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100+ Facts That Prove Democrats Are Racist Nazis

Democrats are racist Nazis



There’s more than 100 facts that prove the Democrats are racist Nazis. History and current behavior provide ample evidence that their feigned outrage about White Supremacists is their new Hoax and a Big Lie.

It’s patently absurd for the Left  to accuse President Trump and his supporters of being White Supremacists. This toxic narrative being spread by the Globalist propaganda machine MSM needs to be stopped in its tracks. Let’s hit ’em where it hurts-with the truth. The list below of 100+ facts prove that the Democrats are racist Nazis. For the purpose of efficiency, “Democrats”  is the umbrella term that encompasses RINOs, “Liberals” and “Progressives” as well.

A sick and devious component of this Big Lie is that somewhere along the line, the Parties magically “switched.” The following 100+ facts will provide examples in current events that prove that this “switch” never happened. 

The Democrats always have been, still are and-as the Globalist Party- always will be racist Nazis. In response to the Charlottesville Setup the Democrats and their goons have been scrambling to destroy all Confederate statues.

Confederate statues represent the nobility of our nation. That we will not tolerate the abomination of slavery-in spite of the Democrats, not because of them.

List:100+ reasons why the racist Nazi Left is scrambling to destroy historical artifacts that offer evidence of their crimes against humanity:

Slavery and Abolition.

The Black Conservative Independent sums up the history of the Democrats toward the black community.

“On the issue of slavery: historians say the Democrats gave their lives to expand it, the Republicans gave their lives to ban it. The Democrats: Democrats fought to expand slavery while Republicans fought to end it. Democrats passed those discriminatory Black Codes and Jim Crow laws.”

1) 1820-Slavery gets the green light from the Left.

Democrats supported  and passed the Missouri Compromise to protect slavery.

The Big Lie implies that the Trump-supporting Right are all racist, White Supremacists. That lie can only work if people forget that this guy was a Democrat.

2) Democrats always wanted to dumb down the population.

In the early days of slavery it was a crime to teach slaves to read. The punishment was lashes-to the bare back. Initially both white and black participants in reading lessons were punished. Lashings were later reserved solely for the black student.

The Democrats knew then and know now that knowledge is power. They aggressively fight school choice. One reason could be that they’re terrified that black people will learn about their history and the history of the 2 Parties.

3) 1854-The more slavery the better, according to Democrats.

Democrats voted to expand slavery with the Kansas Nebraska Act.

4 )1857-Democrats voted to hold  slaves hostage indefinitely.

Democrats supported and passed the Dred Scott Decision. History. com explains, “The court found that no black, free or slave, could claim U.S. citizenship, and therefore blacks were unable to petition the court for their freedom.”

Essentially this decision ruled that slaves were not citizens, but property.

5) At the time of the Civil War the 2 parties were sharply divided.

The Pro-Slavery Party was Democrats. The Anti-Slavery Party were Republicans.

Democrats declared that they would rather vote for a “yellow dog” than vote for a Republican, because the Republican Party was known as the Party for Blacks.

Yet today black people in the Democratic Party attack other black people for being Conservatives, or Republicans. They accuse them of being a sellout.

What a sick, tragic joke.

6) The Clash between the (D)Party of Slavery and the (R) Party Against Slavery culminated in the Civil War.

At the time of the Civil War the number of Republican slave owners was ZERO.

On the eve of the Civil War there were 4 million slaves in America-every single one of them was owned by a Democrat.

Of course they want evidence of  their history destroyed.

7) Harriet Tubman

Today’s snarling pink hat “feminists” can’t hold a candle to Harriet Tubman.

Harriet Tubman was a Republican then and surely would be one now. Naturally she was an  abolitionist. She escaped from slavery in 1849. She then repeatedly risked her life helping slaves to find freedom via the Underground Railroad.

She carried a gun while helping slaves to escape Democrats and while serving as an armed scout and spy for the United States Army during the American Civil War.

And she was religious. After the war Harriet Tubman cared for the elderly and helped freed slaves.

8) 1863-Lincoln frees slaves-in spite of Democrats.

Democrats opposed The Emancipation Proclamation put forth by Republican Abraham Lincoln to eradicate slavery.

9) Republican Abe Lincoln ended the Democratic abomination.

Bottom line-Abraham Lincoln-a Republican-freed the slaves -in spite of Democrats who #Resisted Abolition Will his statue be targeted next?

Oh-didn’t have to wait long for that answer.

Bust of Abraham Lincoln burned in Chicago neighborhood

10) Let my people go. Democrats: Hell no.

January 31, 1865-Democrats still want their slaves. Dems opposed the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery. Republicans voted to end slavery.

11) April 14th, 1865 Lincoln was assassinated.

This part of the timeline points to a history of Democratic thuggery-perhaps spawning the first “conspiracy theory.”

In January of 1865 Lincoln’s fight to free the slaves ended in victory with the Republicans passing the 13th Amendment.

Two and a half months later Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by Democrat John Wilkes Booth.

Lincoln’s Vice President was Democrat Andrew Johnson, who assumed the role of President. He opposed President Lincoln’s policies to free slaves and grant them their civil rights. So along with other Democrats he opposed the 13th. 14th and 15th Amendments all of which were designed to give slaves their rights.

That suspicious assassination was all for nothing. The Republicans’ votes ensured the passing of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments.

May 1865-End of the Civil War. Beginning of Reconstruction. Democrats continue to be sore losers and #Resist progress for freed slaves.
12) 1865-The Democrats formed the Ku Klux Klan.

The Democrats have always been sore losers.

Their attempt to legally hold slaves hostage failed, so they formed their first militia, specializing in domestic terrorism.

The hooded Democrats chose Christmas Eve to form a group to terrorize black people, Jewish people and Catholics. The Democrats have a penchant for masking their faces while attacking others for being different.

13) Genocidal psychopaths gain a stronghold within our government. 

The Democrat who founded the Ku Klux Klan, Nathan Bedford Forrest, was a DNC delegate. Somewhere along the line the Democrats planted RINO  agents working on both sides of the aisle.

14) 1865-Democrats oppose offering a helping hand. 

The Freedmen’s Bureau was established after the Civil War to help freed slaves and poor white people from the South to recover after the war.

Again-opposed by Democrats.

Below is  picture of an early school built thanks to the Freedman’s Bureau.

15) The KKK opposed education for black people

The vicious KKK terrrorists took over the South, resisting all strides made on behalf of black people. They  committed unspeakable crimes against innocent black families. Any reason would do, but their war on education was brutal.

A black person could be tortured or lynched just for being in possession of a school book or for being taught in schools. Teachers were  murdered.

As they #Resist school choice today, we see some things never change.

16) Republicans founded historically black colleges.

Republicans for Black Empowerment explains,

“Most people do not know that it was white Republicans who financed, funded and sponsored the colleges and universities for African Americans in the 1800s and early 1900s, while Democrats, with brutal force, opposed every effort made by Republicans to educate African Americans.”

17) Positions of Power

In the Reconstruction Era after the Civil War, hundreds of Black Republicans were elected to Southern state legislatures.

There were 22 black Republicans elected to Congress by 1900. Democrats did not elect a black man to Congress until 1935.

18) Democrats destroy hard-won strides.

During the Reconstruction Era the Republicans sent troops to the South to ensure the freedom of the slaves.

When the troops left, the Southern Democrats immediately reinstated White Supremacy in the area.

They instituted “Black Codes,” preventing blacks from owning businesses and property, and continued initiatives to prevent black people from voting.

19) What’s that about reparations?  

Today’s Left encourages their angry zombies in the black community to demand reparations for slavery. But it’s the Democrats who voted against  a Republican initiative to offer reparations in 1865.

