The coup is ramping up as the Russia/Trump collusion hoax crashes and burns. This time, instead of a bogus dossier the new weapon is a Seth Rich lawsuit.

Rod Wheeler is the Private Investigator originally hired by the Rich family to find their son’s killer. He has filed a Seth Rich lawsuit against Fox News that will add ammunition to the ongoing coup of our fairly elected President.

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Wheeler had appeared on Fox with a bombshell that he had inside information from the police department that his contact had seen Seth Rich’s laptop and the DC police were told to stand down. He also stated that he was strong-armed by DNC Chair Donna Brazile to stop snooping around. 

He recanted his story within 48 hours . Fox issued a statement immediately and pulled the piece the following week.  Sean Hannity was almost fired for raising questions about Seth Rich’s murder.

Now Wheeler’s got a whole new story-in the form of a lawsuit.

Breitbart/AP reported,

An investigator who worked on the Seth Rich case claims Fox News fabricated quotes implicating the murdered Democratic National Committee staffer in the WikiLeaks scandal and that President Donald Trump pressured Fox to publish the story. …

Wheeler, a Fox contributor who looked into Rich’s July 2016 murder for the family, said Fox made up quotes attributed to him saying there was contact between Rich and WikiLeaks, and that someone — possibly Democrats or Hillary Clinton’s campaign — was blocking the murder investigation. Rich was killed in what Washington police believe was a botched robbery.

The lawsuit said Trump pushed to get the story out.

The allegations
  • He was misquoted.
  • His story was pushed by President Trump in collaboration with Ed Butowsky and Fox News.
  • Oh yeah-Fox is racist.

Yet his comments in this video seemed pretty clear.

The MSM is positively giddy.

The most fiery allegation is that the President knew of the article being written by Malia Zimmerman of Fox and that he had a hand in pushing it along.

As a result, MSM is reporting on this lawsuit a good 100 times more than they ever reported on Seth Rich’s murder-not counting the conspiracy-debunking articles.

Ed Butowsky, who was the orchestrator of the Zimmerman/Wheeler interview, said he was only “joking” regarding the President’s involvement.

It’s amusing that the Leftstream propaganda machine would get their panties in a bunch regarding an Administration working with the press.

Mixed messages

When  Rod Wheeler first flip flopped many people wondered if he had been threatened by those he was trying to expose.

But it seemed that he was forging ahead. When Imran Awan was arrested he  tweeted that we should “connect the dots.(Hint, hint.”

Wheeler was even more clear in a recent interview. He spoke about the Iwan Brothers and the leaked DNC emails. Wheeler stated  that Imran could have been the “Russian hacker.”

But in light of this lawsuit it’s hard to know what to make of this guy.

Here’s  a couple of possibilities:

  1. Wheeler can no longer be trusted. Nor can we assume that any statements he made  regarding his investigation into Seth Rich’s murder were true.
  2. This was a clever way to reignite and mainstream the story.

The second possibility is not such a stretch. After all, the allegations in the Seth Rich Lawsuit contradict his on-air statements. It would be a snap to dismiss the case. As for misquotes-that’s “he said she said.” And let’s face it. Reporters make mistakes all the time. They issue an apology and a retraction. Done deal.

And let’s not forget-Sean Hannity made a promise to keep looking into Seth Rich’s murder, although he could no longer speak about it on his show. Hannity, Wheeler and Butowsky are all connected to Fox. They are all seeking  justice for Seth Rich.

Here’s what IS true:
  • Seth Rich was murdered in cold blood. Many believe that he was murdered because he had leaked damaging DNC emails to Wikileaks.
  • Wikileaks published an email from John Podesta saying he was “all for making an example out of leakers.”
  • It is believed that the Russian/Trump collusion hoax was created as a smokescreen to hide the crimes revealed through Wikileaks.
  • It is believed that the DNC was never “hacked” at all. For starters, the DNC refused to hand over their computers to the FBI or DHS for inspection, even though their “hack” would have been a tremendous breach of national security. We still have no solid proof of any hack.
  • It’s been shown that there was no “Russian hack,” but that information and emails  from the DNC were downloaded locally-from within the DNC
  • Information could have been downloaded by 2 players
  • Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s criminal It staffer, Imran Awan, was caught fleeing the country.
  • Imran Iwan and his Pakistani family  had access to all the DNC passwords and computers as well as Democratic members of Congress.
  • According to Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer the Awan IT staffers were sending information to the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Reminder-although the IT staffers had access to top classified information, the Obama administration waived the compulsory background check. That would have revealed a criminal history and a tendency to be in debt.
  • He and his Pakistani family were being paid exorbitant salaries for barely showing up.
  • Awan’s wife fled to Pakistan.
  • He had wired her $300,000.
  • Awan’s  Step Mom came forward and accused him of holding her hostage to collect his fathers insurance money.
  • DW-S continued to pay him with our tax dollars even after the police let her know he was under investigation.
  • Rather than show any concern for a breach in our national security, Debbi W-S threatened the DC Police Chief with “consequences” if he did not return the missing laptop seized in their investigation.
  • DW-S intended to keep Awan on the payroll even after he fled to Pakistan.
  • Imran Awan partied with Seth Rich on the night of his murder. Witnesses say that Seth Rich appeared drugged when he left.
  • The MSM is running wild with this lawsuit but refusing to cover the very real Wasserman-Schultz  bombshell at all. MSM is lying by omission.

