It could be argued that Crowdstike played the most important role in the Trump/Russia collusion hoax.

But who is Crowdstrike?

Before the Pee-Pee Dossier was penned and MSM arsonists spread it like wildfire to destroy Donald Trump and divide the country, the alleged DNC “hack” ignited the revamped Red Scare. 

The claims of a “Russian hack” into DNC servers was based on an investigation by the cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike.

The Left took claims of a “hack” a step further by claiming that the information it gathered was shared with Wikileaks. According to the Hillary camp, the Russians and Julian Assange conspired to ensure Hillary’s crushing and humiliating defeat. 

The country has been bitterly-and often violently- divided ever since.

A Russian “hack” on the DNC would have been a breathtaking breach of our national security, and according to Hillary, an act of war that would have been met with military action.

Yet Comey’s FBI meekly backed off when the DNC wouldn’t “allow” the FBI to examine the computers. The DHS claims they were also rebuffed, a claim thug Debbie Wasserman-Schultz denies. 

That leaves us all-including the mainstream media and the FBI-dependent upon taking the word of Crowdstrike. Yet the outside firm has never offered proof and has never gone beyond using phrases such as believed to be  and confident that. 

Obama knew.

Another detail that has flown under the radar is that the FBI told  then-President Barrack Obama in  August of 2016 that Russians were trying to meddle in the election. He said nothing. He did nothing. He let them hack and meddle away.

Given the tremendous advantage that a Hillary presidency would offer the Russians he probably assumed they were hacking on her behalf.

At any rate, Obama chose to hang the Russian noose on then-candidate Trump’s neck, even though Trump  had no idea about the warning. This is the character of the guy who ruled this country for eight long years.

The staffers at the DNC also watched Donald Trump smeared with Russian meddling. They were silent about their computers being hacked while doing nothing about it because they needed the computers for the campaign. 

Another thing Obama likely knew-that according to Donna Brazile, Hillary hijacked the DNC before her nomination-in August of 2015- a full year before he was officially notified by the FBI. Yet CNN records show that the DNC was informed about the hack in September of 2015.

Something is wrong here. Are we to believe that the FBI would inform the DNC of an outrageous breach of national security but not the POTUS?

Obama claimed that revealing it would feed into Trump’s claim that the election was rigged. But lack of action on his behalf could be construed as covering for her or turning a blind eye so she could do her thing. 

Knee jerk reaction

When Hillary’s hijacked DNC learned about the “hack” from a supposedly hostile country the first thing they did was call the FBI or DHS, right? Of course not. Apparently the last thing they’d want is for the FBI to view their communications. 

Instead, the DNC contracted Perkins Coie-the same law firm they used to contract Fusion GPS to fabricate the now debunked Pee Pee Dossier. 

Perkins Coie  then contracted Crowdstrike to investigate the “hack.”

Crowdstrike’s twisted ties to Russia

The Founder and CEO of Crowdstrike is Russian born Dimiti Alperovitch. 

That’s funny-in an odd sort of way. If the DNC were hacked by the big bad Russians who the Dems have demonized, why would they allow a Russian owned and operated firm unfettered access to their computers to get to the bottom of a Russian hack designed to elect their opponent?

Even if they claim, well we didn’t know it was the Russians until after Crowdstrike examined the computers, Obama had been told by the FBI that Russians were meddling. Obama was told about the DNC hacks. Obama allowed the DNC to continue with Crowdstrike instead of the FBI or DHS. 

Another thing-once they were told by Crowdstrike that it was Russians, would they not have then scrutinized the firm’s background? 

Even though Alperovitch presents himself as a Russian ex-pat who is bitter towards his home country, did they forget the parts in their beloved  spy novels where foreign actors can be double agents?

On the other hand, given the Russian advantages of a Hillary presidency, his ex-pat bitterness would appear to distance him from any Russian ties he may have and provide cover for the Hillary camp to deal with him. 

If Alperovtch is a Russian expat who publicly scorns his country and boasts about working against his country’s intel gathering, would he not have died under mysterious circumstances? According to the Hillary camp, Putin has killed journalists for a lot less.

Not saying he’s any of those things-just that he could be.  And that the Dems accuse all Russians as being  Soviet-era evil. Yet they turned their servers over to his company rather than our own government agencies.

