In the span of just a few days the Democrats and their Propagandists in the Main Stream Media have championed Obamagate, MS-13, North Korea and Hamas.

When former Presidents Obama, Clinton and George W. promised to move the American embassy to Jerusalem, the media’s applause was deafening.

Trump actually kept this promise and has been villainized. It must hurt to see the whole Trump is a Nazi BS ripped to shreds.

What’s a desperate sore loser Party to do?

How ’bout openly side with Palestinian terrorists over Jews? How ’bout refuse to attend the opening festivities? How ’bout refuse to attend the DC celebration parties? How ’bout have their PR press cover the event as though Trump and his daughter Ivanka (“Daddy’s Little Ghoul” read one headline) were cold hearted monsters responsible for 60 deaths due to quelling Palestinian riots at the border? How ’bout painting the “victims” as innocents and ignoring the truth that at least 24 of them were terrorists? How ’bout posting a pic of a dead baby caught in the crossfires, then squashing the revelation that the baby may have died from a pre-existing condition?

The “gun-hating” Party roots for Nuke-packing Kim Jon Un. 

Some Democrats have been supportive of President Trump’s progress with North Korea-even in the face of the prospect that he could win a Nobel Peace Prize if he negotiated peace in the region. Not surprisingly, Hillary is not among them.

It looks like all the press and premature celebration has given Kim Jon-Un cold feet. He’s threatening to pull out of the summit due to some SoKo/US military exercises that he viewed as hostile.

Maybe he read “Art of the Deal” and is trying to trump the Trumpster. Good luck with that. He can’t even figure out how to hire a decent barber.

Many Never-Trumpers have been giddy at the prospect of Kim Jon-Un cancelling the peace summit. The gun hating Left would rather see peace talks fail and a madman pointing nukes at the US than to see President Trump succeed.

They’ve got the backs of their MS-13 members.

When President Trump dared to call the murderous thugs in MS-13 “animals” it’s raised the same faux-outrage as it did when he called filthy Third World countries shitholes. Oddly his “animals” statement flew under their SJW radar when he said it last year. But their Russia smear was in full swing back then.

They ran with the narrative that President trump called all illegals “animals.” But this too shall backfire. Trump’s full remarks are all on video and it couldn’t be more clear that he was referring to MS-13, not immigrants in general.

How much more will it take for those still clinging to their programmed hate to realize that they’ve been force-fed a fake information stream?

Or-could it be that the Democrats are so racist that they think all immigrants are gang members as well as (their words) lawn mowers, toilet cleaners and strawberry pickers? Or could it be that Dems side with their MS-13 BFFs because they’re all involved with drug and human trafficking?

Dems call evil good, and good evil.

The Russia/Trump Collusion Hoax is crumbling under scrutiny while the Light is revealing the astounding corruption of the Obamagate scandal.

The Inspector General’s report has been released to Congress. It’s expected to outline the crimes committed within the FBI and DOJ to exonerate Hillary Clinton and thus, alter the outcome of the 2016 election.

In addition, other news reports indicate that it’s likely that the FBI planted one or more spies inside the Trump campaign.

You can hear the sweat dripping from the Globalist Left’s collective brow. What now? Another false flag? Have we run out of skanky bimbos? Here’s an idea! Let’s say it’s good that Obama’s FBI was spying on the political opposition. Yeah, good.That’s what it was.

Former Director of Intelligence James Clapper said it was “a good thing” there was an FBI informant spying on the Trump campaign. While Obamazombies are busy ridiculing President Trump for tweeting that he may have been framed, James Clapper is essentially admitting that he was.

The ploy-convince the American people that they were following up on the possibility of Russian interference.

As always, the Dems bank on our short memory and the carpetbombing of staged events and smoky headlines to foster confusion.

They’re hoping we’ve forgotten that Obama knew all about Russian interference and did nothing. They’re  hoping that we’ve forgotten that the DNC-our Presidential election process- was supposedly hacked by Russians, but the FBI, DOJ and DHS all backed off investigating what would have been a huge threat to our National Security. Instead of examining the computers for a breach that could alter the outcome of our Presidential election, they meekly allowed the DNC to call the shots and the servers over to third party, Crowdstrike.

Now we’re supposed to believe they cared enough about Russian interference to plant a mole in the Trump team. And that it was good. 

What exactly is the Democrat Platform? 

Maybe the slogan can be “The Party of Great Ideas!”

So far we’ve got the epic fail of Stalin-esque thuggery to topple a fairly elected President, promising to raise taxes, gun-grabbing, opening borders, the-torturing-dismembering-and killing of infants, statue toppling, speech censoring, flag burning, terrorist loving, MS-13 hugging, destroying the US to institute a New World Order and ?????? What else?

Will there be a Blue Wave or a Red Tsunami?

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