Social Media sensations. Patriots. Hilarious. Lovable. Sassy but classy. Centered. Courageous. Passionate. Free.

There probably isn’t a single person in the world who doesn’t know who Diamond and Silk are. As they describe themselves on their website,

“Diamond and Silk are Vloggers, Bloggers, Public Figures & Speakers.  Internet Sensation, Radio & TV Personality.  Last but not least they are President Trump’s most Outspoken and Loyal Supporters.”

These two beautiful ladies have been behind the MAGA movement since day one.

On the day that Donald Trump descended the escalator with his lovely wife Melania to announce his candidacy, Diamond (Lynette Hardaway) told her sister Silk (Rochelle Richardson) to stop what she was doing and “cut” on her TV.

Silk turned on the TV.  She told her sister “Girl, this is gonna be the next president of the United States.”  Diamond says that “Silk had a chill-and anytime that Silk has a chill, that means something’s going to happen ”

Something happened all right. They hopped right on the Trump Train and never looked back at the Democrat Plantation. 

Diamond whipped out her new I-pad and hit “record.” She said to her sister” I think I want to stump for the Trump.”

Silk would later join her sister in the video programs that not only speaks to their patriotism, but also their social media savvy.

As you no doubt know, Diamond faces the viewer’s left while her sister Silk is on the right. Their take on politics, the Democrats and the MAGA movement makes it feel like they’re the best guests you’ve ever had in your living room.

Diamond tends to control the bulk of the commentary while Silk plays the comedic sidekick role, punctuating salient points with “That’s right” and Mmm Hmm.” Dressed in color coordinated fashions, their dialogue seems homey and warm as  Silk files her nails and enjoys tall glasses of wine.

However, while their commentary seems comedic, the two are fiercely brilliant in their ability to command the screen as they shred the Leftist agenda with the sword of common sense. 

They did not go unnoticed.

Along with gaining fans on their various social media platforms they received the attention of then-candidate Trump.

When President Trump held a rally in their home state of North Carolina during his Presidential campaign he invited them onstage. With a multitude of camera lenses aimed at them that night, they officially endorsed him and were simultaneously launched into world fame.

Thankfully, the world hasn’t been the same since. 

After Hillary’s crushing defeat they celebrated by attending President Trump’s inauguration where they were interviewed by a Fox reporter. Silk said, “People need to remember this is the United States, not the Divided States. It’s time for us to unite as one race-and that’s the human race.”

Amen to that. 

Since then they’ve been to the White House and various White House events, which  drives “minority-loving, women-empowering Liberals” over the edge. They use the visits as a tool to ridicule our President because he deeply appreciates the two sisters and they’ve been his invited guests.

So having courageous patriots over to the White House is a no-no, but when the Obamas invited rappers and “vocalists” whose performances and attire hail Lucifer-that was OK. View image on Twitter

They #WalkedAway

Long before the #WalkAway campaign went viral, Diamond and Silk started “Ditch and Switch” in 2015.

Diamond said that although they were lifelong Democrats, they realized that “just because you’re black doesn’t mean you have to vote Democrat.” Silk agreed and added that they started to stop looking at the Party, and instead began looking “at the person who can best do the job.”

Fierce and female.

Diamond and Silky embody everything that radicalized feminists claim to strive for and support. They’re independent, powerful, successful and fearless. As black women they also represent the “diversity” that Democrats claim to embrace.

But of course, they’re not respected by the radical Left.  Instead, they’re vilified because they’re Trump supporters.

The Leftstream media is mute regarding the Clinton’s 6 figure speaking fees in return for selling favors and our nation’s precious resources. Yet they openly ridicule Diamond and Silk for charging $50.00 to $150.00 dollars a ticket to attend their Chit Chat Tour. 

Democrats applaud Hillbots and Obama worshipers who pose in pink kitty hats and follow the lead of Jew-hating terrorist feminazi leaders. Yet they slam Diamond and Silk for leading Americans of all genders, colors and religions to safety, sanity, prosperity and unity. 

While all Trump supporters are subjected to virulent attacks, conservatives who are also minorities get hit the hardest. Since Diamond and Silk are female, black, and there’s two of them, they call themselves a “triple threat” to the siren song of the Democrat Party-divisive identity politics. They’ve even called President Trump “the Civil Rights President,” which must really drive their “Liberal” haters nuts. 

But as Diamond said, “Your haters make you greater.”

When Democrats aim to divide this country with race-baiting, there they are, combating stereotypes and promoting unity.

When Democrats aim to manipulate, their voter base, there they are, boldly exposing the mind games.

When Democrats struggle to keep minorities on the plantation, there they are-handing out free tickets to the above-ground Trump Railroad. In the face of hateful backlash, they will not allow anyone to go astray without hearing the voice of reason first. The quote attributed to Harriet Tubman,* I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves,” rings true as these sisters and other black conservatives aim to enlighten others. 

They also deal with haters by putting a magnifying glass on their vile comments through their “Wall of Shame.” They’ve been called every derogatory and racist name in the book by the tolerant, Love-Trumps-Hate “Liberals.” 

Going up against Globalist Giants

Like most influential Conservatives, Diamond and Silk have been subject to censorship by Globalist Giants Twitter, You Tube and Facebook who control our primary social media platforms. In researching this post, it seems they’re also being buried by Google’s SEO algorithms. 

