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Deck the Halls-of Gitmo? FBI Raided Home of Hillary and Mueller Whistleblower!

Holiday bombshell! The FBI raided the home of a whistleblower who had major dirt on Hillary and Mueller!

The Daily Caller reported that the FBI raided the home of whistleblower Dennis Nathan Cain even though he had already turned over documents to the IG and Congress. The documents apparently reveal that the FBI -under the leadership of Robert Mueller- failed to investigate Hillary’s role in the Uranium One/Rosatom scandal. 

The article focused on the FBI’s ignoring protocol to protect the rights of the whistleblower. However, the big story is that Congress and the IG have documents that could send Hillary, Mueller and others away for a long time. 

Sputnik News reported,

The delivered documents also showed that then-FBI director and current Trump Russia probe chief Robert Mueller failed to investigate allegations of criminal misconduct pertaining to the Clinton Foundation over the Uranium One deal. Cain received access to the documents while working as an FBI contractor.”

Obama’s dirty cops

At the very least, this information could render the Mueller “investigation”/coup null and void. 

A trip down memory lane:

 Mueller delivered a sample of yellow cake uranium to the Russians in a secret side by side tarmac meeting. 

  Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped Russian spies to escape the country as the FBI had ensnared them in an operation dubbed “Ghost Stories.” She was in the process of making a fortune with the Uranium deal.

  Obama squashed the FBI’s investigation into Russian racketeering involving bribery, kickbacks and money laundering for the purpose of growing Putin’s uranium business on US soil so that Hillary’s Uranium One deal could pass through Congress.  Robert Mueller, US Attorney Rod Rosenstein and then Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe all supervised the FBI’s Russian racketeering investigation. The investigation concluded under the leadership of James Comey.

Why did the FBI ransack Cain’s home?

Cain had already turned over the documents to the IG and Congress. Were they rogue agents looking to seize more potentially damning evidence on behalf of Hillary and Mueller?

Or was it decided that it would be best for them to get there before thugs from the Clinton Cartel arrived?

Is it in the best interests of the whistleblower to be protected by the light of day? 

Is “The Storm” finally here?

It has been suggested that “The Silent Executioner,” Jeff Sessions was put in place for the express purpose of appointing IG Huber to oversee investigations into the Clinton Foundation and pay-to-play shenanigans.

Is this why Sessions looked so happy when he was fired?

Has Hillary’s teflon finally worn off?

Is this why Obama seems so unhinged lately? Which of his MK-fragmented persona will testify before a military tribunal? The smooth talkin’ politician? The stuttering nervous wreck? The “cool” homey? 

And BTW-what does this say about members of Congress who’ve sat on this information, yet continued efforts to unseat our fairly elected President? T

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