Imam Tawhidi also known as “The Imam of Peace” tried to warn Mayor Bill De Blasio about terrorists in NYC.

But Bill De Blasio totally ignored him. 

Australian Imam Tawhidi, known as “The Imam of Peace,”  tweeted that he sent letters to DeBlasio online and in person about terrorist breeding in NYC.

The Imam warned him about radical centers and was willing to point them out. But the Mayor did nothing.

Imagine. A mayor has a unique and direct link to the inside world of Radical Islamic terrorism being plotted in his city.  And doesn’t care.

Fortunately he does have copies. He tweeted,

“I’ll be releasing my 2016 letter to Mayor De Blasio warning him of Islamic extremists in NY upon my landing . His office is a proven FAIL!”

Other tweets called out Bill De Blasio-America’s friend to our enemy:

  • “Can Mayor De Blasio please answer why criminals are entering NY prisons as thieves and coming out as Islamic Extremists spreading terror!?”
  • “I sent him an alarming letter through his website, office, and my employee approached them in person! De Blasio is part of the problem!”
  • “Fact: In the last two years, De Blasio spent all his energy and resources in trying to bring down President Trump and not Islamic Extremists.”
  • (in response to Mayor Kahn of London offering NYC condolences) “De Blasio griefs about London and you grief about NYC. How about you both swap positions since you don’t really care about your own people!?”
 De Blasio isn’t the only one who ignores him.

MSM rushes to make excuses for terrorists and guilt-trip victimized citizens for being Islamophobic.  Meanwhile, they have not given Imam Tawhidi any exposure.

The extremists don’t just ignore the Imam. They condemn him as a fake because he believes in honoring the Australian Constitution above Sharia Law. They condemn him as a fake because he exposes them and speaks up against terrorism.

Imam Tawhidi’s tweets fly in the face of extremists.

Some are pure poetry, some genius commentary- others are just hilarious:

  • Fact: In the last two years, De Blasio spent all his energy and resources in trying to bring down President Trump and not Islamic Extremists.
  • CBS tried to make terrorist Saipov white, I’m glad they didn’t make his eyes blue as well.
  • Islamic terrorist attacks are 100% Islamic and they lean upon sacred and highly revered texts. Authentic Bukhari has a FULL chapter on Jihad.
  • (in response to the Left who condemns him as being right wing) “My uncles tortured, family members executed, I too detained and tortured in Iran, all under Islamic Govs. Not you regressive Left, NOT YOU.” And also, “Last year ISIS burnt my uncle alive and it was me who had to receive his body from Baghdad government and bury it alone, not you.”
  • There should be a heavy fine for any Islamic organisation that imports books with extremist ideologies or invites radical M/East preachers.
  • Maybe we Muslims are the real Islamophobes for opposing and fleeing Islamic governments and coming to live in a “Kafir” democracy.
  • Islamic politics is amazing. We behead each other with our own knives, stone with our own stones, then our leaders blame the USA. Spot on.
  • Don’t blame Islamic radicalization on lack of employment. People don’t blow themselves up after being rejected by Walmart.
  • The Islamic world is infested with extremists. Whoever denies this is either unaware of what’s going on or simply a benefiting politician.
  • Hillary is quiet about #NYC attack. Wasn’t she the one who said: Investing in Jihadists wasn’t a bad idea and we will harvest what we sow!?
  • Not only am I a Muslim Imam who understands the threat of Islamic Extremism, I also hold a certificate in counter-terrorism. Now what!?
  • Extremists cannot force us into their paradise. In fact, I don’t want to be in paradise if they’re going to be there as well.
  • Terrorist loaned $25,000 from @CommBank to buy tools for his terrorist operation. That means the 72 virgins in paradise cost $347.22 each.
  • @womensmarch is marching in the wrong region. The West has women’s rights. You should be marching in Iran, Saudi Arabia or even Palestine
  • Humanity is the work and structure of God, and only the devil destroys what God builds.
  • A belief system that is imposed upon people is oppression, not a religion.
The ” Iman of Peace”calls out the violent cult of Radical Islam.

Imam Tawhidi wants what President Trump and his supporters want. To live in peace and to protect Muslims who would be tortured and beheaded for displeasing the Radicals. Why doesn’t the Left want this? We all know the answer.

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