Countdown: Top 10 headlines of the week!

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10) Kid Rock will run for Senate

Liberals heads will explode! It’s official-Kid Rock will be running for the Senate in Michigan!  Kid Rock was one of the few celebs with the mind, heart and soul to break from the Hillary worshiping entertainment cult during the last election to support then Candidate-Trump. Not a Dem? Good enough for me! How ’bout you?

Here’s a link to his website Kid Rock for US Senate

See” Kid Rock is Rocking and Rolling and Running for Senate in Michigan”

9) RINO McCain being sued about pee-pee dossier.

RINO McCain is being sued for his part in the dirty dossier.

Former British spy Christopher Steele was commissioned to create the lurid and debunked “dossier.” John McCain handed it to Comey’s FBI.

Aleksej Gubarev is not happy with John McCain’s stunt. Aleksej Gubarev was accused of hacking the DNC) by Steele’s Russian sources.

The Daily Caller reported that The dossier included “unsubstantiated claims alleging Gubarev’s U.S.-based global web hosting firms XBT and Webzilla planted digital bugs, transmitted viruses and attempted to alter DNC data.”

When this is all over, the American people should file a class action lawsuit against McCain, the rest of the Democratic Party and the MSM for the damage they have caused this country through their baseless accusations, lies and slander.

8) Fusion GPS has some esplainin’ado! In front of the Senate.

Another chapter in the dossier saga-Fusion GPS is the opposition research team that commissioned the dirty dossier to allege that  Trump and his campaign colluded with the Russian government to damage Hillary Clinton. The dossier alleged that then candidate Trump engaged in lewd sex acts with Russian prostitutes that involved “golden showers.” The implication was that the Russians could use that info to blackmail President Trump.

The entire dossier was debunked, yet formed the basis for the Stalin-esque Russian collusion witch-hunt that plagues our President and this country, every day.

Fusion GPS Co-Founder Glenn Simpson agreed to be called before the Senate Judiciary Committee  next week to explain their ties to Russia and the Democrats.

As the story heated up over the course of the week. They backed out.

7) Globalists try to shut down Alex Jones and others

The Shadow Government’s war on free speech-aka conservative speech is  aggressive, blatant and a complete assault on our First Amendment.

The Federal Election Committee, inspired by top Democrats,  is investigating Infowars host Alex Jones, Breitbart and The Drudge Report  for alleged Russian collusion to influence the election.

They will target the conservative outlets’ advertisers and editorial decisions. Somehow it’s doubtful that the FEC will expand their “investigation” of media election interference to CNN and the rest of  Mainstream Media.

6) President Trump’s golden touch on the economy and job market

No we’re not tired of winning yet! President Trump continues to grow our economy and job market.  If  MSM had their way they wouldn’t publish the stock market figures and their readers would believe our economy was in the pits.

The MSM continues to bury all the amazing progress that our President has made in less than 7 months. Let’s face it. The American Globalist Left and it’s PR rag, the MSM,  isn’t afraid Trump will fail. They’re terrified that he’ll keep winning!

“JOBS JOBS JOBS” President Trump proudly Tweeted. 

5) Big Win for the Wall!

The new budget includes $1.6 Billion to begin the construction of our border wall.

President Trump and the Republicans have already warned congress that they will not be as easily appeased this time around. If the Democrats continue  to #resist progress they need to be prepared for a government shutdown.

4) The President and First Lady landed in France.

Melania makes us proud as always. Not just by being so beautiful, so elegant but also by being so sweet. She continued her tradition of visiting sick children in the hospital. She spoke to the children in French.

The President and Macron discussed ISIS and the problems that are plaguing–destroying– France with unsustainable, unvetted  immigration and terror attacks.

In addition there will no doubt be a great deal of Macron pushing his Globalist agenda on  President Trump while President Trump will stand strong on the US.

Globalist-ordained Macron has been buddying up to anti-Globalist Trump like a star struck groupie. Time will tell.Prayers for the good people of France.

While Maxine Waters ranted that President Trump is an embarrassment to all of us overseas, 59% of the French people approved of our President’s visit. Just guessing that the others were probably 40%  “refugees.” and 1% Globalists.

3) Another backfire on the Dems!

The Dems sinister plot to set up Don Jr by having him meet with Russian attorney Natalia Veselnitskay to get some dirt on Hillary is backfiring BIGLY!

A lot of ugly maggots are being shaken out of their blown covers. Looks like Obama, Lynch and RINO McCain are all connected in this Russian collusion to interfere with the election.

  • She was openly anti-Trump, attended anti-Trump rallies and posted a lot of anti-Trump rhetoric on her facebook page.
  • She was a big fan of John McCain.
  • Senator Chuck Grassley noticed that, under the Obama administration, her visa had expired 6 months before the meeting and she had been denied an extension.
  • Obama’s AG Loretta Lynch cited  “extraordinary circumstances,” enabling her to enter the country without a visa.
  • Five days after meeting with Don Jr., Natalia Veselnitskaya was a guest of former Obama administration Russian Ambassador Michael McFaul in Washington DC for a House of Representatives hearing on U.S. Policy Toward Putin’s Russia.

As more info unfolds, the Don Jr. meeting points to it all being a set-up by Democrats who have become the most evil political power in US history.

2) Establishment of The United States Space Corps!

President Trump has taken US lead  in space.

It has been said that in war, it’s those with the high ground that wins. Looks like President Trump is securing that edge for the US though Bill  HR2810, the National Defense Authorization Act of 2018. The US Space Corps will provide combat ready space forces to fight and win wars in the future.

President Trump promised that America will lead in space once again. Looks like another campaign promise being fulfilled.

1) President Trump ramped up his war on pedogate.

Hard to choose what should be number one, but since this has to do with protecting our children and shutting down an evil web that encircles the globe, it’s #1, IMO.

DC Pedo Swamp monsters must be freaking out. Over the past few weeks the House has passed more than a dozen bills that are related to human trafficking.

The bills passed unanimously. It’s hard to imagine the press a member of Congress would receive to publicly vote against it.

The Frederick Douglass Act is the main bill. President Trump issued a statement regarding the latest 3 Bills that were passed.

For more info see

Don’t worry! The 2 new victims of the Clinton body count are on the next list! Do you agree with the order of this list? Do you have other headlines you’d like to add? Comment below!

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