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Dems Would Hate It If This Video of Obama Showing His Junk Were Shared…

Obama showing his junk

Getty Images


The Democrats, RINOs and MSM have managed to bury this video of Obama showing his junk to interns on a plane. They’d probably hate it if it finally caught on fire.

True, the video is not great in terms of quality. However, it is definitely Obama. If you ever want to identify someone in a photo, the identifying characteristic to look for would be the ears. Oh yeah. IMO it’s Obama showing his junk alright. Or maybe he found one of Michelle’s old socks lying around.

Warning-this post contains info and statements that some might find offensive. If you’re easily offended now ‘s the time to switch gears. OK you were warned…

If this video goes dark, just go to You Tube and type in “Obama showing his junk.” before Google shuts them all down, or if you’d prefer to see something that has a little more action than a picture take a look at the videos on

Here’s a little side by side for skeptics…

The ears are the dead giveaway. Ears are as unique as fingerprints and are an identifier in solving crimes. Other easy identifiers are his hairline, eyebrows, nose, face shape, the infranasal depression and the signature body movements.

Oh-another giveway-Getty Images shot this pic of him in a less exciting moment in the exact same location in the exact same clothes. The pic is dated May 7, 2008. BTW-cell phone footage is damn near impossible to edit.

The Daily Caller ran the story last year.

“Drudge ran the headline, “Obama Flaunts Erection to Female Reporters,” and while the video makes it hard to tell if that’s officially the case, these photos make it clear the President is actually a huge, concealed-carry advocate.

At least, he was on the morning of May 7, 2008.

In one photo, snapped by Getty photographer Mark Williams, Obama is smiling right at the bewildered and amused press corps.”

Obama’s fly flies under the radar….

Come on! That behavior is 1,000 times worse than the Trump’s P*ssy tape!

As if we didn’t see it coming, the Globalist Left aimed to weaponize Hollywood Weinstein hysteria to target political opponents. If they had to throw a few of their own under the bus-no biggie. The trend of trial-by-media is being used to stop Roy Moore in his tracks, and of course snare the grand prize-President Trump.

NeverTrumper Megyn Kelly is doing her part to bring down our President, his success with the economy, foreign policy and defeating terrorism with him.

She is gave airtime to 3 of President Trump’s formerly debunked accusers on her critically un-acclaimed “Today” show. One presstitute is still suffering from PTSD because he allegedly asked for her phone number! One claims he called her the C* word. (Maybe she has him confused with John McCain.)

The Russian investigation tanked, so they’re calling on a new Congressional probe into these allegations to keep the ongoing coup alive and well.

Meanwhile, Billy Bush is back in the media spotlight feigning outrage about Donald Trump crowing about P**ies in the Access Hollywood tapes.

The Bush wails that the women who’ve accused President Trump of unwanted groping really “hit a raw nerve with him.” Ya know what hits a raw nerve with me? A dirtbag who secretly records a bro’s locker room conversation and holds onto it for 11 years to blackmail someone. Who does that?

It’s funny but Obama has remained unscathed during the hype of both the original P**y tape scandal and the attempt to revive the issue by throwing scrubby Harvey Weinstein and other perv-pals under the bus. Even Bill and Hillary are feeling the crunch of those badass Goodyears.

The Left is hoping that ADD Americans will forget all about this video as well as the many sexual scandals involving Barrack Obama.

Let’s remind them!

And since it’s getting toward the end of the year, let’s reminisce and revisit some of Barrack Obama’s other questionable sexual behavior. Most of it is a matter of record. Some is “conspiracy” aka coincidences that would have the cops breathing down the average Joe’s neck. It is presented in totally random order.

Read and share with comfort. Unlike Mainstream Media, I’ll be transparent about my obvious bias and the sources of those dots as always.

Pervy Parents

The Obamas have never been adequately called out on their pervy parental decisions to surround their young daughters with vulgar rappers and singing porn stars that you might end up seeing on websites similar to, that today’s pop culture terms “vocalists.”

Or allowing their daughter Malia to intern on Lena Dunham’s “Girls” series which, rumor has it, is basically hard core pornography. The show covers topics such as threesomes, S&M bondage and anal sex. It probably won’t be long before the show touches on subjects like those shown on gay videos from or other gay porn sites. Oh-and Dunham is a self confessed incestuous child molester. Yet she fondly remembers “shaken to the core” Michelle telling her that she had “something important to say.”

The Obamas have yet to comment on the testimony of Aurora Perrineau who claims that “Girls” producer, Murray Miller, raped her when she was just 17.