At the end of the day Crowdstrike attributed the DNC breach to Russian hackers Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear, both of whom they linked to Russian investigative agencies similar to our FBI and CIA.

Crowdstrike has never-not once-offered substantial proof or gone beyond the term “believed to be” or “confident that.” 

Russian friend or foe?

Dmitri Alperovitch neglected to disclose his Ukrainian clients who were pushing the US to join the Ukraine in a war with Russia. It was  obvious that Obama and Hillary were itching to start a war with Russia. 

It could be a matter of Hillary playing both sides at once to ensure good relations after the election. 

Another scenario could be that the big Russia scare/blame game charade would play out until after the election and Hillary would then publicly appear to mend fences with her secret pal Putin and position herself as an historic “peace maker.”

It could also be a way to ignite hostilities so that Russia and the Ukraine would demolish one another-paving the way to be swept up into the epic money and power grab of a  One Global Government. 

Any way you look at it, there’s a problem.  If Alperovitch  was as  anti-Russian as he claimed and was affiliated with a Ukrainian organization that was pushing for a war with Russia that’s not good. If he was working undercover on behalf of uranium-grabbing Russia, that would not be good.

Alperovitch would not only be overseeing a major foreign breach into our national elections, but also as some suggest, he would be in a position to join Hillary’s  White House Cabinet heading the CIA, NSA or DHS. 

That idea would not be a stretch. The Daily Caller reported that two months before the June report that alleged a Russian conspiracy, former President Barack Obama appointed Steven Chabinsky, the general counsel and chief risk officer for CrowdStrike, to the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity.

Note- Chabinsky formerly worked post 9/11  with the FBI along with Mueller and was responsible for drafting the Homeland Security Act of 2002. It’s puzzling that the Act was responsible for the development of the Department of Homeland Security. Yet Crowdstrike-not the DHS- was called to examine the servers.

At any rate, Alperovitch had major undisclosed conflicts of interests that could jeopardize our national security. The conflicts were either unnoticed or ignored. Comey allowed Crowdstrike to handle this enormous threat.

It’s interesting that Hillary-like Obama-allowed all this to transpire while gleefully watching the press and the nation pin the Russian badge on then-candidate Trump. This is the character of someone who would rule our country.

Soros factors in-as always

The Russian Crowdstrike founder is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, a think tank with openly pro-Hillary and virulent anti-Russian sentiments.

The Atlantic Council is funded by Ukrainian billionaire Victor Pinchuk, who also happened to donate at least $10 million to the Clinton Foundation. It’s also funded by the Rockerfeller Brothers Fund, The US State Department, and NATO.

George Soros feeds the Council through his Open Society Initiative for Europe  and Ploughshares Fund  which receives financing from him.

So the Crowdstrike Founder who never provided one shred of proof that the DNC was hacked by any Fancy or Cozy Bear is deeply involved in pro-Hillary anti-Russian initiatives with links to NWO George Soros and NATO. 

Speaking of NWO funding, Google was a major investor in Crowdstrike. Google censored  the internet and altered algorithms to prop Hillary on her throne. 

Yeah, that’s not troubling at all. 

My theory…

This is all so convoluted it’s enough to make your head explode. Is Crowdstrike for or against Russia? Does it matter? Should a firm with any such bias have access to inside information on our national elections?

But it’s easily broken down once you realize that it’s irrelevant.

It’s not a problem for Hillary to stab anyone in the back just as long as there’s a payday in it for her and drives the Globalist agenda.

Hillary is no friend to the US or to Putin or to the Ukraine. 

Selling our rare uranium to Putin meant nothing. Buddying up to the Ukraine to wage war against him meant nothing. Hillary’s only true allegiance is to her own coffers and her New World Order pimps.

Hillary vowed to create a doctrine to treat cyber-attacks as acts of war and respond with military might.

What a perfect excuse to wage war on an opponent when you can disguise cyber-fingerprints as coming from anywhere. 

In Wikileaks Vault 7 Assange revealed that the CIA can mask their intrusions. John McAfee, who developed the first anti-virus program, insists that if the DNC was hacked, it was not the Russians, but a hacker disguising their cyber-fingerprints.

