Christian. Patriot. Loving Husband and Dad. Vietnam Vet. Community Leader. Advocate for homeless. Advocate for animal rights. Running for Lt. Governor of California.

David Hernandez has been a Civic Community Leader for over 28 years. He describes himself as a  Husband, a Father a Christian and a Conservative Republican. He’s been happily married for 29 years to his lovely wife Debi.

As a Christian he is the Past Chairman of Churches in Action  of Los Angeles (San Fernando  Valley Chapter) He is currently working on legislation to protect religious freedom in California. His efforts to retain the cross on the LA County seal was instrumental in passing legislation in the US House of Representatives protecting religious expression.

A Vietnam veteran, David served in the US Navy from 67-71. It was because of David’s efforts working with the City of Los Angeles that the city adopted March 30th as “Welcome Home Vietnam Veteran’s Day” in Los Angeles. ” Given his background in the service, it’s not surprising that he’s a strong advocate for our 2nd Amendment Rights.

David’s past experience as an insurance adjuster and small business owner gives him an authentic understanding of the challenges that small businesses face. He served as Executive Director of the San Fernando Chamber of Commerce, fighting on behalf of local businesses. One problem facing businesses in the LA area is the price-gouging taking place in the commercial trash industry. As Chairman of the Committee for Accountability and Good Government, David is leading the challenge to take on their only game in town  monopoly.

David has never been afraid to take on the big guys. In fighting the Los Angeles Lobbyists, he took on the Los Angeles City Council and Council President, Mayor Eric Garcetti. He’s also been an advocate  finding real solutions for transportation issues in the area.

As for families,  David has promised to continue the fight to repeal California Bill SB277. This Bill removed personal belief exemptions for parents to refuse vaccinations for their children entering elementary and secondary schools and day care centers. David believes that parents should be in control of their children’s health and education-not the government.

David combined his skills as a community leader with his passion for humanitarian causes. His achievements  include environmental preservation, assisting those with AIDS, helping the homeless and advocating for animal rights and shelter animals.

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