President Trump provided comic relief during today’s press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

He reminded her that they have may something in common after all. They were both wiretapped by Obama!

“As far as wiretapping, I guess by this past administration, at least we have something in common perhaps. ” He got a good laugh for that one.

It’s hard to keep track of all the corruption. It’s also easy to forget. So glad President Trump reminded the  entire world today!

Here’s a refresher from The Daily Caller,

Barack Obama personally allowed the National Security Agency to monitor German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cellphone in 2010, according to allegations made in the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel at the time.

The former president reportedly authorized American intelligence to tap Merkel’s phone after he was briefed by then-NSA director Keith Alexander. The publication based its claims on a trove of documents leaked by NSA contractor Edward Snowden, and said they were legitimate enough that German intelligence confronted the United States over it.

An “angry” Merkel placed a “strongly worded” call to Obama when she found out about the eavesdropping allegations, which she told him were “totally unacceptable” if true.

“This would be a grave breach of trust,” Merkel said through her spokesman Steffen Seibert. “Such practices must immediately be put to a stop.”

Of course Obama denied wiretapping her at the time. He also promised that he wouldn’t do it in the future. He remained mute when pressed about past wiretaps.

Serious matters were discussed, but the wiretap joke was a gem.

They spoke about trade deficits, NATO, the Syrian “refugee” crisis and fighting ISIS.

Hopefully this comic relief will overshadow what the Ene-media will focus on. President Trump clearly ignored photographers’ pleas to shake her hand.


Wonder what the heck was going through his mind?

The meeting must have been contentious enough that he wanted to send a clear message. Or didn’t want anything to be misconstrued as an agreement.  He’s a tough guy. He must’ve had a good reason

He was on a roll today though.  

The Sacramento Bee reported a funny exchange with a reporter…

Trump said trade agreements have led to greater trade deficits. The U.S. trade deficit with Germany was $64.9 billion last year, the lowest since 2009, according to the Commerce Department.

Trump bristled at the indication from a German reporter that this could be interpreted as isolationist.

He said: “I don’t know what newspaper you’re reading, but I guess that would be an example of fake news.”

SO glad we have a President that’s tough and funny! And he loves America!

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