Red arrow points to Imran Awan

MSM is running with this Seth Rich lawsuit ball-oney

Obviously this news is dominating headlines as a means to replace the phony dossier-based Russian collusion conspiracy with a questionable lawsuit.

They’re reporting the  news of the lawsuit in such a way as to drum up a new scandal and present the lawsuit as if it were proof of  wrongdoing. The spin is obvious.

The MSM is purposely burying the scandal of the century.

A scandal based on evidence, facts, and an actual arrest.

The Debbie W-S/Awan family scandal could have easily replaced what income they will lose when the Russian collusion conspiracy officially fizzles. It’s a scandal of high intrigue that definitely involves a huge breach in our national security and may involve collusion, conspiracy to commit murder, blackmail and treason.

Instead they’re exploiting the Seth Rich Lawsuit as a way to continue the attempted coup-in-progress. They believe that by tying the lawsuit to the WH, it will  not only hurt the President but also deflect attention away from the Seth Rich “conspiracy.”

Ironically, as mainstream media celebrates and shouts their new “gotcha” from the rooftops, they are breathing fresh air into the Seth Rich murder case and are opening the door to alerting the public that there was no Russian “hacking.”

And they’re laying it all right on the doorstep of the White House like a flaming bag of donkey-doo.  Like the roadrunner, they never learn from the backfires.

Seymour Hersch links Seth Rich to the Wikileaks dump

Another thing the media won’t report on-Seymour Hersch, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist was investigating the Seth Rich murder.

  • He linked Seth Rich to the Wikileaks dump.
  • His  theory leans more to Seth Rich looking for payment for the downloaded information.
  • Hersh says the FBI has Seth Rich’s files and it’s all in an FBI report.

He also points directly to the Obama Administration’s head of the CIA-John Brennan-as the one who concocted the Russia narrative.

Ed Butowsky had the good sense to record him. If you’re offended by F* Bombs, you’ll want to take a pass on this audio…

The timing is convenient.

As the Russia Hoax crumbles, the content of the emails has once again been laid bare. It is vital to concoct a blinding new sh*tstorm to cover the tracks of everyone who was exposed.

An even more dire threat to the Dems is that that the Awans had access to the passwords and computers of DNC  staffers and Democratic members of Congress. Obviously, aside from Seth Rich, the  Awans were responsible for “hacks” and leaks. Not Russians.

The Left and their PR rag, MSM, had the opportunity to wipe out Seth Rich conspiracies and blame the leak on the Awans and throw swampmonster DW-S under the bus. They blew it.

Because the Big Lie about Trump colluding with the Russians would be exposed. The collusion of the media with the Obama Administration, the Hillary campaign and the DNC would be exposed. Brace yourself for a cornered rat-attack.

The shape-shifting coup

The Globalists hide behind the “Democrat” or “trusted media” label.

  • They cooked up the dirty dossier. MSM ran with it.
  • They cooked up the Russia/Trump collusion hoax. MSM ran with it.
  • They’re  either cooking up a lawsuit or exploiting it to take down our fairly elected President, alternative media and anyone investigating Seth Rich.

To fuel their coup they must replace the crumbling Russia collusion hoax.

The Seth Rich lawsuit offers a new conspiracy theory-that President Trump colluded with mainstream media to create a fake news story to detract from the Russia investigation.

It’s always OK for the Left to “connect dots” to prove their conspiracy theories. In this case, they’re connecting quirky little dots-even that Ed Butowsky attended Trump’s Presidential Inauguration. Along with an estimated 800,000 others.

This Seth Rich Lawsuit conspiracy triggers a war on FOX-the only remaining MSM outlet that is willing to report news from a conservative viewpoint. They’re also casting a wide net to include Breitbart.

George Soros’s Media Matters, You Tube, Google, Twitter and facebook have designated themselves the “fake news police.” Of course, the ‘fake news” is always conservative news-especially anything Pro-Trump.

The free flow of information is the Globalists biggest nightmare.

This is full-on war.



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