Republican Union General William Tecumseh Sherman issued Field Order 15 that prescribed that every free slave be given 40 Acres and a Mule.

Had the Democrats not defeated that policy, every generation of black people who would have received that gift would have enormous wealth today. They should seek reparation from the DNC.

20) 1866-Democrats didn’t care about children of slaves.

Democrats opposed The Civil Rights Bill of 1866-granting citizenship to all persons born in the United States.

21) 1867-Democrats didn’t care about child slaves’ parents either.

Democrats opposed The Reconstruction Act that provided former slaves with natural citizenship.

22) Black Face-back in the day.

The offensive caricatures of black people in minstrel shows are compliments of the Democrats. One of the common characters in the Minstrel shows was Jim Crow, the term used for the laws of segregation that Democrats supported and Republicans sought to eradicate.

23) 1868-Democrats opposed the 14th Amendment.

The 14th Amendment  affected all states. It granted citizenship to “all persons born or naturalized in the United States,” including  recently freed slaves.

It also  forbade denying any person “life, liberty or property, without due process of law and  equal protection under laws.

24) 1870-Democrats always opposed fair elections.

Democrats opposed the 15th Amendment, granting African American men the right to vote. Democrats still don’t want black people to cast their vote.

By promoting the Big Lie that Democrats “switched” places with the Republican Party and became the anti-racist Party is another way to steal the Black vote-by preventing them from making a truly informed decision.

By opposing Voter ID Laws today the Democrats would allow dead people and illegals to steal the vote of a Black American.

25) The Democrats always want a free pass to terrorize. 

The Enforcement Act of 1870 was opposed by Democrats because it protected the black community from terrorists threats aimed at discouraging black people from voting, running for office or serving on juries.

Of course they opposed it-they were the ones perpetrating the threats.

26) The Democrats oppose shutting down their terrorist organization. 

The Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 aka the  Forced Act of 1871 aka the Civil Rights Act of 1871 was designed to protect the black community from KKK terrorism.

It allowed President Grant to suspend the Writ of Habeas Corpus, declare Martial Law and use military intervention to prevent the conspiratorial violence of the KKK.

Whatever name you want to call it, Democrats opposed it. Of course-the KKK, like Antifa, was their militia.

An interesting note-this act prohibited groups of people from banding together “or to go in disguise upon the public highways, or upon the premises of another” with the intention of violating citizens’ constitutional rights. Sounds eerily similar to  Antifa tactics used today and celebrated by Leftstream media.

Their refusal to shut down their terrorist organization is similar to what we see today following the Charlottesville incident-the Left and their media refuse to  name Antifa or BLM as domestic terrorist organizations or disavow their violence.

27) Democrats fought the Civil Rights Act of 1875.

Part of the series of Enforcement Acts, or Force Acts forbade discrimination in trains, hotels or other public spaces. It was opposed by Democrats.

Democrats still abhor diversity-particularly as it regards ideology.

Today’s Democrats discriminate against anyone who does not share their views. Even when it makes no sense. For example, when the Berkeley protesters railed against MILO, some signs read “Get out of here you Nazi scum.” MILO has Jewish ancestry, and unlike the Nazi Left, he represents free speech.

If a woman, a gay person or a minority is not a Hillbot, they will be attacked.

28) 1896. Democrats vote for separation.

“Plessy vs Ferguson” was a law supported by Democrats that touted “separate but equal” in order to segregate public facilities, such as drinking fountains.

29) 1909- Birth of the NAACP

In 1909  Republicans founded the NAACP in response to continued lynchings from the hooded Democrats-the KKK.

30) 1913-The Birth of a Nation

Democrat President Woodrow Wilson revived the KKK upon taking office.

He enjoyed a special screening of the  White Supremacist silent film “The Birth of a Nation” in the White House. The film glorified the KKK and denigrated blacks.

31) Revival of Racism. 

The Federal Government had been desegregated, thanks to continued Republican efforts. Democratic President Woodrow Wilson re-segregated it.

Wilson refused to enforce Civil Rights Laws. He insisted that his motivation was to “protect” black people from ” friction.”

When black members of Congress protested he said, “Segregation is not humiliating but a benefit, and ought to be so regarded by you gentleman.”

The  insufferable lie and betrayal cut deep.

32) 1916-The birth of Eugenics.

Planned Parenthood was founded in 1916 by the woman Hillary Clinton greatly admires-Margaret Sanger.

Sanger was a Nazi-esque eugenicist who sought control over the birth rate of those she felt were inferior.  She said ” We don’t want the word to get out that we intend to exterminate the negro population.” Her methods actually inspired Hitler.

She also seemed to advocate a type of slavery. People whom Sanger considered unfit should be sent to “farm lands and homesteads” where “they would be taught to work under competent instructors for the period of their entire lives.”

In 1926 Margaret Sanger spoke at a KKK rally. She was delighted with the result.  “In the end I accomplished my purpose. A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups were proffered.

Note the Nazi hand gesture of the Democratic KKK members.

33) 1933-1935 FDR

Democratic Preseident Franklin D. Roosevelt said No to “Negroes.”

FDR  excluded  blacks from the New Deal.

34) Corruption in the Supreme Courts.

Democrat President FDR’s first appointment to the Supreme Court was a life member of the Ku Klux Klan, Sen. Hugo Black, Democrat of Alabama.

35) Second rates citizens in the Armed Forces.

“Negroes” were good enough to fight and to die for the US.

But not good enough to share quarters with. Democrat President FDR  opposed  integration of the armed  forces.

36) Hitler inspired by Hillary’s “admired woman.”

Hitler credits Hillary’s admired woman Margaret Sanger for giving him the idea to exterminate the Jews, “embeciles”  and others through Eugenics.

37) KKK for VP

Democrat President Franklin D.  Roosevelt’s choice for  vice president in 1944 was Harry Truman, who had joined the Ku Klux Klan in  Kansas City in  1922.

38) Harry Truman’s Hate speech

Former KKK Member and Democratic President Truman was a racist and Antisemite. He called Jews  kikes and said they were “very, very selfish,” and turned his back on those murdered in the Holocaust.

Truman once called Adam Clayton Powell that “damned n****r preacher,” and wrote in a private letter that, I think one man is just as good as another so long as he’s not a n****r or a Chinaman.”

39) Democrats #Resisted education for Black people. Again.

1954-Democrats sided with the school board in Brown vs The Board of Education. They fought to keep schools segregated.

40) Republicans pushed for equal education.

Republican President Eisenhower appointed Chief Justice Earl Warren to the Supreme Court, which resulted in the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decision, allowing schools to be integrated.

41) Democrats continued to #Resist equal education.

In 1956 the Democrats presented “The  Southern Manifesto” to fight the school desegregation.

42) Strom Thurmand 

Thurmand was a Democratic Senator from South Carolina. He wrote the first draft of the Southern Manifesto.

43) Republicans enforced equal education.

Republican President Dwight Eisenhower sent troops into the South to force the racist Democrats to comply with desegregating the schools.

44) 1964 Civil Rights Act describes this legislation as an Act that “ended segregation in public places and banned employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin, is considered one of the crowning legislative achievements of the  civil rights movement.”

The 1964 Civil Rights Act also expanded the ability to report violations by establishing The  United State Civil Rights Commission.

Republicans passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Democrats #Resisted.

45) Democrats loved lynching.

Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Democrats  blocked anti-lynching legislation. Democrats favored the atrocity of  “Strange Fruit.”

It was Democrats cheering in this iconic photo.

46) No end in sight.

In 1963 Democrat Governor George Wallace of Alabama declared there would be  segregation forever. 

47) The March on Washington-a Republican initiative.

A. Phillip Randolph, a black Republican, organized the 1963 March by Dr. King on Washington. Martin Luther King  Jr. was an Independent.