This (thankfully) blacked out pic of Lena Dunham is apparently from some”Hello Kitty” episode. Great role model for Malia. Can you imagine if one of President Trump’s kids interned on this show?

BHO’s Bros…

Maybe there’s not more accusations leveled against Obama because he knows how to have fun with guys who have just as much to lose should they be caught.

Some people might say that Barrack’s many trips away from Michelle to canoodle with men in remote places oughtta raise some eyebrows. These cutesy pics with Richard Branson might make a normal real-life wife worry.

If looks at Nelson Mandela’s funeral could kill.

Lord knows Michelle was none too thrilled when Barrack was flirting and giggling with this blond Danish PM at Nelson Mandela’s funeral, of all places.

He had his hands on her (assault according to new prudish Lib standards!) and even at one point kissed her in front of a fuming Michael!

I call sexual harassment! Just because the leggy PM looks like she’s enjoying it all doesn’t mean she doesn’t really hate it and feels violated inside.

Woof! That look on Michelle’s face! Not as mad as when she looks at our “damn flag,” but certainly none too pleased. Apparently she was “shaken to the core” enough to make her husband switch seats with her. Aaawwkwaaard.

Can you imagine if President Trump did that?

The Left might not want to be reminded that Wendy Williams ripped Obama for being a flirt and that his behavior makes a case for a type of cheating on Michelle. Looks like a lot of people agreed during this magnificent pre-Hillbot era.

This clip isn’t long enough to rip open a bag of holiday caramel corn, but it’s worth every 4:33 of it…

Oh and BTW-why hasn’t Barrack disavowed Branson’s behavior?

F1 Star Jenson Button accused Sir Richard Branson of groping his former girlfriend, Sarah Vine. (Am I the only one who doesn’t know who these people are?)

The Daily Mail published quite a few photos of Branson playing aggressively with women in a way that pushes the boundaries between fun flirtation and assault.

Recently a backup singer, Antonia Jenae, did accuse Branson of sexual assault.

She claims that, out of the blue, he walked up to her, put his head between her breasts, made a motorboat “brrrrrr” noise and just walked away. She describes her reaction as “shocked.”

Where’s the outrage Barrack?

Awkward moment ogling singer Jewell’s breasts

This article from People hasn’t aged well at all.

Wow time flies. No one would have thought twice about this statement back in the pre-Weinstein era of early May, 2017. People attempted damage control to squash conclusions drawn from his memoirs that Barrack cheated on Michelle when they were first dating. However, given the recent sh*tstorm of accusations about sexual harassment, especially in the workforce, this is amusing. …

“People’s” defense (with emphasis added)

“At the beginning of June 1989, Michelle Robinson, 25, was assigned by her top-flight Chicago law firm to mentor a Harvard University law student and summer associate named Barack Obama, age 27. Barack was impressed and immediately told another lawyer at the firm, “My mentor is really hot,” Garrow writes. Michelle was less amused and batted away Barack’s advances, telling him it would “look bad” if she dated him.”

Sure, many Americans met their spouse under similar circumstances, and many men had to repeatedly pursue a future wife before she said yes to a date.

But if we’re going by the Left’s new Victorian standards- Obama should be retro-impeached immediately!

It may not be necessary for this reason though. This office romance story totally contradicts an entirely different version that will be mentioned below.

BHO disavows child rapist Terrence Bean. Somewhere. Maybe.

Still googling Obama’s vocal outrage regarding his child-raping pal Terrence Bean. No luck. If you find any such remarks, please add them to the comments below.

OK, it was way back in 2014 when no one was expected to believe victims. But Bean’s charges were proven in court…and he was sentenced, so……yeah.

Terrence Bean was Obama’s friend and major campaign fundraising “bundler.” He visited the White House on several occasions and flew on Air Force One. Bean is also known as a gay rights activist.

He is also a convicted child rapist. He and his boyfriend were tried for taking turns raping a 15 year old boy.

The Washington Times reported,

“Authorities in Oregon charged Mr. Bean and [Bean’s ex-boyfriend] Mr. Lawson last week with two counts of third-degree sodomy and one charge of third-degree sex abuse after his indictment by a Lane County grand jury indictment. Mr. Lawson, 25, was charged with two counts of third-degree sodomy and with third-degree sex abuse.

The White House had no comment on whether the president still considers Mr. Bean an ally. Some observers have credited Mr. Bean for helping to sway Mr. Obama into supporting same-sex marriage two years ago.

