Bleachbit. Smashed blackberries. Hammers to hardrives. Statue stomping. The Democrats rush to destroy history and evidence of their crimes against humanity.

First Robert E. Lee. Now the radicalized Left has their self-righteous eyeballs on all Confederate monuments.  As they scramble to destroy monuments-ISIS style, it’s just one more way the Democrats rush to destroy history that offers evidence of their crimes.

Our nation’s history points to the Dems as being the  Party of racism, no matter how hard they try to bury it, smash it, burn it or scrape it.

It’s ironic that they are focused on tearing down Confederate statues. By doing so they’re tearing down the honor that we have as a nation to recognize slavery as an abomination and put an end to it.

We ended slavery. Unlike the Middle East nations that funded Hillary’s campaign, who continue the practice of  slavery to this day.

So yeah-tear those “offensive” statues down fast because it was Republicans who ended the abomination of slavery-in spite of Democrats #resisting abolition.

BTW-are there any Planned Parenthood statues to tear down? Margaret Sanger’s initiative to “exterminate the negro population” through aborting black babies is still running like a fine-tuned machine, thanks to Democrats.

All this statue-smashing is Russian Hoax-smashing, nothing more.

The main evidence they’re trying to smash to smithereens is evidence that the entire Russian Collusion Hoax was quite possibly the biggest fraud perpetrated on the American public in our nation’s history.

“Russia!” dropped out of the headlines. It’s been axed by the “Nazi/Racist!” Hoax.

The Russian Hacking Hoax  used to launch a coup on our fairly elected President fizzled. It has been proven that there was never a Russian hack at the DNC. It was a local download. An inside job. Even Liberal publications, the Nation and Salon are taking the high road and informing readers that they’ve been had. 

It could have been Seth Rich leaking the many crimes of the DNC and associates to Wikileaks. It could have been the Awan family-the Muslim spy ring that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz coddled until the bitter end. The Awans were sending classified info to the Muslim Brotherhood. They may have been using dirt for blackmail.

It could have been both. It sure as Hell wasn’t Russia. 

Another crime of epic proportions is that the Mueller investigation is allowed to continue in spite of overwhelming evidence that it’s nothing more than a Stalinesque mob searching for a crime to pin on our fairly elected President.

The foundation of the “investigation,” the Pee-Pee Dossier, was debunked along with new evidence that Russian hacking never occurred.

It’s also a crime that Barrack Obama knew of Russians trying to meddle in the  election system and chose to do nothing about it, Instead he chose to  hang that Russian noose on Donald Trump’s neck. The Dems are dangerous psychopaths.

If the Left wakes up and catches on to how they were conned, there’ll be Hell to pay.

Luckily the American Globalist Party always has the race card up their sleeve.

The new Kool-aid to induce the intoxicating Trump-hate-high is racism and the familiar “Nazi!” battle cry.  It could not be more absurd given how the Dems are so closely aligned with Nazi values and MOs. They’re so aligned that Obama put Neo-Nazis in power in the Ukraine-who then armed North Korea with nuclear weapons.

See” Charlotteseville Setup: The Big Lie Launched About White Nationalists”

Fake News. Again.

No matter how many-which-ways President Trump has disavowed these  hate groups, the MSM will not report it truthfully. It is essential  that they push forward to provoke a race war.

One single word fired out can wield immense destruction.

Politico was busted for having misquoted President Trump with a single word that twisted his speech into words of hate and seemingly aligned him with the “alt-right.”

President Trump said  “em  but Politico reported it as   “us.”

Fox News reported,

“The transcript reflected Trump saying: “Okay, what about the alt-left that came charging at us?”

The problem was, it was not clear exactly what Trump said at the end of that sentence; he may have simply said, “em.”

Politico, along with some of the reporters who picked up the original transcript, later walked it back.”

That’s just one very small example.

MSM “journalists” have been pounding the President for having omitted the label “White Supremacists” as the perpetrators of the Charlottesville violence ever since the incident took place. It was pointed out that MSM has focused on President Trump’s response more than they’ve focused on the actual horrific events.