48) Hillary’s mentor was KKK “Exalted Cyclops” Robert Byrd.

Robert Byrd  filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

49)1966 -Senator Edward Brooke

History House.Gov explains, “Edward W. Brooke’s election to the U.S. Senate in 1966 ended an 85–year absence of African–American Senators. Brooke was the first popularly elected Senator and the first black politician from Massachusetts to serve in Congress.”

“While he professed loyalty to the Republican Party, he was an independent thinker who acted according to his conscience. Throughout his political career, Brooke demonstrated resiliency and defined himself as a representative of his entire constituency rather than as an African–American Senator seeking solely to advance black interests.”

Senator Brooke was also the first popularly elected Senator to serve in Congress. Massachusetts has always had its fair share of racists, yet he was elected by popular vote. Clearly strides had been made. The weapon of Identity Politics and the repeated drone of racism and oppression garners votes for Democrats but destroys past accomplishments and the mindset needed for individual success.

50) Martin Luther King was no Democrat.

Martin Luther King Sr. was a Republican. Martin Luther King Jr was an Independent. Here MLK Jr. holds a picture of the 3 civil rights workers murdered by Klansmen in the famous Mississippi Burning Case.

51) Malcolm X

Malcolm X said that ‘The white Liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man.”

He also said that “The Democrats are playing you for a political chump and if you vote for them not only are you a chump you are a traitor to your race.”

52) JFK is the brand the Party floats on to this day.

Yet even JFK had the hallmarks of being a White Supremacist.

When he returned from Nazi Germany he praised Hitler. “He had within him the stuff of which legends are made.” He also stated, “You can easily understand how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived.”

53) Another JFK shocker.

Then-Senator JFK voted against the 1957 Civil rights  Act.

54) JFK opposed  the 1963 March on Washington by Dr.  King.

Imagine-if our favorite Democratic President had his way, we never would have heard the magnificent ” I Have a Dream” speech by Dr. Martin Luther King. Chilling.

The March on Washington was for jobs and freedom.

Under Barrack Obama our economy tanked and jobs dried up. The black community was hardest hit with unemployment that reached as high 16.8%. Income fell. Within the first 7 months under President Trump our economy is soaring and the black unemployment rate has improved tremendously.

All in spite of Democrats, not because of them.

55) More  JFK disillusionment.

President JFK had Dr. King wiretapped and investigated by the  FBI.

The Atlantic explains that “Kennedy acted reluctantly, and his order remained secret until May of 1968, just a few weeks after King’s assassination and a few days before Kennedy’s own.”

56) JFK’s defense as a hero underscores Democratic corruption

JFK  may have “come around.”

His motives may not have been entirely noble. When violence broke out in Birmingham, Alabama, Kennedy first took action. In response to that violence it was JFK-not LBJ-who crafted the comprehensive Civil Rights Act of 1964.

It has been argued that JFK would not have had a place in today’s Democratic Party, but would instead, be considered a “Reaganite” or a Conservative Extremist.

JFK was nonetheless a hero in that he tried to save the US  from Globalism, as President Trump is doing today. Going up against the Shadow Government likely cost him his life.

That same Shadow Government is now after President Trump to stop his efforts to save us from Secret Societies and their goal to institute a One World Government.

His last speech exposed Secret Societies.  Over the years we’ve come to understand that Secret Societies such as Skull and Bones, the Freemasons, The Bilderberg meetings and the Bohemian Grove are all the secret playgrounds of the Globalists who seek to destroy the USA and all sovereign nations.

If JFK was intending to expose the Globalist interests of the Democratic Party and their plants within the Republican Party, it may be why he was taken out.

The CIA coined the phrase “Conspiracy theorists” to shut down investigations into his assassination. That phrase is still a powerful  tool for shutting down Americans who seek the truth.

The Rise of the Clinton Cartel/Obama Era

57) Words do matter.

Hillary said of young black people, they’re “Super Predators” who have “no conscience, no empathy, we can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel.”

Mind you, she said that in 1996 when we were so far past the days of racial division that the black community was achieving superstar status.

In fact, during those years young white kids were emulating their favorite black role models. The slang term was “Wi**ers.”  It was such a hot trend that UK comic Sasha Baron based  his Ali G. character on  them. But Hillary’s Democratic head was still stuck in her pointed hood.

58) Bill’s racist mentor

Democrat President Bill Clinton’s mentor was U.S. Senator J. William Fulbright, an Arkansas Democrat and a supporter of racial segregation. Fulbright also opposed  Brown vs. Board of Education.

59) Small racist world.

President Bill Clinton’s mentor Fulbright joined Hillary’s mentor Robert Byrd and Al Gore’s father in filibustering the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Fulbright  also fought the 1957 Civil Right Act.

60) Another notch not on their belt…

As of 2004, the Democrat Party (the oldest political party in America) never elected a black man to the United States Senate, the Republicans elected three.

61) Black Face-Hillary style.

In her first run in 2007 Hillary gave a particularly cringeworthy speech pandering to black voters, Hillary spoke in what she felt was a “black accent.”

Below is the video of her  “Aaah don’t feel no ways tarhrd” speech. Imagine if this had been Trump or Pence.

62) The First opponent Hillary underestimated…

Throughout Hilary’s  first failed campaign against Barrack Obama she made many racist remarks-including accusing him of being  a drug dealer.

She  also said that Obama  had no chance to win- because he’s black.

The media did a great job of burying the fact that it was Hillary’s campaign that started the Birther Conspiracy.  MSM successfully pinned that on then-Candidate Trump and used it to ridicule him.

63) M-mmm. Dat hosssauce be goood!

There were a couple of embarrassing  windows into the racist soul of Leftist Queen Hillary. One was during her 2016 campaign.

While pandering to black voters she claimed that she carries hot sauce with her wherever she goes. Sadly, they seemed impressed, except for one free-thinker who asked if she was just saying that to get the black vote. She quipped, “Is it working?”

64) KKK  money is honey.

The KKK donated 20K to her campaign. She kept it. Never disavowed.

65)Middle East money is major honey.

The Saudis and other Middle Eastern countries donated hundreds of millions of dollars to Hillary’s campaign and the Clinton Foundation.

Many of those countries practice slavery to this day. She pocketed the cash and never disavowed.

66) Hillary gets a pass for having  KKK fans.

KKK Grand Dragon Will Quigg endorsed Hillary Clinton for President in 2016.  She never disavowed. Imagine if this guy endorsed Then-Candidate Trump.

67) Inclusive racism.

Hillary and her campaign staff didn’t hide their disdain for others.

Latinos-Hillary’s 2016 campaign staff referred to Hispanic engagement as “The Taco Bowl.” They were also called  “Needy Latinos.” She never disavowed.

Catholics-Her campaign staff was busted in WIkileaks for referring to Catholics as “backwards” and that the religion is a “bastardization of the faith.”

Jewish donors-“Those people.” Her campaign intended to use Bernie’s Jewish faith against him. Apparently rigging the primary won out.

All Americans who don’t like her- “a Basket of Deplorables.”

68) Hitler was inspired by Eugenicist Sanger-so was Hillary Clinton.

In 2009 Hillary accepted The Margaret Sanger Award  and gushed, “I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision …”

69) The racist, Nazi Left continues Sanger’s eugenicist vision.

The Left  makes the “choice”to continue Margaret Sanger’s genocidal  mission through Planned Parenthood.

Over 1,800  black babies are slaughtered every day. Roughly 30% of pregnancies in the black community end in abortion. The abortion rate in the black community is 3 times higher than others.

If Democrats cared so much about minorities and “women’s health” you would never know it by their obsessive glorification of this genocidal institution. They are so Hell-bent on murdering unborn minorities and loathed white babies that there is a push to  make it the Abortion Party. If you’re not “pro-choice” you’re not invited.