“He has the president’s ear,” former Oregon Gov. Barbara Roberts once said…”

Where’s the outrage Barrack? We’re talkin’ mug shots over here.

Larry Sinclair-the man who blew too much.

Openly gay man Larry Sinclair claimed that he enjoyed a cocaine and gay sex romp a couple of times with Obama back in Chicago. He wrote a book about it and took his story to You Tube, social media and speaking engagements.

Sinclair claims his only motive was to bring the truth to the people. He felt outraged that Barrack was not being honest with Americans about his past drug use.

Sinclair’s accusations were buried in the media. His story was quickly discredited due to his long rap sheet. Although he does not deny his past, his history does make the story questionable. Not that questionable stories stop MSM from smearing President Trump, so it seems worth noting here.

Because Sinclair’s story as a presidential “whistle”blower was rejected by publishers he self-published his book entitled “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder.” It’s still available on Amazon. Although it was labelled “conspiracy theory,” ABC News put his book on their Summer Reading List.

Paul Horner. Fake news. Real consequences.

Horner was another pain-in-the-mangina who insisted Obama was gay.

Known as a prolific “fake news” writer, Horner described his own work as satire. He also claimed that due to his fake news, he was the reason that President Trump is in the White House. It’s not something he intended. He said, “I hate Trump.”

BBC reported,

“In an interview with the Washington Post in November, Horner said: “I think Trump is in the White House because of me.

“My sites were picked up by Trump supporters all the time… His followers don’t fact-check anything – they’ll post everything, believe anything.”

But asked whether he targeted fake news at Hillary Clinton’s supporters to help her rival, he answered: “No. I hate Trump.”

So although Horner admitted to writing satire, perhaps some of what he said about Obama hit a little too close to homo. Perhaps if Trump supporters were recklessly sharing what MSM describes as fake accounts of Obama being a gay radical Muslim– that could be problematic. It would certainly throw a wrench into the Pink Hat Tactic to ignite impeachment-level outrage about President Trump’s sexual past. After all, labels and rumors have a way of sticking, no matter how much evidence proves to the contrary.

At any rate, 38 year old Paul Horner died of an apparent prescription drug overdose on September 18, 2017. He was at his Mom’s Phoenix home and died in his sleep. That would seem to be a tough one to pull off, if it were a hit. But impossible?

It’s kinda funny though. President Trump’s accusers have been discredited. But aside from Paul Horner, a few of Obama’s, who were connected to the “Down Low Club” have turned up dead.

The Down-Low Club

Obama attended the Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC) on Chicago’s South Side for 20 years. The pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright created the DLC- the “Down Low Club.”

The “Down Low Club” was devoted to “matchmaking.” But not in the usual sense. Wright paired up high profile political figures who wanted their DC Swampcake and eat it-and other DC Swampmonsters- too.

So the Reverend played Cupid to gay guys who wouldn’t rat each other out and destroy one another’s political or business careers. Some were married with children. Rev. Wright also paired closeted congregants with “beard” wives.

WND reported on this arrangement,

“Openly homosexual author and commentator Keith Boykin, a former White House adviser to President Bill Clinton, mentions Obama’s former pastor, Wright, on pages 264-265 of his 2005 book “Beyond the Down Low: Sex, Lies, and Denial in Black America.”

While Boykin doesn’t refer to the Down Low Club by name, he regards Wright as among a small group of ministers who are “coming to grips with sexuality and opening up a dialogue with heterosexuals, homosexuals, and bisexuals in the pews.

According to journalist and author Wayne Madsen* “The gay DLC’s services were intended to ensure that TUCC’s gay members would avoid posting solicitations on web services like [Craigslist] and refrain from cruising gay bars. The strategy was to protect them from getting busted and being “outed.”

Rumor has it, this the real Obamas’ meet-cute story.

Michelle’s prospects for marriage were supposedly slim to none due to her nastyass temperament. However, an arranged marriage with Barrack could prove richly rewarding-monetarily speaking. Maybe put a smile on that sour face now and then.

According to bestselling author and WND contributor, Jerome Corsi, it was none other than Jessie Jackson who played matchmaker for Barrack and Michelle.

$150,000 should Wright the Reverend’s wrongs.

Ed Klein, is the author of several best selling Clinton tell-alls including ‘Guilty as Sin.” Klein interviewed Reverend Wright for his book “The Amateur.”

Rev. Wright told Klein that one of Barrack Obama ‘s closest friends offered him a $150,000 bribe to stop talking so much until after the election.

