To cater to less than 1% of our population, DC is following Oregon in offering gender neutral drivers licenses.

The “Liberal” Mayor of DC is catering to her voter base that suffers from the mental illness known as gender dysphoria. California will follow suit by offering gender neutral drivers licenses instead of therapy. All other Americans will suffer the dangerous ripple effect of this trendy backdoor way to undermine our legal system.

NBC News/AP Press reports,

The District of Columbia is giving residents a new gender option on their driver’s licenses or identification cards issued by the city’s department of motor vehicles.

On Tuesday, the city will begin allowing residents to choose “X,” the gender-neutral identifier. Residents had previously been given only male and female as choices for gender identifier.

Any resident seeking a license can request the gender-neutral identifier, but the city says in a statement that the new option is anticipated to immediately benefit the transgender community.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser says the city has long been a leader in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights and gender issues and the change is the most recent example of the city’s “commitment to inclusivity.”

This is sheer insanity. Gender neutral drivers licenses are not only validating mental illness, they’re putting our security, and the safety of law enforcement at risk .

Oh-and BTW-it’s against Federal law. Has anyone thought on what it’s going to do to car insurance prices in different states also?

Judicial Watch explains,

“The problem with all this is that it’s at odds with federal law, at least the driver’s license portion. The REAL ID Act, passed by Congress after the 9/11 terrorist attacks specifically requires gender on each driver’s license and identification card issued to a person by a state.

 It also prohibits federal agencies from accepting for official purposes licenses and identification cards that do not meet these standards. Title II of the act specifically states that “features on each driver’s license and identification card issued to a person by the State” must include: The person’s full legal name; the person’s date of birth; the person’s gender; the person’s driver’s license or identification card number; a digital photograph of the person; the person’s address of principle residence; the person’s signature; physical security features designed to prevent tampering, counterfeiting or duplication of the document for fraudulent purposes; a common machine-readable technology with defined minimum data elements.

Under the Real ID Act federal agencies are prohibited from accepting driver’s licenses or ID cards from noncompliant states for official purposes, including boarding an aircraft, accessing federal facilities and entering nuclear power plants.”The Transgender Agenda is a Globalist weapon.

The Transgender Agenda is a Globalist Weapon

As stated many times in this blog. the transgender agenda is a Globalist tool in a multi-pronged war.  (see the Transgender Agenda tab for past stories)

Laws that promote the transgender agenda are becoming more aggressive in Canada and London, where it’s been forced into the school curriculum. Extremely young children-as young as 3 years old- are not protected from this government sponsored psycho-sexual abuse. Even private religious elementary schools must teach the agenda or they will be forced to close.

In Canada families can have their kids taken away if they don’t support the transgender agenda. People who use the wrong trans-pronoun can face jail time.

Its a war on our young children’s innocence and on adolescents who often pass through awkward stages. It’s a war on  families, religion, and school choice.

With gender neutral divers licenses, it’s stepped up to become a war on law enforcement. It is imperative that witnesses and law enforcement have a way to ID suspects.  And considering the latest trend of “Liberal” local courts, it’s a way to wage war on the laws of our Federal government.  

But the worst part is that it’s affecting our children and if we don’t stand up for them, who will?  The transgender militants want the rights of the <1% to have more rights than our children. As Ben Carson says,  “Equal rights not “extra rights.”

A clever way to stir up trouble and division

So now if people protest gender neutral licenses, they’ll be bullied  and called bad names like hateful, bigoted or transphobic. It’s ironic considering the cloak they use to pass these laws is to prevent bullying and to allow others freedom of expression.

Name calling is a bully tactic. And in this case it’s a lie.

This is not hate for the LGBTQI community. It is  love for our children.

It’s also love for our law enforcement and our personal safety. Love for families, freedom of religion and school choice. The list goes on.

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