Alveda C. King, daughter of slain civil-rights leader A.D. King and niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., quotes her uncle often when outlining her opposition of abortion.

[Martin Luther King, Jr.] once said, “The Negro cannot win as long as he is willing to sacrifice the lives of his children for comfort and safety.”  How can the “Dream” survive if we murder the children? ”

70) Still fighting education

The Democrats are still fighting against equal education for the black community by fighting School Choice tooth-and-nail.

It’s the one thing that could end-once and for all- the vicious cycle of poverty that has been going on for decades.

Of course if black people and others who are not racist were truly educated about history, they would never affiliate themselves with the racist Nazi Democratic Party. No wonder they want to control the education system.

George Soros /Obama/Clinton Nazi Collaborators

Today’s Leftist Nazi Party  has an assortment of armies-Antifa. Feminazis. Radical Islamists. Black Lives Matter. BDS.

They are all funded by a Nazi collaborator.

71) George Soros.

The Nazi Left is bought, paid for and gladly serves their godfather of Jewish hatred, George Soros. It can be easily surmised that George Soros literally owns the Democratic Party.

J-Street, the Jewish Voice for Peace and other “Jewish” organizations that promote self hatred and traitor-ism among “Liberal” Jews are funded by Soros. He also funds Pro-Palestinian organizations.

His influence is heavy within many Leftist Progressive causes, including environmental groups, BLM, Jew-hating feminazis, Antifa and more.

Operating behind the shield of these Non-Governmental Organizations Soros is free to run his progromme of destroying the US to reap the benefits of a One World Government.

The Nazi Left serves and is  funded, trained and organized by a filthy pig who colluded with the Nazis against his own people.

He said those were the best years of his life.

The Left is Ready to Attack

72) The Nazi Party, like the Democratic Party, was socialist.

Bernie Sanders ran as a Democrat. His drool-inducing promises of handouts, wealth redistribution coupled with the  unbridled envy of successful Americans fired up his voter base. His inspiration would pave the way for socialism in this country.

After Hillary stole the Primary from him he took the role of a sellout and campaigned for her. By doing so he campaigned for the Globalists.

Socialist policies will likey bait voters into voting for a Globalist candidate. Contrary to their platitudes, at the core of the Globalist mission is Eugenics.

The Globalists are Nazis. They hate the Jews and want Israel obliterated.

73) Nazi immigration strategy

Dinesh D’Souza explains that Hitler learned ” his lebensraum strategy of mass displacement and subjugation” from American Leftists and Progressives.

This is surely an effect experienced by today’s displaced “refugees.” Even those who don’t slip in as bloodthirsty terrorists will be easy to isolate, indoctrinate and will naturally submit to their Globalist Democratic masters.

In addition, the fluctuating (by design)  economy, glamorization of career first and the trend for  modern psychology to free ourselves from our annoying relatives instead of learning how to cope with them has created isolation that fosters dependence on our government instead of family community.

74)  UNESCO-The Globalist Nazi Party

The Nazi Left is aligned with UNESCO. The UN endgame is to destroy the US and other sovereign nations to create a Single World Government.

UNESCO has waged war on Israel-seeking to remove all historic Jewish claims and ties to Jerusalem. They have ruled that  Jerusalem is  “occupied” by Israel and that the Jews sovereignty over the city is null and void.

It is beyond absurd to accuse President Trump of being a White Supremacist. President Trump is the most Pro-Israel President we’ve ever had.

Only stone cold Nazis would side with UNESCO against the Jews. Those stone cold Nazis are all on the Left-howling about hating Nazis.

75) Nazi Re-branding

The new Antisemitism is masked in “anti-Zionist” and Palestinian sympathizing rhetoric. Antisemitism is a rampant epidemic sweeping across our college campuses. Radicalized Leftist students support  this Nazi ideology.

54% of Jewish students report being targeted by anti-Antisemitism.

Speaking of College Swamps…

In addition to being a breeding ground for Antisemitism, colleges normalize fascist behavior. Not only do they cancel speaking engagements from Conservative speakers, students have complained that they are not  in the good graces of their “Professors” if they challenge the “Liberal” view.

Our tax dollars support this Nazi indoctrination. Soros helps out too.

76) Anti-Semite Semantics.

Anti-Israel BDS-Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement/ Anti-Zionist/Pro Palestinian- or Palestinian Sympathizers. All these terms are the new mask of the Leftist Nazi Party.

Whatever term is chosen to oppose Israel it amounts to the same bottom line-that Jews and Israel are demonized for protecting themselves, their land and for responding to ongoing terrorist attacks.

The endgame is the same-elimination of Jews. Picking up where Hitler left off.

The Nazi Left continues to sympathize with the Palestinians who were  originally a terror organization. The PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) formed in 1964.

No matter how many atrocities the Jews suffer there is no outrage from the Left on their behalf. A recent example is the knife-wielding Palestinian who broke into the home of of an innocent Israeli family observing Shabbat. A father and two of his children were viciously murdered. Not one peep from those on the Nazi Left.

Actually that’s not entirely true. Linda Sarsour, the University keynote speaker and leader of the feminazis praised the murder and painted Palestine as the victim.

The Palestinian and and Radical Islamists that the Left coddles want all Jews wiped from the face of the Earth. Not an opinion-they say it all the time. The Left never disavows the violence of Radical Islamists or Palestinians by calling out their name.

The Left supports those who want Jews eradicated. Therefore they are Nazis.

The bloody aftermath of the Shabbat attack on the Jewish family

Democrats Collaborated with actual Nazis in the Ukraine.
77) Jewish Nazi George Soros funded a coup in the Ukraine.

The coup would not have been successful without the collaborative efforts of Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Victoria Nuland, RINO John McCain and our CIA.

Investigative reporter Lee Stranahan lays it out.  All these Democrats and RINO McCain worked hand in had with an actual Nazi Party in the Ukraine called Svoboda. It’s not a fringe group, but one of the 3 major political parties in the Ukraine It is connected to a group called the Ukrainian Insurgent Army with roots from WWll. These Nazis are the real deal. They’re responsible for killing about 60,000 Polish Jews, including children.

There are eerie similarities that connect Svodoba to the Charlottesville Setup. Svoboda did tiki-torch marches exactly like the ones in Charlottesville. The red and black flags represent blood and soil. Blood and Soil is a Neo-Nazi chant. Surely it is no coincidence that the nationalists in Charlotttseville were chanting the same slogan as the Ukranian Nazi Party.

So as John McCain feigns outrage that President Trump didn’t call out White Supremacists directly enough in his first address following Charlottesville, McCain had no problem canoodling with an actual Nazi.

Nor did Obama, Hillary or Nuland. In fact, Victoria Nuland actually said she wanted Nazi Party Leader Oleh Tyahnybok consulted 4 times a week.

Center: Ukrainian Nazi Party Leader Oleh Tyahnybok

78) Our closet Radical Muslim President

The Left protects Radical Islam.

Radical Islam seeks complete and total eradication of the Jews. Therefore, “Liberals” who coddle and encourage the growth of Sharia Law and Islam within our country seek total eradication of the Jews. They are Nazis.

Islamification of the US began under the “leadership” of Barrack Hussein Obama. There are hundreds of examples of the Islamification of our nation under BHO.

Obama had all records of Muslims with terrorist ties scrubbed (with the help of Robert Mueller) because it offended the Muslim Brotherhood. Even Saudi Arabia has declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group, but under Obama they called the shots here.

Radical Islam not only wants the Jewish race to be wiped out. They want all nonbelievers beheaded. That would include Black and Latino Americans.

