Is it time to add “an unquenchable thirst for violence” to the Democrat Platform? 

It’s been a rough week. The Globalist Party of Violence has been busy carpet bombing the US.

Mad Maxine Waters tripled down on her calls to incite violence. When high profile Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer “disavowed,” the remarks, they threw in a carefully crafted turd that the desire for harassment and intimidation of members of the Trump Administration that invites violence is understandable because President Trump is so horrible. It’s all his fault. 

Antifa threw projectiles and smoke bombs at a Patriots Prayer march in Portland, Oregon,causing a riot. Fakestream media is careful to omit that the Patriots Prayer group had a permit and were checked for anything that could be used as a weapon while the “anti-facist” Antifa did not. The Patriot Prayer organizer is furious because they were promised that police would not “stand down” in the event they were attacked, but broke that promise.

When a gunman opened fire and killed five people at the Capital Gazette due to a personal beef, fake news quickly blamed it on President Trump.

Senator Rand Paul received a threat that he and his family would be chopped up with an ax. 

Orchestrated violence and chaos is the petrie dish that Swamp scum thrives in. 

But wait-weren’t Democrats on a rampage to grab our guns just a coupla few daya ago? Because they abhor violence? 

As thousands of still-rational Americans are waking up and #WalkingAway the cornered Democrats call for Open Borders. 

But wait-don’t the anti-gun “Liberals” understand that countless guns and assault weapons will be flooding our country? That criminals among the migrants will arrive with guns and will not be subject to any background checks at all? That the assault rifles and bumpstocks they frown upon will flow into our borders 24/7? 

The Democrats aka Globalist Party is now calling for ICE to be abolished. 

But wait-isn’t one of ICE’s responsibilities to ensure that our country isn’t infested with illegal weapons?

Confused much?

Ever since President Trump crushed career criminal Hillary Clinton the Left has repeatedly called for his assassination. Antifa cowards cover their face, carry steel batons and projectiles and intimidate peaceful protesters until violence erupts. The Left openly prays (to Lucifer) for our economy to crash in order to defeat our President, which would result in widespread devastation and violence. They vandalize statues and set cars on fire. They call for Open Borders to roll out the red carpet for violent gangs, cartels and terrorists to flood our country. 

Yet we’re supposed to meekly hand these psychopaths our guns? 

Good news. 

On the plus side, there is hope. In their desperation, Democrats have  revealed who they really are and what their agenda is. And it’s not sitting well with their previously guaranteed voter base.

The Elitist Democrats assumed that they could treat their Black and Minority communities with disdain and negligence, yes still be assured of their vote. They assumed that their mantra to “hate Trump and hate Whitey” would create a big Blue Wave. They assumed that everyone in their voter base would remain under-informed and easy to manipulate.

Their deceptive hate-filled platform and calls for violence has backfired. 

They’ve turned off minorities, white gay males and anyone with half a brain or a soul left intact. The #WalkAway movement started by openly gay Brandon Straka has gone viral. 

Democrats are in full blown panic mode as chronic victims of their identity politics are #Walking away from the hate and manipulation. Sweaty Leftist trolls are insisting the #WalkAways are Russian bots. Meanwhile, Americans on the Right are welcoming these Democrat refugees with open arms.

Doesn’t it feel good to be free? To be on the Right side of history? To be free of the blood sucking grip of the Globalist agenda?

Do you have a #WalkAway story? I grew up a Democrat, but realized the 2 Party system was a sham when Jeb Bush pulled some funny business with the Florida ballots for his brother. I ditched my staunch Massachusetts Democrat upbringing to become an Independent. Now I devote myself to this blog to support President Trump’s MAGA agenda. Share your #WalkAway story here, on the WalkAway page and on all social media. 

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Have a Happy Fourth of July everyone!

BTW-Do Democrats celebrating realize that this day would not be possible without our 2nd Amendment? 


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