At the time Obama was under fire for attending Wright’s church since it was discovered that Rev. Wright has his Masters in Islam, not Christianity. In addition his hateful sermons were so anti-White and anti-American that it was causing problems for Obama in his 2008 run.

Anyway-chances are the Reverend would keep the Down Low Club secrets for free.

3 Down Low Club gay men/gay witnesses-dead.

Three church members connected-perhaps literally-to Obama turned up dead.

While this is a case of connecting dots that don’t apply to the elite, it’s still an extremely noteworthy coincidence.

As Obama was just about to secure the presidential nomination, 3 gay men in Wright’s church died within one and a half months of each other.

November 2007-Larry Bland- murdered. Execution style.

Fox 32 Chicago reported that Bland’s mother, Josephine Bland, was so upset at her son inviting men into their home as a result of contacting them through gay web sites like “Adam4Adam,” that she moved out.

Bland was murdered on November 17, 2007. The cause of death was multiple gun shot wounds. It was actually ruled a homicide.

December 24, 2007-Donald Young- murdered. Execution style.

Openly gay Donald Young served as choir director for Reverend Wright’s Trinity Church. Donald Young died of multiple gunshot wounds in the South Side of Chicago. His death was also actually ruled a homicide.

Was the choir director about to sing? WND interviewed a church member who they dubbed Carolyn, to protect her safety.

“At Trinity, if you even hint at talking about Obama being gay, you are reminded of our dear departed choir director,” she said. “He was killed, and it wasn’t a robbery. The Christmas presents weren’t touched. The TV was not taken, nothing in the apartment was missing.”

Donald Young’s elderly Mom spoke up in an interview with The Globe. A former employee of the Chicago Police Department, she believes that her son was murdered by associates of Obama’s to cover up their gay relationship. (If you find a direct link to the Globe interview please post in the comments below-thanks!)

December 26, 2007- Nate Spencer-dead. Clinton “luck” style.

Spencer’s death could have been a case of Clinton type “good luck” for Obama. But his official cause of death was “septicemia, pneumonia, and HIV.”

Reggie Love from Up Above

Love served as Obama’s “boday man,” personal trainer and White House “special assistant.” His salary was $104,000 a year. According to Madsen* Love is also reportedly one of Obama’s regular gay sex partners. Love joined Obama’s Senate staff in a senior staff position in 2006.

Wayne Madsen* reported, “WMR’s Chicago sources believe the Secret Service records of presidential candidate Obama’s activities in Chicago would show that Obama regularly arrived at Love’s Chicago residence at 9:00 am and departed at 9:15 am. Sources told WMR that while 15 minutes is much too short for a personal training exercise, it is ample time for fellatio.”

Madsen added that “Media General’s tabloid, the National Enquirer, proffered a story last year about Michelle Obama being furious about the relationship between her husband and his “body man.”

Resource alert: *Wayne Madsen exposes Obama’s gay dalliances.

Low-level resource Wikipedia has described Wayne Madsen as a “conspiracy theorist,” so you will have to decide for yourself if his reports on Obama’s homosexual activities are true or not.

Aside from Madsen being written off as an Alex Jones type of kook, he has had an illustrious career as a published author and journalist, writing for publications including The Sacramento Bee, The Houston Chronicle, The Philadelphia Enquirer and the Miami Herald. He is an acclaimed author and a political commentator appearing on shows such as Fox News,ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, and MS-NBC. He also has an impressive background in the military service which includes being immersed in security issues. He worked with the NSA. He’s been called as a witness to testify in front of the US House of Representatives.

His reports on Obama’s gay past earned him the coveted kook label. Yet the outlets mentioned-and our own government-seem to have enormous respect for him.

Some of his reports that supposedly make him a mad tin foil hatter will be cited.

Rahm Emmanuel-a little light in the ballet slippers.

Rahm Emmanual was actually asked to join the renowned Joffrey Ballet.

Wayne Madsen reported that Obama and Rahm Emmanuel are both lifetime members of the same gay club, “Man’s Country” in Chicago. The club offers steam rooms, fantasy rooms, male strippers and porn.

His sources claim that the Secret Service stripped all records of their membership.

Obama was supposedly attracted to “Man’s Country” because a lot of older white men were members, and he enjoyed being fellated by older white males.

The Chicago gay community says that Obama would cruise for younger men at his “pick up basketball games.” He met Emmanual at one of these games.

Caught on tape?

