It would be great to not have to write or read anything about Hillary anymore but she just won’t shut up!

Deeply disturbed Hillary denies Bill’s victims justice once again by blowing them off as being “in the past.” At the same time she smears President Trump as a confessed “sexual assaulter in the Oval Office.”  So it’s OK to chastise sexist and misogynist men for their sins that are “in the past,” just so long as it’s not  Bill.

British interviewer Andrew Marr must have had a hard time keeping a straight face as Hillary droned on, feigning outrage and disgust about Harvey Weinstein’s predatory behavior. It’s absolutely mind boggling how this woman can sit there in front of the entire world and behave as though she finds this type of behavior disgusting, sexist and misogynist when everyone knows that her husband is a serial rapist who was impeached for abusing his power to prey on a young intern.

What is more shocking is that when Marr had the guts to bring up Bill’s victims that were brought to the debate, she blew it off as having been “clearly in the past.”

Hillary is a sexual abuser’s co-conspirator

The most famous of Bill’s victims who then-candidate Donald Trump brought to a debate were horribly assaulted and abused by Bill Clinton.

But forget calling Hillary an “enabler.” She took a far more aggressive role as an accomplice. In spite of her later lofty assertion that “all victims of sexual assault should be heard, believed and supported,” she assaulted her husband’s victims.

Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones were not heard, believed or supported by Hillary-the sham of a wife. Instead, she bullied and intimidated them to shut them up in order to further her own ambitions.

IMO-this clip never gets old.

Bill’s face when Donald Trump brought his victims to the debate is priceless. Trump also brought Kathy Shelton who was raped at the age of 12 by a sick pedophile. Hillary, as his lawyer, thought it was pretty funny stuff as she cackled about getting the pedophile  off so he could roam the streets and abuse other children. It’s also fun to see the Hell-fly pay her face a visit as she lied and denied.

Monica Lewinsky was also a victim 

Unlike Weinstein’s victims, Monica didn’t get a multi-million dollar starring role in return for being violated with cigars. And she wasn’t with Bill for that purpose. She was a starry-eyed young intern who was enthralled with him. Just look at that face!

Her life was forever altered and she’s been reduced to a punchline ever since. Granted, it’s hard to feel terribly sorry for her-especially since she held onto that famously stained blue dress. But still.

The true cost of education

Sadly it’s not the pricy tuition that defines the true cost of education. It’s that so many kids are paying all that money for indoctrination rather than education.

It seems that young Hillbots are blissfully unaware of Bill Clinton’s past. It might be a good idea to share any post that would inform the under-30 set (and remind the older Hill-hags) about Bill’s record of sexual assaults and the predatory behavior that led to his impeachment.

They’re also blissfully unaware of his recent misogyny-or determined to ignore it.  He’s been outted for having Heff wannabe sex romps at the Arkansas Public Library. And his ogling Melania (and/or Ivanka) at Trump’s Inauguration says it all.

Question: Is Hillary completely and totally out of her mind?

Hillary didn’t think it was “disgusting” when hubby Bill made over 20 trips to convicted pedohile Jeffrey Epstein’s “Orgy Island” on the “Lolita Express,” ditching his secret service detail a number of times.

She didn’t find it “disgusting” that Laura Silsby was arrested for child sex trafficking as she tried to kidnap 33 children in Haiti. In fact she paid for her legal fees.

She’s either completely delusional or she knows that her Hillbots are so under-informed, so hypocritical, so hateful of Trump that they will lap up her toxic spews and keep the seditious outrage brewing.

Looking forward to the next “List of Banished Words”

Pretty sure most of us would be happy if we never heard the words sexist, chauvinist  and misogynistic again.

Especially from the mouth of a career criminal whose only real talent was clutching to a sham of a marriage to further her own political ambitions.

She’s pissed as Hell that she wasted all those years, and like her failed run in 2016, she has only herself to blame. Hillary  hitched her wagon to the wrong politician and to the wrong deity. Guess her Lord Lucifer isn’t as powerful as she thought.

Come on Hillbots! Wake up!

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