DC Maven. Former Bill Clinton Adviser. Best selling author. News pundit. Columnist.  Kind. Down to earth. Informative. Reassuring.

Dick Morris offers a unique insiders’s perspective on campaigns and the news. 

If you’ve been around awhile you’re old enough to remember that Dick Morris was an Adviser to Bill Clinton. He evolved. Dick ditched the Clinton Cartel (with his life intact) and is currently focused on Draining the Swamp.

From his website:

“Morris handled the winning campaigns for President Bill Clinton, Republican Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, Pete Wilson of California and more than 30 other major political candidates. Today, Morris focuses his energies as a media commentator and author. He pens regular columns for the New York Post, Newsmax, the Hill Magazine and dozens of publications. Many of these columns are published via DickMorris.com’s e-mail list. Dick Morris, along with his wife Eileen McGann, is the author of numerous New York Times best-selling books, including his latest, “Fleeced: How Barack Obama, Media Mockery of Terrorist Threats, Liberals Who Want to Kill Talk Radio, the Do-Nothing Congress, Companies That Help Iran, and Washington Lobbyists for Foreign Governments Are Scamming Us . . . and What to Do About It.”

Ups and downs

Dick Morris is an inspiration. His career has not been a straight line up with no setbacks. That said, by today’s standards his early troubles don’t mean a thing. Then-he was embroiled in a scandal with a prostitute. Today-yawn. Then-he was too politically biased as a pundit. Today-yawn. Then-Fox let him go because he believed Romney was a shoo-in. Today-journalists are wrong on a daily basis-and it’s rarely an honest mistake.

Dick Morris is no quitter. He’s made a major comeback and is on the Right track. His enemies offer proof that he’s a threat to the Establishment. David Brock and George Soros-the self appointed “Truth Gurus” of MSM- started targeting Dick Morris in 2013 though Media Matters.

So yeah. Dick was loathed by the Left when he turned on Bill and Hill. Probably the best move he ever made.

Dick’s got stories to tell. And he doesn’t hold back. 

As a DC insider, Dick’s got the inside scoop. Fortunately Dick is an awesome virtual guest to welcome into your home because along with insightful political commentary, he’s got plenty of juicy dirt to dish on the Clinton Crime Family.

For example, in one of his Lunch Alert videos he exposes why the Clintons actually paid Andrew McCabe’s inexperienced wife $700,000 to run for Senate. It’s worse than we thought.

In a video entitled “Bill Clinton’s New Scam!” Dick explores how Bill intends to raise money now that his wife lost the election and can no longer trade favors. In this Lunch Alert he reviews how the Clintons swindled the vulnerable Haitians and how they will once again profit from storm victims in the Caribbean.

In the amusing video dubbed “The Pampered Life of Chelsea Clinton”  Dick busts the crafted image of the Clinton’s princess-puppet-in-training.

Not so harsh reality.

Dick presents his commentary without the brash, alarmist drama that has become the style of many news anchors and pundits today. He’s like a news doctor with an awesome bedside manner. If we must hear bad news, it would be in the best interests of blood pressure and heart rate to hear it from Dick Morris.

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