Rod Blagojevich was the former Illinois Governor who was impeached and imprisoned for a few counts of fraud, one of which included trying to sell Barrack Obama’s empty Senate seat. Obama wanted his traitorous BFF Valerie Jarrett to fill the vacant seat, but Blagojevich wanted more than just a thank you.

Obama called for his resignation. During the trial Blagojevich’s lawyers demanded that some 500 hours worth of taped conversations from a separate case be played. The request was shot down. It is alleged that the reason is that the tapes revealed other incidents of possible Obama corruption as well as containing “salty references” to the gay habits of Barrack Obama and Rahm Emmanual.

There’s plenty more rumors via Madsen sources that claim Emmanuel goes on long trips with his male companion and has earned the nickname “Sugar Daddy” for promising young boys gifts in exchange for sexual favors, lending a skeevier meaning to the term pay-for-play.

Both Emmanuel and Obama continue to fly under MSM gaydar. I dunno. There’s tons of photos of the two out there that seem a bit cozier than your average dudes.

Cookin’ with Vera Baker.

Citing the track record of “Media General” for breaking stories that revealed scandals such as Monica Lewinsky, Rielle Hunter and Tiger Woods, Wayne Madsen points to reports of an extramarital affair between Barrack and his then-campaign aide, Vera Baker.

Apparently Michelle was so furious about learning of the affair that she had Baker shipped off to Martinique. Fortunately for Baker she didn’t fool around with Bill-it could have ended a lot worse.

It was also surmised that this was not an actual affair, but a decoy to take attention off Barracks’s gayscapades. If she is just a decoy, he’s definitely gay.

Brokeback Mountain

Q:What do Bill Frist and Anthony Wiener have in common?

A: Their eerily proper names…

In 2006 the Congressional Black Caucus reported rumors that Obama was hooking up with Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee. Wayne Madsen reported that at first it was hard to believe, but cited Obama’s “penchant for receiving fellatio from older white men.”

He further related that WaPo columnist Al Kamen reported that he received “an invitation to attend Frist’s “5th Annual VOLPAC ’06 Weekend” in Nashville from April 21st to 23rd and that the invitation card required one to “unbuckle the cowboy’s pants and look inside to see what this was all about.” Kamen opined that the invitation seemed “a bit too ‘Brokeback Mountain.'”

It gets weirder.

“The invitation advertised that the shindig would feature “one-of-a-kind music and special friends,” although Kamen said there was no indication what made the “friends” so “special.” Kamen then wrote, “The back of the card shows the cowboy from behind with a red flowered handkerchief sticking out of his right pocket. Wait a minute – wasn’t there something about how this used to be some kind of code in the gay community years ago? A way to signal each other in crowded, noisy bars? So [they] checked the’s Hanky Codes. Sure enough, there it was in the chart explaining what they mean: red hanky in right pocket. Oh, dear.”

Trust me it’s bad. The clue, as I said before-is in the name- as in “rhymes with…”

Yo Mama.

The Left attacked Melania for her former risque pics as a young Russian model but were in deep denial about Obama’s white mother, Ann Dunham. It was alleged that she was a total whore who posed for these unearthed vintage porn pics.

The Left insists the pics are not her.

The bottom row here shows verified pics of Obama’s Mama with the one in the center taken from the porn shots.

If those are pics of Obama’s Mama, it could explain his hatred toward white people and what might be a preference for males. Her behavior-coupled with a tranny nanny and a pedo “mentor”-would mess any guy’s head up.

BTW-If anyone can find a link of Obama actually denying it was his Mom in those pics please leave it in the comments section.

Self proclaimed Liberal “fact checker” Snopes tried to calm rattled nerves by debunking the pics as belonging to a 50’s pinup girl, Marcy Moore.

Below is a side-by-side where Snopes is convinced that the porn pic in the middle resembles Moore on the left rather than Ann Dunham on the right.

However, IMO-the eyebrow arch, the thinner nose, the V shape (glabella?) between the eyebrows and the nose, and the chin shape point more to Ann Dunham.

Now-remember what I said about the ears? Although it’s hard to see all the ears in the middle porn pic, one thing is clear-Marcy Moore has NO earlobes-she has attached earlobes. The other 2 pics show detached earlobes. The center pic earlobes are being pulled down due to the weight of the earrings.

So IMO one thing is for sure-the porn chick is NOT Marcy Moore.

Who’s your Daddy Dearest.