But somehow Obama got an 8 year pass for refusing to say ISIS  or Radical Islam, directly after terrorist attacks inspired by shouts of  “Allah Akbar!”

There should be a word for criminal journalism.  Well there was, but Obama legalized it by signing  PRO-propaganda laws during his administration.

MSM has given Antifa and BLM both a pass and praise. RIP objective journalism.

Actions speak louder than platitudes and selective outrage.

The Democratic Party, or as I call them-the American Globalist Party-along with their agents who work under the Republican banner, commit crimes against all races to fulfill their globalist agenda.

Toppling Robert E. Lee and trying desperately to incite a race war drives home that they are truly the Party of racism and division.

They don’t care that they have set racial strides back decades. They don’t care that there are casualties. They don’t care that minorities are rotting away and killing each other in their Dem-run cities.

There is nothing “cool” about being a Democrat.

But part of their magic is to recruit the uninformed by baiting their egos.

Their “useful idiots” army is comprised of withering flower children and wannabe flower children. None of them represent the core philosophy of what it was to be a “flower child.” They aren’t Anti-Establishment. They’re working for The Man.

There is ample historical evidence of the Democrats’ crimes against humanity in the USA.  But that doesn’t fit their fraudulent branding of being the “cool” anti-racist Party.  No wonder they teach anal sex and social justice classes instead of history in school and college swamps!

In a scramble to destroy evidence of the massive crime that is the Russian collusion Hoax, they are simultaneously trying to bury evidence of their track record of being the Party of the KKK that continually voted against abolishing slavery.


Emailgate. Russiagate. Obamagate. Benghazigate. Slaverygate.

The Dems scramble to cover their filthy tracks by destroying evidence of their many crimes. But oh! How they must hate technology!

History will never be totally forgotten thanks to videos, history books, audio, photographs and the like. The Globalist Dems are hoping that their Google-backed information wars can help them with that too.

Technology destroyed Hillary’s “right” to claim her throne in 2016.

Video technology offered reminders of past remarks made by crime boss Hillary Clinton and her meal ticket, Bill.  Social media, that thing we call the internet and the free flow of information likely cost her the election.

It’s no surprise that there’s a Google-sponsored war on our free speech and internet searches. It’s no surprise that the war on alternative media and conservative voices has become so aggressive. It’s no surprise that Facebook censors users.

The Globalists only want technology that they  can control in order to control the masses. No wonder they’re so fond of micro-chipping technology!

Their history as a criminal enterprise runs deep.

The Dem Crime Family has been allowed to infiltrate all aspects of our society due to the tremendous control they have within our government.

Their MO of hiding behind labels, antifa masks and pink p*ssy hats while pinning the blame of their own crimes and ideology on Conservatives  is wearing thin.

They are the  Party of racism. They are the  Party of crime and cultural degradation run amock. The Party should be dissolved and called out for what it is- a subversive racketeering organization.

No group that wages war on America should have a place of power within our government. Ever. The American Globalists comprised of Dems and RINOs prove through their voting records, initiatives and war games who they really work for.

It’s not Americans.

The Clinton Cartel and their cronies are overdue for a RICO bust. They’re likely involved in murder, gun running, drug dealing, blackmail and intimidation, bribery, grand theft of uranium reserves  and human trafficking. It means nothing to them to sell our entire country out ( grand theft to the nth  degree) to Globalist interests.

Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. 

At any rate, these monuments are  public property and unless there’s a vote to remove them, destruction of public property is a crime. Destruction of evidence is a crime. Voters who pay for the creation and maintenance of these historic relics should have a say on whether they should be destroyed or put in a museum.

If the Globalists win and our world is transformed into an Orwellian nightmare  our history will be erased. Until then,  American history cannot be destroyed. There are other ways to record the cold hard facts of the past.

History must speak the truth. If the truth is ugly, so be it. We will learn from it.

Imagine if Germany had succeeded in destroying all evidence of the holocaust. 

Do you think the Left should be allowed to destroy public property? Should it be moved elsewhere if towns don’t want it anymore? Comment below! 


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