Yes that is “hate speech.” It’s the hate speech of Radical Islamists who are constantly shouting out their mission punctuated with Allahu Akbar.

The Nazi Left denies the intent of genocidal Radical Islamic dialogue.

Just shut up  or you’ll go to Facebook Jail. Just step into the showers. 

79) Linda Sarsour is a Nazi.

Sarsour leads the feminazis and makes her virulent hatred of the Jews no secret. She chastised her pink p*ssy hate followers with an ultimatum. They cannot  be pro-Israel and a feminist at the same time.  

It really doesn’t get any more clear than that. The Left’s allegiance to their Radical Islamic buddies proves their Nazi hatred of Jews.

The Leftist Feminazis don’t care about minorities or oppressed women. When they side with Sarsour they turn their backs on Muslim women who have been victimized by the Sharia Law that Sarsour promotes.

Sarsour has attacked and ridiculed Muslim women who speak the truth about the Satanic cult of radical Islam. Sarsour lashed out at courageous  Brigette Gabriel and Aayan Hirsi. That Ali suffered Female Genital Mutilation as a child, made Sarsour’s Tweet especially evil.  “Brigette Gabriel=Aaan Hirsi Ali “She’s asking 4 an ass whippin.’  I wish I could take their vaginas away-they don’t deserve to be women.”

Linda Sarsour, Gloria Steinem and other Nazi feminists

80) Russian Racism.

Leftist goons have been taught to have unbridled hatred for Russia-not Lenin or Stalin-just President Putin, who brought his country out of  that darkness. Putin is anti Globalism and anti pedophilia. No wonder the Globalist Democrats hate him.

The Leftist technique to demonize Russia came right out of Hitler’s playbook.

In German-occupied Russia the Nazis used propaganda to blame the Communists for their atrocities against civilians.

The Leftist progromme to teach Hillbots to hate Russia has poisoned their minds against an entire nation.

The Russiaphobic Left  demonizes Russia to cover their crimes and to keep anti-Globalists Trump and Putin apart.

They demonize Russia yet employ the shocking Stalin-esque methods used in the Mueller “investigation” to search for a crime with no evidence. Alan Dershowitz pointed out that this was the technique  developed one of Stalin’s inner circle, Lavrenti Beria. He famously said, “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

It will quite likely be revealed that the DNC has also been inspired by the Stalin’s use of  political assassinations to eliminate anyone in their way.

Nazi Propaganda blaming Russia for killing innocent civilians

81) Gullible Gestapo-the Antifa Brownshirts.

The Nazi Left has succeeded in indoctrinating our youth as well as dumbing them down.  As Antifas and other radicalized Left see themselves as antifascist, they are blind to their own savage fascism. Or they justify it because it’s “anti racist or white supremacist. They’re clueless that they’re actually fighting for Nazi Globalists. Maybe their hefty Soros paycheck to protest helps them to turn a blind eye.

The radicalized Left uses the same techniques used by the Gestapo to shut down political opponents.

The BBC explains, “Those who spoke out against Hitler and his policies faced intimidation and threats from the Gestapo, or imprisonment and in some cases execution. However, there were some brave individuals and groups who openly opposed Hitler and his policies – a few survived, but many were killed.”

Anitfa is the Lefts’ gestapo-targeting the lives of political opponents through financial devastation or physical attacks. It’s just a matter of time until someone who is beat up for wearing a  MAGA hat, or is pulled out of their car by a gang of traffic-stopping thugs, or is attacked with a bike lock or a stick is killed. Just  for having their own political views. A young man, Joshua Witt was recently stabbed for having the wrong haircut-it was buzzed on the sides, so his attackers though he was a Neo-Nazi. Fortunately he escaped with cuts to his hands, but he says the attacker was aiming toward his head.

This insanity would not be allowed to grow if not for the compliciity of the propaganda machine, MSM. They are denying, normalizing, and justifying Antifa.

82) Kristallnacht

The “anti-fascist” Antifa burns books that don’t agree with the “Progressive” agenda. The irony of their Nazi fascist behavior cannot be overstated.

Nor can their stupidity for not seeing it themselves.

83) Big Brown Shirts on Campus.

Antifa thugs shut down free speech on campuses. Ann Coulter, MILO,  Ben Shapiro and others have been booted.

It is essential that they follow their marching orders to shut off the free flow of information. It’s possible that if these protesters realized they’re being played by everything they claim to hate, they could turn their rage where it belongs.

84) Brown Shirted Cowards. 

Antifa thugs attack men women, children, the elderly and the disabled at peaceful rallies or just for wearing a MAGA hat.

Antifa pepper sprayed elderly man.


85) Brown shirts make bad neighbors.

Anti-Trumper “Liberals” trespass on people’s private property to tear down American flags, mailboxes with stars and stripes, or political signage.

86) Dr. Mengele’s trendy new experiments-the transgender agenda.

Inspired by Dr. Mengele, the Left experiments on our children too.

There is no way to know what long term effects their Nazi social engineering experiment will have on vulnerable children.

Yet Leftist politicians have no problem putting the breaks on untested Pharmaceuticals or alternative medicine.

If this progromme were not related to sexuality it would likely not be allowed.

87)The Nazi aka Antifa Manifesto.

This document may or may not be a hoax.

Either way it offers a glimpse into the Nazi-inspired mindset of Soros-funded Antifa. In this manual they threaten “white fascists” and “cis white males” with loss of their livelihood if they speak out. We’ve seen that in action already.

The manual speaks of a passionate mission to remove all evil straight white males from the earth and replace the white population with POC-People of Color.

Yes, it’s odd that Antifa members are largely white. But this is the self-hating self-annihilating generation who have been taught to hate and destroy their own country and even their own gender. At any rate, The war on whites is a common theme in Antifa. They claim their purpose is to combat fascists and Nazis-yet that is exactly who they are helping.

So whether or not it was penned by an Antifa member or their Pimp Soros or not, the result is the same-Antifa is fighting for everything they claim to hate.

88) Destruction of Confederate Statues=3-D Bleachbit

As with the Nazis, the Left is in a big rush to destroy historic artifacts-especially those that speak to their crimes. Destruction of culture is also part of the game plan. It was a technique used in WWll  and was key for a Nazi takeover,  just as it is today for a Globalist takeover.

When the Nazis occupied France they went on a rampage and destroyed many beautiful statues that spoke to the history of France.

The Globalists depend upon the stupidity of their army of idiots. The brown shirts are stomping on statues that they have been told represent racism and slavery.

Ironically, our Confederate Statues speak to the nobility of our nation. They offer proof that we do not allow the abomination of slavery to continue-in spite of the Democrats’ chronically aggressive opposition to freeing slaves.

89) Terrorizing  children.

The Left’s KKK roots are showing. Just as the KKK would whip or murder family members in front of their children, the radicalized Left cares not one iota what impact their actions have on children.

The best example is B-rate Comedian Kathy Griffin holding the mock bloody severed head of our fairly elected President. Late night “comedians” and Leftist women not only didn’t care that it upset President Trump’s young child Barron, they made fun of him for being upset. One Leftie blog ran an article entitled “Dear Trump: I’m Glad Kathy Griffin Scarred Your Children.” The  amount of hatred from adults applauding the post was disgusting.

Their penchant for cyber-bullying children who hold different political views is abhorrent. Grown women and men have cyber-bullied Barron, an 11 (now 12) year old  child whose only crime is being the son of the man who crushed their preferred pick for President. A University Professor actually made fun of a shirt Barron wore.

Left -leaning “adults” recently cyber-bullied 9 year old Dylan “Pickles” Harbin, who wrote an adorable letter to the President. The Washington Post bragged that they located the young author and disclosed his identity to the public. This not only left him vulnerable to increased bullying, it endangered the child and his family.