“Dreams of My Real Father author and filmmaker Joel Gilbert contends that Ann Dunham’s baby daddy was not Barrack Hussein Obama Sr, but in fact communist perv Frank Marshall Davis. There are many pundits on the Right who agree with him. They allege that it was Davis-a communist known for writing pornography- who took those nude pics of Obama’s Mom and sold them to men’s porn magazines.

The Left decries Frank Marshall Davis babydaddy accusations and insist that circulation of these pics were nothing more than dirty campaign tricks. You decide.

Both of Obama’s parents and his grandparents neglected the young boy which is very sad. They passed him around like a rotten potato. Finally he was handed over to a known communist and perv-Frank Marshall Davis. It is said that they were looking for a black male role model for the little boy.

Apparently it’s this type of upbringing that spawns traitors.

Anyway, Davis did play the role of a surrogate father. Some surmise that the “Frank” Obama mentions in his autobiography “Dreams of My Father” was Frank Marshall Davis. Obama’s relationship with Davis seemed especially questionable. He was introduced to him when he was just 10 and apparently he was plied with whiskey. He presented “Frank” in his book as a friend and “mentor.”

Ben Shapiro reports, “As a teenager back in Hawaii, Obama hung out with a neighborhood friend he calls “Frank” in “Dreams From My Father.” “Frank” was Frank Marshall Davis, a highly vocal member of the Communist Party, a rancid racist, a pornographer and child rapist.”

Tabloid Truth

Normally I don’t quote the National Enquirer, but as mentioned before they have often been on target. They broke stories regarding Tiger Woods, OJ’s Bruno Maglia shoes, Jesse Jackson’s love child, Rush’s painkiller addiction and many more.

IMO this summed up Obama’s Frank Marshall Davis connection well.

For seven years, the presidential candidate had a “father-son” relationship with Frank Marshall Davis, who has confessed to having sex with children, sadomasochism, bondage and practicing a wide array of deviant sexual activities.

In his 1995 memoir Dreams from My Father, Obama identifies his childhood mentor only as “Frank,” but Obama insiders later confirmed he was referring to Davis, a journalist and poet who was a pal of Obama’s maternal grandfather, Stanley Dunham.

Frank Marshall Davis admitted in his private papers that he had secretly authored a hard-core pornographic autobiography called Sex Rebel: Black, published in 1968. The author of the book – a copy of which was been obtained by The ENQUIRER – is listed as “Bob Greene.” Davis later confessed to its authorship after a reader noticed similarities in style and phraseology between that book and Davis’ poetry.

Davis confessed: “I could not truthfully deny that this book, which came out in 1968 as a Greenleaf Classic, was mine.”

The appalling catalog of admitted real-life decadence is laced with perverted sexual activity, bisexuality, rape – and the seduction of children.

“Davis’ admission he wrote this disturbing book exposes Obama’s mentor as living a secret double life – and as a sexual pervert,” disclosed a source.

In his shocking tell-all, Davis admits to seducing a thirteen year-old girl, voyeurism, exhibitionism, bisexuality, rape and sadomasochism.”


Obama mentioned Frank in his memoir, Dreams of My Father.” In his bestseller Barrack shares what some might call a homoerotic poem he wrote when he was 19.

Note-according to The Best American Poetry website, the word “shink” can mean being hit in the face with a penis.


Sitting in his seat, a seat broad and broken
In, sprinkled with ashes,
Pop switches channels, takes another
Shot of Seagrams, neat, and asks
What to do with me, a green young man
Who fails to consider the
Flim and flam of the world, since
Things have been easy for me;
I stare hard at his face, a stare
That deflects off his brow;
I’m sure he’s unaware of his
Dark, watery eyes, that
Glance in different directions,
And his slow, unwelcome twitches,
Fail to pass.
I listen, nod,
Listen, open, till I cling to his pale,
Beige T-shirt, yelling,
Yelling in his ears, that hang
With heavy lobes, but he’s still telling
His joke, so I ask why
He’s so unhappy, to which he replies . . .
But I don’t care anymore, cause
He took too damn long, and from
Under my seat, I pull out the
Mirror I’ve been saving; I’m laughing,
Laughing loud, the blood rushing from his face
To mine, as he grows small,
A spot in my brain, something
That may be squeezed out, like a
Watermelon seed between
Two fingers.
Pop takes another shot, neat,
Points out the same amber
Stain on his shorts that I’ve got on mine and
Makes me smell his smell, coming
From me; he switches channels, recites an old poem
He wrote before his mother died,
Stands, shouts, and asks
For a hug, as I shink, my
Arms barely reaching around
His thick, oily neck, and his broad back; ’cause
I see my face, framed within
Pop’s black-framed glasses
And know he’s laughing too.

