and was going to expose it. Since he was found so far away from Haiti (his Los Angeles home) it would  have to be assumed that the hit involved someone closer to home. Someone with powerful connections.

Some wonder if  Chester Bennington put 2+2 together. Figured out who his father was, his connections to pedophilia and allegations that the Clintons were trafficking children in Haiti. That he was horrified that he had received their dirty money. They suggest that his grief and disgust was too much to bear.

Friends say he was working collaboratively with Chris Cornell to bust an elite music industry pedo ring wide open. Bennington said that Linkinpark’s next album “will polarize people.”

The narrative

The music industry and MSM is pushing the narrative that Bennington and Cornell suffered from depression and took their own lives. But their surviving spouses and dot-connectors aren’t buying it.

Some might say that Chester Bennington’s  grief about finding out that Podesta is his father caused him to commit suicide.

Others might say  that his determination to expose an elite pedo ring-specifically in the music business- may have led to his “suicide.”

Now that the Clintons are in the picture the latter theory will be hard to shake.

What do you think of this new connection? Comment below!

*Not 100% sure that they didn’t apply for a grant. If I find out otherwise, there’ll be a correction.


Linkinpark Website-mentions donation but linked page is down. Home page shows Bill Clinton with Linkinpark member Mike Shinoda

Linkinpark You Tube video

The Clinton $250,000 with Todd Wegner to SRS




  1. The suicide is a standard 2 shots to the back of the head clintonesque offing of a potential whistleblower.

    There are douzens of offings now connecting over a dozen suicides.

    • Erik

      To bad the whole claim has been debunked and this fake news page has a rep for making false claims and unsubstantiated reports with extreme reaching and lack of facts. Do your homework or get another job.

      • Too bad that you didn’t bother to look at all the resources and links I provide as well as videos and photos. Much of this info can be found right on the CIA website. I guess you don’t like to see pedos exposed. Hmmm.

      • Mickeydoo

        Debunked by who? Google – Snopes – Wikipedia? Are you a pedo or just a regular troll?

      • Robin

        All conspiracy theories check out #pizzagate. You are a conservative blogger who twist your ideas of truths into fake facts. You are dangerous.

        • I’d rather err on the side of protecting children than protecting pedophiles. I guess we are different that way.

        • Lk

          Epstein island was a conspiracy theory too. It’s very naive to think that there are not bad and evil things going on. It is very naive and dangerous to believe the mainstream media is telling you the truth about things like #pizzagate etc. You have to use critical thinking and ask yourself questions. I’m not saying this is all true, but Ii will definitely say it could be true. To deny it completely is to stay in the dark and that, is dangerous. Do some of your own research. Watch “Out of the Shadows” take the information and think for yourself. Do you really believe the more rich and powerful people in the world are all good and decent? Do you really believe they would not put money, and power before others lives? Look at how many celebrities and politicians that knew what Epstein was doing and said nothing, and were involved in it too!!! They watched and knew children were being pumped out by him and they did and said nothing!!! If that doesn’t prove something to you idk what will. There has been too many “conspiracy theory’s” that have been proven to be true, for you to think that these things are just impossible. Hard to accept? Yes. Impossible? No. More likely than not? Yes.

  2. there are weird conspiracy theories around there, there are too many people who arent related but look alike and parents don look 100% to children if they are anyway related chester can be podesta son or clone, is been said that nazis made clonation experiments and there is a conspiracy theory that many famous actresses and actors are clones, however chester being related to pedosta expalin who molested him as a child, explain why linkin park had a long term career while pod went into obscurity due to his alleged father connections also explains linkin park firsts albums songs, “i am what you never want to say but i never had a doubt” if chester was podesta son i think he knew all the time “all i want to do is be more like me, and be less like you”

Comments appreciated!

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