All it takes is simple observation to conclude that Democrat-Run Chicago is the epicenter of black genocide.

The number of orchestrated deaths in the black community makes the city deserving of the reputation. It is at the least. the poster child of this dreadful reality.

The horrific crime and murder rate in Chicago reveals two types of black genocide.

See “Shame on Rahm Emmanuel:Trump Sent the Feds in to Clean Up Chicago”

1)Abortion has become recognized as a vehicle for black genocide.

The Democrats’ aggressive “pro-choice” platform murders 900  black babies in the US every single day.  It has become widely recognized as a type of genocide.

Planned Parenthood was founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger who famously stated, “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

Hillary Clinton  praised her. “I admire Margaret Sanger tremendously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision.”

How any black person could know that and still vote for her is mind boggling. But Hillary Clinton provides a window into the soul of the Democratic Party platform.

2)Politics must be recognized as the other form of Black genocide.

Aside from aborting babies there’s another sinister vehicle as well. The Chicago carnage reveals the other type of genocide to be politically motivated.

It is the purposeful, political enabling of black on black crime.

Why would the Democrat Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emmanuel choose to allow our once great city to dissolve into a filthy war zone from Hell?

My “conspiracy theory” is that it is not sheer incompetence, but by design.

Something is revealed in this 1:15 minute video below that is deeply disturbing.

When it comes to Chicago’s horrific crime stats the video drives home what we’ve all known for a long time.

Most of the victims of Chicago and other urban violence are young black males.

There is a Globalist stink to all this that must be acknowledged. 

The Democratic Party has evolved into what could be called The American Globalist Party. The Dems have made it clear that they are not working on behalf of the best interests of Americans, but for the Globalists.

Not every politician fully grasps the concept of Globalism. Nor will they cash in on a big pay day if we were to salute the  One World Order flag. The same holds true for voters who proudly and unwittingly label themselves a Democrat. But that is who they are working for, whether they know it or not.

The Globalists know that sovereign nations will  not go down without a fight.

The only way they can engulf sovereign nations such as America is to implode them from within. This is not tin foil hat stuff. This is Germany, Sweden, London, France and others. Their “leaders” are brazen in allowing the EU Globalist agenda to overtake their countries. Globalists are coming out of the closet now, hailing Globalism as “Progressive” and “Nationalism” as overly sentimental ignorance.

One of the means to their endgame is to weaken America’s citizens. They accomplish this in a multitude of ways.

But for the purpose of the politically sponsored genocide in Chicago, the focus will be on how they weaken our men.

The radicalized Left has waged war on our men.

One ploy that the  Globalists use to weaken us is by waging war on our alpha males.

They use weapons such as gender shaming and gender confusion. They deploy these weapons through our school swamps, feminazis and the aggressive LGBTQI movement.

In Chicago, it’s not enough to weaken the alpha males. They’re murdering them. This is done by proxy-by allowing rampant violence to grow unchecked.


The Emmanuel run Hellhole that used to be one of the greatest cities in our country is an environment where police are not welcome to engage with the community, which has been shown to bring crime levels down.

The end to the “broken window” community policing  program was scratched thanks to another radicalized Leftist Globalist army, the BLM. This allowed the out of control crime spree to flourish.

The The Chicago Reader states, “Chicago used to be the vanguard of community policing.  But now more than 2 decades after the program was launched, CAPS is a shadow of its former self.”

Emmanuel is not stopping the genocide of Chicago’s alpha males.

Rahm Emmanuel is also not intervening to ensure that young black men are not tempted into a life of crime by offering proper intervention programs or employment development.

Even if the Mayor had the desire to help, resources that could be used to help the black community are squandered by his choice to coddle illegals.

Let’s take it a step further.

Immediate disclaimer-this is not meant to sound “Liberal” or to imply for one moment that people shouldn’t be punished for their crimes. It is also not meant to sound naive. Some people are just bad apples.

But we have to consider that  many of the perpetrators of this violence have been victimized as well. Dirty Leftist politics have destroyed their lives.

Their future has been hijacked, along with their minds and souls.

The perpetrators of violence were let down by the city’s Democratic “leadership.” Underfunded school swamps have not given them proper preparation for a decent future.  A lack of intervention programs all but ensures that they will fall prey to gang recruitment,  criminal activity and addictions. The lack of community rehab centers ensures that they will remain in the grip of those choices.

Many who have fallen into this life are incarcerated. This perpetuates the chronic problem of fathers missing from the lives of their children.

Once they are incarcerated, they are no longer a contributing member of society.  A man who has fallen prey to these choices and consequences may appear to some to be a badass, but in truth, he has been thoroughly weakened.

Baited hook

The Democrats enjoy another perk  when  a city is in ruins. The people are easier to control. Not in the street-war sense obviously. But they do control them at the voting booth.

By taking away any potential they may have to create a decent standard of living for themselves, they pay them off with government benefits.  This relationship keeps them dependent on their Democratic “leadership.”

It weakens them.

That said, our government will have to invest a great deal of money to wean people off this way of life and to offer them tools so that they can become gainfully employed and build a solid  future for themselves.

It’s no surprise that the Democrats are #resisting school choice.  That would offer a way to bridge the financial divide for underprivileged at-risk kids.

Shameless Democratic “Leaders” in the black community have shown their true colors. Blue. The Congressional Black Caucus had an opportunity to carve out a positive future for the black community, but instead, they chose the path of Democratic Obstructionism.

See “Shame on Rahm Emmanuel:Trump Sent the Feds in to Clean Up Chicago”

 Chicago is a  war zone by design.

Chicago politics have waged government-sponsored genocide on the black community. To some, the “conspiracy theory” of a state-sponsored physical genocide may seem way too out there.

But it would be hard to deny the heartbreaking reality of physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual genocide. And that Democrats reap the benefits.

Identity politics has adversely affected us all.

Identity politics is literally killing many members of the black community.

Divide and conquer-it’s the oldest trick in the book.  And it’s been extremely effective in today’s political climate.

Given the epic money and power grab that is Globalism, we cannot afford to dismiss problems in each others’ communities or countries as being “over there.”

We are all connected as humanity. We are all connected as one people who are fighting one common enemy.  With God’s help we will all be victorious.

Do you think this “conspiracy theory” is too “out there?” Comment below!


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