But when Mark Zuckerberg deemed Diamond and Silk to be “unsafe to the community” and closed down their Facebook account, things got real.

The timing couldn’t have been better.

On the heels of being exposed for selling user data, Zuckerberg appeared before a joint hearing to address “problems that have generated significant concern about Facebook’s role in our democracy, bad actors using the platform, and user privacy.”

Shortly after, Diamond and Silk had the opportunity to testify before Congress. The two “unsafe” sisters must have sacred off the Globalist Gaggers. Facebook’s Zuckerberg, Google and Twitter all chickened out on attending the hearing.

Democrat members of Congress must have had a huddle to agree on talking points and catch-phrases.  They repeated, ad nauseum, the idea that social media censorship of Conservatives is a “hoax.” This assertion flies in the face of millions of Conservatives who’ve been thrown in “Facebook Jail,” demonetized on You Tube or had accounts shut down due to  posts that don’t fit the Globalist narrative.

The pro-censorship Dems were cagey and continued to point to a rise in Diamond and Silk’s views and/or profits as proof that they weren’t censored. However, the sisters presented ample evidence proving that they had been censored. And a rise does not indicate or measure interaction on facebook that had been lost during the peak of their popularity because they were squashed.  

The two sisters don’t just confront power players through their laptop at home. 

They stood up to the DC elites who clearly aimed to discredit them. Leftist members of Congress could not have been more condescending, disrespectful and smug as a means to ridicule the two women before the world.

The Leftist Limo elites made it clear that Diamond and Silk were not good enough to appear before the lofty Congress. They tried to shame them for making money. Rep Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas  was especially caustic and condescending as she continued to twist Diamond and Silk’s testimony to imply that they were lying under oath. One of the worst comments had to come from Rep. Hank Johnson from Georgia who said he was “just astounded that this committee would stoop to this level to be positioning you all to make more money.”  

An entire article could easily be dedicated to this hearing and the disgraceful manner in which they were treated by smug thug Democrats who supposedly represent our First Amendment rights. 

To oppress the sisters, elected Democrats, “liberals” and Left-leaning media utilize eye rolls, smug smiles, insults and a condescending attitude that is racist to the point of being vulgar.

Instead of applauding their entrepreneurship they are ridiculed and demeaned. They don’t deserve to make a living. They don’t deserve to think for themselves. They don’t deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. They don’t deserve to eat, unless of course it’s thanks to Democrat handouts.

A Washington Post article was typical.

Two WaPo “journalists”co-wrote an article/hit piece, “Who are Diamond and Silk? How two small-town ex-Democrats found fame as ‘warriors’ for Trump.”

They made it a point to disrespect Diamond and Silk’s religious parents who fed their five children by evangelizing through homemade videos. The authors spat on their Mom and Dad by snidely describing each of the products they sell to sponsor their efforts. 

The WaPo writers evoked images of Jimmy Swaggart, Ted Haggard, Jim and Tammy Fay Baker and other scandal-ridden, greed-driven televangelists. They cleverly looped the narrative to describe Diamond and Silk’s enterprise as a digital congregation. The article ended with a snarky remark that in addition to Visa and MasterCard, they also accept PayPal.

Anyway, the article did not age well.

Another ploy they used to discredit Diamond and Silk was to point to their audience as being primarily white Trump supporters, who are only fans because they seek to assuage their guilt about being a bunch of Trump-supporting racists.

The snarky writers and their “Liberal” cohorts never dreamt that Diamond and Silk’s call to “Ditch and Switch” would gain steam with the  #Black Exodus from the Democrat Plantation or the #WalkAway movements.

Another article in the New York Times quoted the largely unknown artist and activist Bree Newsome to get their slur across by proxy. Newsome described the sisters in an interview as “a modern-day minstrel show.” It really doesn’t get any lower than that. 

Identity politics- a Civil Rights travesty.

As the Left aims to oppress and suppress Diamond and Silk they are guilty of the same crime against the entire Black community.

Any black person who learns how to read, write, think for themselves, attain financial freedom, operate a successful social media empire, or align themselves with Conservative values is a threat to their power structure.

The Dems’ subliminally racist MO is to paint the Black and Hispanic communities as hopeless, helpless victims who could never make it on their own without the aid of their elite Democrat Masters. Their policies to keep inner cities destitute and crime-ridden,  #Resist School Choice, #Resist prison reform and protect all Americans by securing our borders ensures that the Black Community will remain on the Plantation. 

Diamond and Silk don’t appreciate that. 

“Progressives” have become progressively worse.

The only thing that’s changed about the Democrat Party is their change of clothes. They ditched their domestic terrorist uniforms from white sheets in favor of black Antifa masks.

Their under the radar racism utilizes subliminal, soul-crushing messaging, social engineering and bribery. The goal has changed from simply garnering votes to taking down Americans of all colors through their Globalist agenda.

Diamond and Silk really are a “triple threat. ” They’ve  led the charge in the face of vicious backlash to wake up members of the Black and Latino communities.

By sounding the alarm on the Globalist agenda, the light of their truth bombs can be likened to Paul Revere’s lanterns that warned of the British invasion. The debt this country owes them is immeasurable. 

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*Some researchers claim that Harriet Tubman never said that. 


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