90) Wannabe Islamic terrorists

The racist Nazi Left is learning new techniques from their Radical Islamic friends.

The  strange bosom-buddy relationship between the Nazi “Liberals” of today and their Radical Islamic buddies is nothing new.

Hitler collaborated with Al-Husseini, who became the father of Radical Islam. He took part in Hitler’s “Final Solution.” explains,

“Hitler’s Mufti,” as many have called him, had a direct hand in some of the darkest moments of the Holocaust, the slaughter of tens of thousands of Christians, and the formation of some of the most hate-filled generations of modern history. Al-Husseini is a testament to the way that evil finds evil. “

The unrelenting calls for  our President’s assassination-especially those that depict him beheaded-terrorizes all Americans who voted for him.  Again, there is no concern for the impact that such images have on our young children.

The Nazi Left’s war on free speech is not just fought with rioting, arson, assault and battery, attempted murder and stabbing police horses. They’ve reached a new depraved low by hurling urine and feces on those who disagree with them.

It’s just a matter of time until they adopt the Islamic technique to  permanently disfigure innocent civilians. The Left was already busted for plotting an acid attack on the Deploraball  after the Inauguration.

The “mastermind” Paul ‘Luke’ Kuhn was caught and arrested. He was spotted violating his probation at a DC Protest. Huhn’s  face makes a strong case for the actions of the radicalized Left being  due to demonic possession.

91) White male genocide.

The Genocidal war on white people  is unabashed and unapologetic.

Self proclaimed spiritual guru Oprah said “all white people must die.” Lena Dunham and other B rate celebs trash white men daily. Even news anchors and guests spew toxic racist sentiments freely. As long as hatred is aimed against white people they get a total pass.

The sentiment is that the world would be a better place without white people-especially straight white men. Yet it was straight white men who freed slaves from the ravages of Democrat-supported slavery. It was strong men of all colors who fought in WWll to free Jews from the Holocaust.

Man-shaming has become so absurd that when a man has a mannerism or gesture that is deemed masculine, programmed Lefties cry out  obnoxious terms such as “micro-aggression!” “Manspreading” is the new term to shame men who sit with their legs apart.

The Antifa Manifesto states to its largely white army, “White people, especially cis white males have proven to be the greatest evil mankind has ever known.”

Antifa is the well funded brainchild of one of the most evil white male Nazi collaborators mankind has ever known. Therefore, this statement describes who he feels is his biggest threat.

Since it’s only “cool” to be racist against white people, and it’s important to keep the racist stereotype alive that minorities are not Patriots, the manifestos only mentions whites.

But in fact, one of the biggest threats to the Globalists is the alpha male-whether white,  black, Jewish,  Latino, Asian or otherwise.

The biggest threat is an alpha male who is informed, wants America to remain intact and practices his 2nd amendment rights.

The last thing Soros wants is for Dems and the manipulated youth to wake up and realize that there’s  nothing “cool” about being on the Left  side of history.

Even armed with a bat, testosterone-challenged pajama boys can’t compete with this level of political alpha-cool .

Kid Rock may run for Senate in Michigan.


92) Racist against Southerners.

The Left paints Southerners with the same broad paintbrush of condescension that they paint Trump supporters. The Left portrays them all as a bunch of uneducated blue collar workers.

First of all it’s a very snotty, White Supremacist attitude to look down your nose at anyone based on their level of “education” or the job they hold to support themselves and their loved ones.

Additionally it is a bigoted and downright ignorant attitude because there are so many Southerners and/or Trump supporters who are very successful, many holding high positions within our society and our government.

The Left’s climate-change-god Al Gore is a straight white man with deep Southern ties whose father fought against Civil Rights. But the racist Left is blind to these contractions because of their indoctrination.

When the self-righteous Left thinks “Southern” their mind goes directly to some stereotypical image of a moonshine swillin’ backwoods pig-rapin’ bigot.

Yet Mob Boss Cracka Bill Clinton gets a pass.

93) Propaganda

Propaganda, ridicule and censorship were incredibly powerful weapons in Nazi Germany so it’s no surprise that it would be utilized by the Nazi Left.

Aside from MSM being strictly commentary and spin, there is an aggressive, blatant clamp-down on free speech and the free flow of information from Google, You Tube, Facebook and Twitter.

Obama repealed our propaganda laws in 2012. There is no more objective MSM. It’s all tabloids, spin, and bloggery.  But instead of admitting they’re “commentators” or bloggers they pose as objective journalists.

While media bias is rampant on both sides, it’s that only the Nazi Left is allowed to exist. Thanks to the left-leaning Murdoch heirs, Fox is about to go extinct.

The negative spin and blatant lies pushed by the MSM propaganda machine has caused immeasurable damage to this country.

There is no shame about having  spread the Big Lie of the Russia Hoax. Instead, before programmed viewers catch on that the Russia Hoax crashed and burned they’ve replaced  it with The Racist Hoax.

The Really Big Lie is that somewhere along the line the Republican (anti-racist) Party switched with the Democrat (racist) Party. This lie that robs the Republican Party of their entire history and perpetuates a fraud on the public is truly an abomination. That so many on the Left have bought into it is tragic.

The image below comes from a Nazi propaganda coloring book.  The caption under the Star of David reads, “Without a solution to the Jewish question, there will be no salvation for mankind.”  The mission stated in the Antifa Manifesto is almost identical-but replacing Jews with white people.  Soros learned a lot from the Nazis as he sold out his own people.

94) School and College Swamps

Hitler’s concept of the government controlling the youth offers another explanation as to why the Democrats fight school choice. School choice would loosen their grip on indoctrinating young minds.

This is the type of indoctrination that formed the power structure of the Third Reich” through the Hitler Youth.

Hillary’s “It Takes a Village” is a concept that the Globalists are already enacting as they muscle their way into family life. In Canada, there are laws that allow a child to be removed from a family if the parents do not promote the country’s transgender agenda to their children.

Today parents stand idly by and allow the authoritarian schools to psycho-sexually abuse their children. “Teachers” are grooming children by teaching graphic age-inappropriate sexual practices and enforcing the transgender agenda on them. These psycho-sexual progrommes are beginning in Kindergarten.

Nazi propaganda is utilized in our College Swamps.

“Professors” pass on the Liberal agenda to students. No longer are college students taught how  to think or to and carry on a civil debate to exchange ideas. They’re taught what  to think. And instead of learning how to conduct a healthy debate they’re given a pass in class to attend a protest or to lick their wounds because their precious Hillary lost the election.

Young minds have been infected with lies to pave the way for a Globalist agenda.As Soros’s pal Hitler said “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”

Students will be paying off the loans for their useless ego-stroking “college educations” well into the foreseeable future.

We all will pay the price in one way or another.

95) Race War-Divide and Conquer

Another timeless technique utilized by the Nazis is the ol’ Divide and Conquer. Nothing works better than ideally igniting a race war by exploiting the race card. Today’s Nazis run with the same tired old ball. They’re pulling out all the stops to turn the Charlottesville incident into a full blown Civil War.

In WWll Nazis used Propaganda to entice black US soldiers to defect and join the Nazis. Although they hated black people every bit as much as they hated the Jews, they pretended to be their friend and lured them with free food.

Much like the Democrats did under LBJ  with this “War on Poverty” welfare system.

96) DNC Party Platform-Anti Christian, Anti-Jew. Anti God

Communists and Nazis know that the best way to control a population is to remove God from people’s lives, so the government will be the almighty.

Rather than outright forbidding religion, the Left has promoted the idea that it’s trendy, cool  or intelligent to be an atheist. Paganism, witchcraft and the occult  is considered “cool.”  Hillary-loving pop stars blatantly promote Satanism to their young audience.

