Parents were mad as Hell about a creepy quiz for eighth graders that asked some highly inappropriate questions.

The school year at Lynnhaven Middle School started off with a dark dunk into the school swamp- a creepy quiz for eighth graders. Parents felt the questions were not only age-inappropriate but violated parents’ privacy as well.

The quiz was given in two out of three Civics and Economics  classes at the middle school. The teachers did not get approval from the Principal beforehand.

The two teachers got the quiz from a website called ISideWith. The website asks a series of questions. Based on the answers given, the website shows which candidate best aligns with those answers. ( Are voters really that lazy?)

Questions students were given include:
  • Should our government continue to fund Planned Parenthood?’
  • Should transgender couples be allowed to adopt?
  • Do you support the legalization of same-sex marriage?
  • Should transgender people be able to serve in the military?
  • Should gender identity be added to anti-discrimination laws?

There were also questions about abortion and marital rape. Because, yeah. Marital rape is something eighth graders should be thinking about.

One outraged mom, Michelle McSweeney,  felt that aside from the material being over the kids’s heads, it was a sneaky way for teachers to learn about the political views of students’parents .

The Daily Caller quoted McSweeney,

“I had a hard time gleaning from anyone what they intended to do with the results other than getting the answer of they used the quiz to determine who in the class were Republicans and who were Democrats and where their political leanings were,” she said. “As a parent, it kind of feels like they spied on the parents because thirteen and fourteen-year-olds are pretty much parroting what they hear at home.”

Amen to that.

Aside from the radical LGBTQI and transgender agenda being pushed at public schools,  the overt political indoctrination of our kids is alarming.

Gosh, we’re sorry.

As mentioned before, two out of three Civics and Economics teachers gave the quiz to eighth graders, but they did not get clearance from the Principal first. The Principal agreed with parents and assured them it would not happen again.

Lauren Nolasco, the communications director for Virginia Public schools issued an apology. However, there is a part of the apology (emphasized) that confirms  parents’ fears about political spying,

“This activity is not part of the Virginia Beach City Public Schools curriculum, and it should not have been used without the principal’s review and approval. That being said, teachers used this activity in an attempt for students to see how their personal beliefs on social issues aligned with political parties.”

Parents need to come to grips with the harsh reality that our schools (and colleges) have been corrupted by the Leftist political agenda.

Fortunately parents spoke up and the school reacted in an appropriate manner.

However, as with kids who were freaked out by their fellow Kindergarten student “transitioning” into a different gender, or parents learning that their 8th grader learned how to have anal and oral sex instead of math or creative writing, all the yelling and backtracking in the world won’t change one simple fact.

The damage was done.

This is why Democrats resist school choice.

It’s not just to appease the teachers’ unions. The Democrats own the media and they own the public schools. They’re not interested in your child  reaching his or her potential. They want your child to help them reach their  potential.

Home school. Charter school. Private school. Religious school. There are options.

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