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Clintons and Bushes to Attend Inauguration-uuucccchhhh


Don’t do us any “favors.” We’re not impressed.

Well you’ve probably heard by now that the Bushes and the Clintons have announced that they will begrudgingly grace us with their presence at the Inauguration.

They’re about as welcome to this party as a turd in the punch bowl.

Obnoxious ill-informed celebrities broke their promise to leave the country. Now these traitors broke their promise to leave Inauguration Day evil-free.

It’s hard not to be skeptical about their motives or happy to see them there. They’ve made it clear that they’re focused on serving their own self interests. Period.

But what self interests are served by showing up on Inauguration Day? Aside from a good chance to cast the ol’ evil eye on our new President.

Here’s some thoughts:


Image. Trying to appear relevant and magnanimous. Their PR firm has one Hell of a job on their hands trying to repair a reputation for which the only repair is repentance and/or a heavy prison sentence

Cash. Maybe they’ll  hit up the crowd  for “donations to” their foundation. People might want to tape up their pockets.

Emotional bribery. The whole nuclear war thingie didn’t pan out to provide proper distraction from Wikileaks revelations. Could Hillary be buddying up to Trump so he won’t  lock her up?  

Ambition. With her delusional floating eye on a 2020 run she may not want this absence held against her.


Image. Trying to present himself as a Republican. But we all know he’s a RINO. Too late George. You blew your cover.

Cash. Thanks to Trump’s new energy policies, he wants in on some of that new oil money.

Like a Rothschild who invests in both sides of a war, there’ll be just as much money made from being a “silly” nationalist as there would from being a traitorous globalist.

Emotional bribery. Buddying up to Trump so that he won’t revive 911 “conspiracy theories.”

Ambition. Being a puppet, he may be working more for globalist ambitions than his own.  But if he ever wants a book deal, it’s smart to keep your finger in the pie.

Hoax Alerts

Hopefully there won’t be some hoax of an assassination attempt on any of them. Something that could be blamed on one of their planted “Trump supporters” to continue to undermine his presidency.

OR if the crowd boos them or chants ” lock her up” the “liberal” press would have a field day with that. It’s fun to dream.

Actually they are doing us a favor. By reminding us that “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.”

7 points to remember:

  1. Hillary reminds us to be grateful about the many bullets we dodged. Had Hillary “won” she’d have pushed a nuclear war with Russia, death to Israel by UN proxy, and death to the US with “open borders” and importing the same invading army that is destroying Germany and the rest of Europe.
  2. RINO Bush reminds us of the establishment. And that they’re not our friends.
  3. They both remind us of the dangers of being swept up in orchestrated warmongering.
  4. To never hand over blind trust to authority, our public officials and the powers that be.
  5. To demand truth from the media. Mainstream media  has poisoned those on the left and created chaos. It was and is, complicit in the goal to destroy our country.
  6. That there is no such thing as “Republican” or Democrat.” It’s “Globalists” vs. the rest of us. It’s hard to look at Bush and not think of his New World Order speech.
  7. To be diligent always. The globalist elite never sleep. Neither can we.

What other motives for attending do you think they might have? Comment  below!



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