Chicago boasts the highest murder rate in the country.

Not murder by cop. Murder by neighbor.

On December 27th, 2016 The New York Post reported,

“So far this year, 4,334 people have been shot in Chicago: one person every two hours. Almost all the victims have been black. The police have shot 25 people, virtually all armed or otherwise dangerous — less than .6 percent of the total. That disparity between civilian and police shootings hasn’t stopped local Black Lives Matter activists from continuing to claim that it’s the cops who are the biggest threat facing Chicago’s young black men today.”

Family and friends lost their loved ones. They buried them. They shed countless tears. And their hearts continue to ache.

The blood of these victims is on the hands of our leaders.

President Barack Obama and Mayor Rahm Emmanuel choose to turn their backs on the people of Chicago.

Barack Obama made matters worse by emptying our nation’s coffers and looting social services programs to fund our enemies in Iran and programs for illegals. Robbing much needed money from deserving Americans and the people of Chicago.

Emmanual doesn’t fund solutions for Chicago’s problems. Instead he chooses to coddle illegals by declaring Chicago a Sanctuary City at the expense of legal residents.

Obama fanned the fires of hatred and retaliation against police, aided by race-baiting celebrities. He spilled more blood by promoting sentiments and policies that demonized police and encouraged cop killing.

Obama did not hold like-minded Rahm Emmanuel accountable for the devastation of one of the greatest cities in the US.

The New York Post continues,

“If there’s any silver lining to the violence, it will be if it acts as a wake-up call regarding the de-policing and decriminalization movements sweeping the country. Chicago is Exhibit A in what happens when the police back off from enforcing public order, having been told that maintaining control of the streets constitutes racial oppression.”

Obama and Michelle continually accuse whites of  being racist but they don’t care one bit about people of color in these war-torn communities.

On the contrary, they now own  FIVE  luxurious homes in all white neighborhoods. And they’ve pampered themselves with vacations that have cost taxpayers 96 million dollars.

Imagine what the cost of just one of those vacas could have done to repair one of Chicago’s neighborhoods!

The Obamas have no trouble sleeping at night while people of color suffer or die.