Radical Islam, however,  with its foundations in hate, violence, and genocide gets both pass and protection.

The Democrats even booed God at the DNC Convention.

Hitler and his higher-ups  also waged war on religion. Catholicism was under attack and smaller organized religions were also banned. Of course, Hitler loathed Judaism most of all. The Left agrees, which is seen with their attacks on Israel and coddling of any country or ideology that seeks to destroy the Jews.

The Nazi ideology of the Left is echoed in this little song sung by the Hitler Youth.

“We are the joyous Hitler Youth, We don’t need no stinkin’ Christian virtue

Our Fuhrer is our savior and future, The  Pope and Rabbi shall be gone,

We wish to be Pagans once again.”

97) Double standards

John Kerry, Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein and many high profile Democrats  praised Fidel Castro-a notorious dictator known for criminal rights abuses.

Even when criticized they did not backtrack or disavow.

98)The Democrats once “loved” confederate memorabilia.

They had no problem pandering to the base they now demonize to take down President Trump.

These symbols of  white cracka Southern History didn’t matter to Al Gore, Obama and Hillary when they ran for office.  No disavowing.

Sure they were pandering , but it’s more likely just betraying their own voter base  in order to overthrow the results of the 2016 election.

99) Black racism is rampant on the Left

Racism is an equal opportunity employer.Professional race-baiters have made a tidy sum by stirring up conflict and fostering soul crushing resentment.

BLM who? Obama not only did NOT call the violent perpetrators of the Ferguson Riot by name-Black Lives Matter-he invited the Soros funded terror group to the White House. Nothing bonds bro-fascists  more than killing pesky law enforcement.

The Church of Hate. For years Obama attended the Parrish of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. His anti-American, racist tirades are shocking. No disavowing.

Maxine Waters-racist windbag. In response to the Charlottesville Setup she lumped conservative Dr. Ben Carson in with her propaganda-based remarks. She called him a “White Wing Nationalist.”

Jesse Jackson referred to Jews as Hymies and NY as Hymietown.

There’s too many professional race-baiters to list here. Yet given the multiple  visits from BLM, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to Obama’s White House, it’s obvious that not only does  Democratic black racism get a pass, it’s welcomed. It serves an important purpose. To divide and conquer.

100) Black Lives Matter when we say they matter.

Black Lives in Chicago don’t matter.

Ignoring Chicago crime is a crime in itself. BLM is mute and absent regarding the Civil Rights nightmare that is Chicago.

Democrat Rahm Emmanuel turns a blind eye to the daily carnage that the city has become known for. No one is safe. As of this minute there’s a murder every 12 minutes. Children’s futures are being destroyed. Tears and heartache are ignored as people bury their loved ones. BLM is silent along with the Dem-stream media.

Black cops’ lives don’t matter

BLM does not think that the lives of black cops and their families matter at all. BLM allows crime such as the Chicago carnage to continue by waging war on cops. They discourage “broken window policing” and encourage violence against police.

Black Haitians lives don’t matter

BLM doesn’t think that the lives of black Haitians matter. They bow to their white Queen Hillary who ravaged Haiti after the earthquake through her Clinton Foundation. The Red Cross also pulled a major con job on the Haitians but BLM was mute on that too. Perhaps to keep the spotlight off the region.

BLM didn’t care that their Queen Hillary bailed out Laura Silsby, a convicted child sex trafficker for trying to kidnap over 30 children from Haiti. The people of Haiti hate the Clintons. BLM works for the Clintons and other Globalist scum.

Black Africans don’t matter

BLM sure loves the white Clinton Cartel. Black Africans not so much. They looked the other way when it was discovered that the Clinton Foundation likely facilitated the distribution of  watered down HIV/AIDS drugs for Africans. While the verdict isn’t in on that one, where was the outcry for an investigation?

The list goes on. But one thing is certain.  BLM is funded by white Nazi (and you better believe racist) George Soros. BLM has nothing to do with caring about the black community and everything to do with working on behalf of the whitest most elite scum on earth.

If the Globalists succeed in their mission to institute a single world government, we’re all going to end up in their Eugenic crosshairs-that includes each and every black American. If the professional race-baiting sellouts who work for Soros think they’ll be spared they are sorely mistaken.

Soros was a traitor to his own people in WWll. BLM are traitors to their own people in this WWlll by stealth. BLM will go down as a mortifying stain in history, just as Africans who sold their own into slavery have.

Subliminal  racism

Subliminal stereotypes and messages are worse than blatant racists.

At least a person knows where they stand when some idiot is obviously a racist. It’s easier to recognize the lie. But subliminal messages from trusted government officials and corporations are far more dangerous. They seep under the radar and deep into consciousness. The beta-drone of you can do it/you can rise above it /you can dream  hypnotically hammers home the notion of being suppressed-locked in chains.  It implies constant separation and oppression.

101) It’s all in the pitch.

Their core beliefs are revealed in their political campaign pitches.

No one will gear their campaign speech to who they feel represents the least of their potential votes. It’s very telling that their campaign promises are geared to who they truly believe represent the majority of these communities.

Democrats aim lofty promises to those who they believe comprise the largest part of the black demographic-those who seek welfare and other freebies.

102) “Taco Bowl” Latinos

Similarly, Democrats clearly feel that Latinos are incapable of being Patriotic and would love America so much that they’d want it protected by enforcing immigration laws and building a wall.

Time and again Democratic politicians and loudmouth celebs have made it clear that when they think Latino-they think fruit picker, lawn mower, household help.

When they speak to the Latino community they assume they’re comprised of wall-hating illegal immigrants and people who want food stamps and rent subsidies.

103) If these walls could talk.

Democrat- run cities offer proof of under-the-radar hate and contempt for minorities. For personal gain, Democratic Mayors choose illegals over legal  citizens who desperately need funding for their quality of life now and for their future.

Democratic Mayors are fighting to retain Sanctuary City status. But there will be no sanctuary for legal minorities there.

Those Democratic Mayors don’t care about their citizens. They’re not working for them. They’re setting up Globalist strongholds in our country to implode the economy and house an invading army.

104) Drunk Uncle Joe let one leak.

Joe Biden’s remark about Obama offer a good example of undercover racism.

“I mean you’ve got the first sort of mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and nice-looking guy.”

105) What year is this?

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid showed his disdain for the black community with an embarrassing compliment about Obama’s speaking skills.

He felt that the country was ready to vote for a ‘light-skinned’ African American with ‘no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.’”

106) Bernie Sanders was criticized-even by Dems.

“When you’re white, you don’t know what it’s like to be living in a ghetto. You don’t know what it’s like to be poor. You don’t know what it’s like to be hassled when you walk down the street or when you get dragged out of a car.”

His remarks (resulting from his beliefs) perpetuate stereotypes that all blacks are poor and live in housing projects while there are no poor white people.

107) White Liberals are so embarrassing.

Deep racism is expressed by SJW Liberals who have been programmed to oppose voter ID laws. This cringeworthy video says it all.

The Big Lie

So why would any black person in their right mind be a Democrat?

When all efforts failed to prevent black people from voting, Democrats developed an new game plan-if black people are going to vote-let them vote Democrat.

Democratic President Lyndon Baines Johnson spoke of his push for Civil Rights Legislation. He said,  “I’ll have those ni**ers voting Democratic for 200 years.”

So if  a black  person signed onto the racist Nazi Democrat Party, they probably  just fell for the lies, propaganda and image branding that the Left has mastered.

Why would any decent white person in their right mind be a Democrat?

It makes no sense that people who feel that racism and Antisemitism are repugnant would align themselves  with racist, Nazi Democrats. They probably  just fell for the lies, propaganda and image branding that the Left mastered.

So why would any Jewish person in their right mind be a Democrat?