— Barack Obama

Seriously. Can you imagine if President Trump wrote a poem like that?

If this poem is any indication of life with his “mentor” and the ripple effect it had on this country, someone might want to pen, “Nightmares of Obama’s Father.”

Did I just write that out loud?

Pulitzer Prize winning author David Garrow penned an Obama biography “Rising Star: The Making of Barrack Obama”

He reveals that Obama wrote a letter to his first intimate girlfriend admitting that he “considered gayness” in his college years but ultimately decided that a homosexual relationship would be “less challenging and demanding” than a heterosexual relationship. His words folks. His words.

During college he had a relationship with unabashedly gay assistant professor Lawrence Goldwyn that “went well beyond the classroom.” Garrow wrote that “Goldwyn had a huge impact on Obama.” Uh yeah. We can only imagine.

The Daily Caller reported, “The biographer added, “Goldwyn years later would remember that Obama ‘was not fearful of being associated with me’ in terms of ‘talking socially’ and ‘learning from me’ after as well as in class.”

Say whut?

Goldwyn visits the Oval Office

Pakistani Pillow Pals

Boy toy

Jerome Corsi is a WND contributor and bestselling author of many Obama tell-alls. As a frequent guest of Infowars, some may questions his accounts. That said, we might also question why Obama has not denied the accounts or sued him for libel.

Corsi points to memories shared by John Drew who was not only a classmate of Obama’s at Occidental, they belonged to the same Marxist-socialist club.

John Drew recounts his reactions to the two roommates as well as other eyewitnesses who knew them back in Occidental College days.

Drew says he was taken aback by the intimate vibe they gave off. It was so pronounced that people immediately assumed they were an item, or as he said “a wealthy gay couple.” Drew stated that upon meeting Obama and his wealthy Pakistani roommate, Muhammed Hasan Chandoo, he and others figured that Barrack was Chandoo’s “boy toy.” Of course these are just personal accounts.

If sofas could talk

A rampant rumor is that during his Columbia years Obama was married to his Pakistani roommate, Sohale Siqqiqi. His Harlem roommate is often described as his “party-loving, drug-abusing, illegal alien Pakistani friend.”

The pair have often been thought of as two guys who shared more than an apartment and turned it into more of a homo sweet homo situation. How silly can people be to get such an idea. Straight guys always sit tight on a big sofa, right?

Many reports point to a wedding ring that Obama wore back in the day as proof.

However, there has been ample evidence that the ring he wore then is the same ring he had Michelle put on his finger at their wedding. WND put forth a detailed explanation that the ring was actually a confirmation that Obama is a closet Muslim. The ring bears the inscription “There is no God but Allah.”

Well that’s a relief.

BTW-What’s that saying about a picture again?

Decisions, decisions. White Chick or White House.

Well that was easy. Bye Sheila.

“The lines are very clearly drawn … If I am going out with a white woman, I have no standing here,” a friend recalled Obama saying.

He had actually proposed twice to white Sheila Jager. They had a steamy sexual relationship enhanced with cocaine .

The Daily Mail reported that “he cheated on Michelle during the first year of their dating by going back to Jager, who now says ‘I always felt bad.” It seems he may have cheated on Jager too, with an Hispanic single mom.”

People like to chastise President Trump for his marriages and how it seems that his wives were always gorgeous upgrades. They hammer him for cheating on Ivana but give Obama a pass for his cheating. And imagine if then-citizen Trump dumped Kara Young, his biracial girlfriend of 2 years because of her race?

Tangent alert- Apparently Barrack had more than a few white girlfriends when he was young. His Mom was white. He was elected twice. Yet he insists we live in a racist country. Either he’s race-baiting or has severe problems with pattern recognition that should have prevented him from holding office.

Sheila Jager Image TMZ

$65,000 dollars worth of mmm-yummy “pizza” and “hot dogs.”

The Wikileaks Email dump has still been buried beneath the rubble of daily media carpet bombs such as the Trump/Russian collusion hoax, the Charlottesville setup, the Las Vegas Massacre and forged yearbooks.

The Left was masterful at burying the contents of the Wikleaks dump, though not entirely successful. We’re still waiting for an explanation as to why the emails are so heavily laden with secret codes that only scum who run in pedophilia circles use.

As you all recall, it was the chain of emails in the Podesta dump that indicated that Hillary’s Campaign Chairman John Podesta and his lobbyist brother Tony were well versed in pedophilia code words and Satanic rituals known as Spirit Cooking.