Equally troubling is that it was discovered that information flowing out of the DNC was not done by a hack-but as an inside job. Transmission speeds proved that the information was downloaded locally, from 2 different sources. Suspects include the Awan family- a Muslim spy ring/overpaid IT team that operated freely within the Obama Administration. The other suspect is Seth Rich. 

Hillary is a good friend of the NWO 

When the dots connect Crowdstrike to Soros and Google we know we’re dealing with pro-Hillary, New World Order operatives.

It’s irrelevant what country a businessperson or politician hails from or claims to serve. If they’re beholden to the NWO agenda, that is what determines their actions, their allegiance and their endgame. 

The Obama Administration worked on behalf of the NWO  to destroy the Ukraine 

Obama laid the groundwork for the annihilation of America to be swept up by a One World Government. Hillary would have crowned his accomplishments by importing over a half a million “refugees” annually, signing off on the TPP and realizing her dream of “open borders.” 

American Globalists have been launching coups overseas for years in this effort.  All under the guise of caring about “democracy” and ensuring that the people of other countries have the right to their vote.  Their reaction to our own 2016 election proves all that to be a bald-faced lie. 

Soros, Obama, Hillary and RINO McCain collaborated with real Nazis in an attempted Ukrainian coup.

Why? Ukrainian leader Viktor Yanukovych did not want his country to be gobbled up into the New World Order, spearheaded by the EU. 

Yanukovych is described as Pro-Russian. Now why would he be pro-Russian if Russia is supposedly the enemy of the Ukraine?  Maybe they have something in common-the enemy to sovereign nations everywhere.

Although Putin has been demonized for annexing Crimea, if we examine his motives it may all point to resisting the NWO. Foreign Affairs  cited 3 possibilities:

  1. The possibility most cited paints Putin as a ruthless dictator who wanted to reclaim part of his country that had broken from the Soviet Union.
  2. That he was defending the territory against NATO expansion along the Western border. Funny how NATO-the military force of the NWO- is not criticized for aggressive expansion.
  3. When pro-EU Ukraine factions (aided by the Obama and Hillary) rose up against Yanukovych, the pro-Russian, anti-Globalist  Ukranian President turned to Putin for help. In response, Putin grabbed Crimea to place it under Russia’s protective umbrella.

Putin is a pesky anti-Globalist who wants his country to remain sovereign.

V. Putin  has resisted all efforts to merge with the EU aka NWO.

He would have been toppled when Hillary led the US to war with Russia and replaced him with a Globalist. So who cares who has the uranium?

Under Hillary’s rule and on behalf of her NWO masters, the US would be on the path to oblivion along with the Ukraine and Putin’s Russia. The uranium would belong to a One World Government. Hillary was just pocketing a broker’s fee.

Just a thought…

Could this be the real reason that Paul Manafort was taken down by Mueller?

It is said that Manafort was instrumental in getting pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovych  elected as President of the Ukraine.  One of Yanukovych’s actions was to pull out of NATO.  Both he and Putin have no desire to hand their countries over to the EU on a silver platter. The Left finds Manafort easy to demonize as they have successfully branded anything and anyone Pro-Russia as the epitome of evil. 

Surely the Globalists were not happy that Manafort was helping foreign nations to #resist the NWO.  Just a thought.

Crowdstrike aka Countrystrike

When Hillary hijacked the DNC she was able to schtoop  Bernie Sanders and his followers out of his nomination. 

President Trump suggested that the DNC hacked itself to draw attention away from the contents of the Wikileaks email dump. Not at all farfetched. 

To this day we still have no hard evidence that the DNC was ever hacked. 

In combination with the the Pee Pee Dossier, the “hacks” provided a means to take down her political opponent with the Trump/Russian collusion hoax and provide the basis for the ongoing Mueller-led coup. 

The Hillary camp hired Perkins Coie to contract Crowdstrike, the Pee Pee dossier, and to run a smear campaign on Sergei Matinsky.  Gosh. It seems like Perkins Coie has access to unusual people who will get the job done by any means necessary. 

Crowdstrike’s determination of a Russian hack was not only instrumental in the Russian/Trump Collusion Hoax and the ongoing coup, but also provided the catalyst for the  often violent Civil War that we’ve been embroiled in for more than a year. 

Civil Wars and coups are a  Globalist MO and a George Soros specialty. 

“Believed to be”  and “confident that”  was all that it took to set this country on fire. 

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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