Sadly many “Liberal” Jews have been separated from the education of their faith as well as American history. The danger of the more lenient forms of Judaism often involve indoctrination into self-loathing. The “more hip” Liberal Jews often fight for Palestine and against Israel.

Liberal Jews and “Liberals” who claim to hate Nazis  fall for the Democrats pinning the Nazi label on President Trump. They are utterly incapable of connecting the dots that he is the most pro-Israel President we’ve ever had. His daughter and her family are Orthodox Jews. It’s the Left who hates Israel. The Globalists, the Left and their Radical Islamic pals all want the same thing-for every last Jew to be wiped from the face of the earth. They fell for all the lies, propaganda and image branding that the Left has mastered.

The Truth about the Charlottesville Setup is unfolding:

The Charlottesville murder resulting from  the  White Nationalist protest of the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue set the wheels of a Civil War in motion. It is becoming increasingly more evident that the entire fiasco that cost 3 lives was a Soros-sponsored setup.

Jason Kessler, the organizer of the White Supremacist protest of the Robert E. Lee statue removal in Charlottesville was an Obama supporter, an Occupy protester, and a Liberal Democrat up until 2016. Many of the  “counter-protesters”were paid activists, hired by “Crowds on Demand” and or other miscellaneous recruiting sources who posted ads on Craigslist.

The truth can be ugly

The Democratic Party is THE Party of Nazis and Racists.

The Globalists are White Supremacists. racists, Nazis and eugenicists. Their useful idiots army fights on behalf of the whitest most elite Nazi scum on earth.

The Globalists are Nazis. UNESCO is waging war on Jerusalem and the Jews.

The Left  allies itself with Radical Islamists who want Israel destroyed and Jews eradicated.

The entire history of the Civil Rights movement was spearheaded by Republicans in the 1800’s and aggressively opposed by Democrats.

The only reason people think the parties swtiched is because LBJ admittedly bought the votes with bribery by expanding the welfare state. The Democratic exploitation of the black community from that point forward is a tragedy of epic proportions.

The Confederate statues offer proof of the nobility of our nation.

During a time when slavery was the norm throughout the world, America was the only nation to wake up and put an end to it.  America refused to allow the abomination of slavery to continue.

We felt strongly enough about it to fight the Democrats who #resisted all efforts to end slavery. Because the Democrats insisted upon keeping their slaves, the Civil War broke out. It was the bloodiest war in our nation’s history.

Great stride were made-in spite of Democrats #Resisting all efforts to free the black community and #Resisting all efforts to stop segregation and discrimination.

By the 1990’s racial tensions had all but disappeared.

Racial harmony does not serve the Democrat agenda. The Globalist Party (Democrats and RINOs) sought ways to destroy America from within.

Imploding the economy, indoctrinating our youth to hate their own country, weakening our military and of course-starting a race war were just some of the tools at their disposal. The Party’s true leader, George Soros, is highly skilled in destroying countries and learned many skills as he served Hitler and betrayed his own people during the Holocaust.

During the Obama reign the Globalist Left breathed new life into wars fought and won decades ago for the rights of women and minorities.

Perhaps they were hoping to redefine the crisis, then take credit for “resolving” the imaginary discrimination and orchestrated chaos. They could  declare themselves the “cool” anti-racist Party, especially since the half white President was “black.” They’d simultaneously re-brand the Right as the racist Party. The Globalist Left would revive the pain of racism in America  while  ignoring the fact that their “black” President was elected not once, but twice.

The Big Lie is that somewhere along the line the Parties “switched.”

The lie probably had its roots in LBJ’s showy “War on Poverty” that created the welfare state. He admitted his bribery with virulent racist  rhetoric ,  As mentioned before when he signed off on the Civil Rights Act  he said ” “I’ll have those ni**ers voting Democratic for 200 years.”

The so-called switch is a sick lie and a form of mind control that couldn’t have happened without the help of the school and college swamps and the propaganda machine- MSM.

The Big Lie

It was Hitler who coined the phrase “The Big Lie” in his book, Mein Kampf  touting the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”

Another trick out of Hitler’s playbook was for the DNC to cover their crimes and blame Hillary’s loss on the Russians. As mentioned previously, German-occupied Russia the Nazis used propaganda to blame the Communists for their atrocities against civilians.

The Democrats are the racist Nazi Party.

The “loving” Left cry out for diversity but attack black people for being conservatives. They label them as sellouts and Uncle Toms. But what could possibly be more of a sellout than to align yourself with the Party that has continually sought to suppress, rather than free and elevate black people?

Some on the Left may wake up when they see this list. Others may wake up once  they realize they’ve been conned by the Russia/Trump Collusion Hoax.

For those hopelessly addicted to their programmed lies and hatred, it’s too late.


Dinesh D’Souza Twitter account researched piece on LBJ “N” word

Breitbart-Dinesh D’Souza explains Hitler’s inspiration from Dems Tubman

Black Conservative Independent-Well researched blog exposing the lies and crimes of the Democratic Party. A must read!

Real Democratic History-another overwhelming list of the history of Democrats and their opposition to Civil Rights

National Well written narrative from a black perspective explaining Al Gore’s attempt to prevent passage of the Civil Rights Act. Scott decision Vs The Board of Education Acres and  a Mule

Library of Congress-14th Amendment United States Senate-history website

The Atlantic-Woodrow Wilson re-segregates

History Brooke Rights Act of 1964

HuffPost-Hillary’s racist remarks about Obama

Weekly Standard-Hillary stands by praise of Margaret Sanger

Daily Mail UK-JFK Diary

The Atlantic-JFK had MLK wiretapped and investigated

Abort73-Abortion statistics and quote from Alveda King

Black website about abortion

Republicans for Black Empowerment colleges for Jews

Fox News-Jeremiah Wright remarks

Haaretz-Jewish family slaughtered Shabbat

Fox News-Praise for Castro

Independent.Co.UK Castro

Forbes-JFK-Conservative by today’s definition

Gateway Pundit-Maxine Waters slur on Ben Carson

The Hill-DHS scrubbed records of Muslims with terrorist ties

BBC-Saudi Arabia declares Muslim Brotherhood a terror organization

The Washington Free Beacon-Anti-Semitism College campuses

Messy Nessy Chic- Beautiful article about Nazi destruction of Paris’s statues Birth of a Nation at the WH

The Dan O’Donnell Show-confirmation of Democratic roots of KKK

BBC-Who opposed Hitler?

Daily Caller-black unemployment under Trump

Gateway Pundit-acid attack jerk spotted

Family Security Matters-list of Soros funded groups

The Washington Times-Soros-J Street

Jewish Press-J-Street-the Jewish enemy within

Medium Corporation/Holocaust Museum-Nazi techniques to exploit Black US soldiers.

LeHigh Valley Live-Castro’s atrocities and radical Islam

Hey Jackass! Chicago murder rate ticker

Prager University– Fantastic little You Tube video  expaining that Democrats are historically opposed to helping the black community. Rise and Fall of Jim Crow

Business Insider-McCain meets with Nazis

Video-Lee Stranahan explains the Ukrainian Coup and Nazi collaboration

Pamela Geller-Sarsour praises Shabbat murder

Antisemitism project-Nazi propaganda

Special thanks to Patti Serafine for headsup-Antifa Manifesto





  1. Richard William Green

    That is quite a list! I may be off here, but didn’t those democrats move to support the republican party in after President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964? And, if this is so, then wouldn’t all of those racist individuals that you purport to be democrats actually be republicans, now? Just a thought.

    • I also once fell for “The Parties Switched” Hoax. Here, Dinesh D’Souza masterfully dismantles it by exposing LBJ as the vile racist that he was. If you truly loathe racism, I strongly recommend watching it.

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