That sparked indie-investigations that uncovered disturbing “art collections” found in the homes of both Podesta brothers and pizza restaurants that DC elite frequented. The “art” reeked of Satanism, pedophilia and human sacrifice. Code words for pedophilia were bandied about with such insider ease that it all sparked the infamous “Pizzagate” conspiracy.

But it wasn’t just local pizzeria owners and the Podestas who were called out on their proclivity towards pedophilia code words, music and “art.” The disturbing communications reached all the way to Obama’s White House.

One of the code words turned out to be “pizza,” meaning little girls, and “hot dogs” which in pedo-land translates to an underage male prostitutes.

Obama sure had a thing for “hot dogs.” He liked them so much he was willing to abuse $65,000 dollars worth of taxpayer money to procure the tasty tidbits as well as some “pizza” for guests who had a taste for that.

The “hot dogs” chain went like this (emphasis added)…

RE: Get ready for “Chicago Hot Dog Friday”

Released on 2012-10-19 08:00 GMT

From: Don Kuykendall []
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2009 1:59 PM
To: ‘stratforaustin’
Subject: Get ready for “Chicago Hot Dog Friday”
To celebrate all you hot dogs out there. Aaric, you can participate as

From: Fred Burton []
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2009 2:39 PM
To: ‘Don Kuykendall’
Cc: ‘Aaric Eisenstein’; ‘Darryl O’Connor’; ‘Copeland Susan’
Subject: RE: Get ready for “Chicago Hot Dog Friday”
I think Obama spent about $65,000 of the tax-payers money flying in
pizza/dogs from Chicago for a private party at the White House not long
ago, assume we are using the same channels?

Aaric Einstein responds with some weird quote marks,

RE: Get ready for “Chicago Hot Dog Friday”

If we get the same “waitresses,” I’m all for it!!!”


$65,000 for “hot dogs” and pizza? Seems like a reasonable question.

Yet all inquiries into Pizzagate were viciously and magically declared “debunked,” even though scoffing “journalists” made no effort whatsoever to investigate.

Anyone who even believed in the existence of elite pedophile rings was branded a right wing nutcase. MSM ignored historical evidence of pedophile rings that link to the elite, such as the Boy’s Town Scandal and the Elm Street Boarding House. Ben Swann of CBS News was the only journalist who dared bring it up. He pretty much went dark after that.

MSM has no problem promoting fake news and hoaxes to take down political opponents, so I guess it’s OK to go ahead and mention those “hot dogs” that Obama likes so much. Especially since it’s not only suspicious, but recorded within the Wikileaks email dump.

One example of Podesta “art.” Yeah that’s normal.


The American Globalist Party is Hell-bent on destroying our fairly elected President. The P*ssy Tape Outrage is the weapon that they’ve hoped to dust off through Hollywood Weinstein hysteria.

Unproven body counts aside, Obama’s gay romps have not involved assaults, but seem consensual. If true, they would nonetheless be an assault to Americans due to his perpetrating a major fraud on the public with his sham of a marriage. It would also point to his cheating on Michelle.

The Globalists are eating their own beloved politicians and celebs based on unproven and sometimes anonymous accusations about incidents that date back decades. Obviously they’re aiming to set a precedent- that all that is needed to destroy someone’s career or oust someone from office is an accusation.

So if the Left topples President Trump with their sudden surge of virtuous morals, they will need to sacrifice their beloved Obamagod on the Luciferian altar of the “greater good” of Globalism as well. The Clintons are already feeling the fire.

At the end of the day, no one cares if Obama is gay. It’s just his defrauding the public and his hypocrisy regarding sexual allegations of others that is outrageous.

Most importantly-It’s his rape of our country that calls out for justice.

He has committed multiple acts of treason to implode our economy, orchestrated the Middle East “refugee” crisis, illegally surveilled political opponents, corrupted the FBI and DOJ, place our national security at risk, looted our coffers to fund Radical Islamists and more.

His mission was to lay the groundwork to destroy this country so it would be swept up by his New World Order puppetmasters. All that was needed to finalize the plan was a Hillary win. Between seizures, Queen Hillary would place the cherry on top.

Her dream of open borders and Barrack’s fundamental transformation of America would be realized. Yet the arrogant fool is dogging President Trump’s latest forays abroad, going so far as to tell France that “we have a temporary lapse in leadership.”

The traitor Barrack Obama should be brought to his knees. And not in what he might call a good way.

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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