Dems want to distances themselves from Hillary.

Hillary’s grating voice, sore-loser whining and chronic corruption are getting on everyone’s last nerve-including the Democrats.

As they face the 2018 elections, many of the Dems have figured out who’s causing the stench in the room. They’re backing away from Hillary so as not to be held accountable for her foul Hellwinds that continue to blow.

Should we let them? Republicans say no.

Republicans would like nothing more than to keep Hillary propped up-not on the throne she aspired to, but as the haggard Queen of the Democratic Party.

They knew.

Just as they all knew about Harvey Weinstein they all knew about the tyrannical power and outrageous corruption of the Clinton Crime Family.

They knew and they were involved.

Unlike General Flynn who blew the whistle, the Dems were happily swimming in the murky swamp waters.

As the truth about Obama’s corruption becomes increasingly inescapable and undeniable, Democrats will be backing away from him as well. They’ll also have to disown Obama’s FBI, DOJ and the DNC, plus Wasserman-Schultz, Maxine Waters, John Podesta and the whole tawdry cast of characters.

However, they don’t seem willing to do that yet. After all, who would be left?

Nice try Nancy.

In a last ditch effort, both Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer called President Trump “The Swamp.”

That’s a pretty odd statement since President Trump is an outsider who only-unlike those career politicians- recently stepped into the political lagoon. It also makes no sense, since he is actually loathed by the Swamp.

The Dems are big on blaming the victim and projecting their own lies onto others. But these finger pointing antics, Hillary’s terminal blame game tour and MSM headlines that continue to spread their muck are only fooling the fools.

The Left’s programmed idiot army are in zombie-mode as they cling to the fractured fairy tale that there was Trump/Russia collusion.

Keith Ellison put on a blond wig at a “Minnroast” and sang a bizarre song about Trump loving Putin.

Left leaning MSM gushed that “Hillary trolled” Donald Trump at a Yale ceremony by donning a Russian hat.

Imagine being so soulless that you’d continue to promote the pack of bought-and-paid-for filthy lies designed to defeat your political opponent, destroy his life and the life of his family and business associates. Then imagine how soulless the MSM is to gush all over her little stunt as if it were so cute and funny-and true.

That poor dead Russian horse. Appealing to the brain dead masses is akin to registering corpses to vote.

Mug shots

So who is the face of the Democratic Party if not Hillary Clinton?

There’s a decent face among them. If you line up the mug shots of Obama, Podesta, Tom Perez, Maxine Waters, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and others, it’s hard NOT to believe that they’re  all baby-blood-sucking Satanists

Even if they did succeed in distancing themselves from Hillary, how will they distance themselves from their Platform?

They’ve got: raising taxes, defending MS-13 and Hamas, hating Israel and Jews, hating white people-especially men, illegals over citizens, open borders, race-baiting, gun-grabbing, speech-censoring, abusing children through the public schools’ radicalized LGBTQI agenda and “sex education,” resisting prison reform, resisting school choice, primary rigging and voter fraud, and of course the ol’ torture, dismemberment and murder of helpless pre-born infants.

Oh-and let’s not forget their primary mission-to destroy America and hand her over to the UN/EU on a silver platter.

Has the mask of the Democratic Party slipped permanently? Who do you think wins the Face of the Party award? Will they be able to distance themselves from Hillary? Will we make sure that doesn’t happen?

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