Lock them up already! It’s been proven that James Comey’s  FBI investigation of Hillary was a sham.

Evidence has  been discovered that Comey had drafted an “exoneration statement” for Hillary 3 months before the investigation began. He knew he was going to let her walk before he interviewed one single witness-including the main witness, Hillary Clinton. So our suspicions have been validated that James Comey’s FBI investigation of Hillary was a sham. He needs to do some serious time.

Fox News reports,

“..an Aug. 30 letter from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said that interview transcripts show Comey was drafting what they called an “exoneration statement” for Clinton weeks earlier.”

President Trump reacted, calling it “a rigged system.” 

So all the thugs in the corrupt Obama Administration were above the law because they owned the law.

Dirty cop James Comey could be found  guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice.

Since the entire investigation was a sham, hopefully the sweet immunity deals given to Cheryl Mills, Brian Pagliano  and others will no longer apply.

As then-House Chairman Jason Chaffetz stated, the immunity deals were “beyond explanation” and “should not be a requirement for cooperating with the FBI.”

Comey’s rigged system that allowed made members of the Obama administration to walk is the same rigged system empowered to politically whack President Trump through the  Russia/Trump/Collusion Hoax and Mueller’s sham investigation.

The FBI is still rigged and corrupted. Recently the FBI refused to honor a FOIA request to release the balance of Hillary’s emails “due to lack of public interest.”

Time to flush out the RINOs

In light of this new evidence it will be interesting to see which elected officials are working for us or them.

At least we know there are close to 24 Republicans who are the real deal. 

Fox News reports,

“Last month, nearly two-dozen Republicans called on the Trump Justice Department to name a second special counsel – alongside the Robert Mueller team probing allegations of Russia-Trump team collusion – to probe 2016 controversies involving Clinton and the Obama administration. This covered some aspects of the FBI and DOJ’s handling of the investigation.”

The greatest heist the world has ever known is the attempted theft of America. Soros, Obama and Hillary should all face RICO charges

All the carpet bombing  will grind to a halt as they run out of ammo.

Squeezing Charlottesville to accuse half the country of  “White Supremacy” to start a race war is already losing steam. Antifa and #Resistance could backfire with indictments of sedition. Unrelenting calls for impeachment are just firing blanks.

The Globalist Godfathers have their eye on the precious jewel of America .

The carpet bombing provides cover for an epic laundry list of political crimes while draining resources needed to investigate them.

They’re banking on the exhausting attacks to distract us and produce amnesia so we’ll forget all about the FBI’s sham of an investigation, Lynch’s tarmac meeting with Bill, Lynch telling Comey to call it a “matter” instead of an investigation, CNN’s Donna Brazile giving Hillary the debate questions, the DNC rigging the primary, the Awan Brothers spy ring, John Podesta’s creepy emails, Anthony Weiner’s laptop, Hillary’s pay for play and Obama’s unprecedented illegal spying on a political opponent.  And of course the unconscionable  crime  of the Trump/Russian Collusion Hoax and hit-man Mueller’s sham of an investigation.

Globalist gangstas

The degree of criminality and fraud that has been perpetrated on the American people is mind blowing. In spite of mountains of evidence, high ranking officials have gone free-thumbing their nose at justice and laughing in all our faces.

It is a cancerous wound that will not heal.

Witnesses state that Hillary had a meltdown and said “If that f – – – ing bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!”  Let’s hope she was right.

Do you think we’ll ever see justice? Comment below!

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