America’s history of displacing, slaughtering and enslaving Native Americans and black people is a sickening tragedy.

The sins of our founding fathers tear at our soul. Their treatment of slaves and Native Americans is unforgivable. In spite of continued attempts to make reparations, we will always feel ashamed of those chapters in our history.

But we sure as Hell don’t need no sorry-ass SJW punks going off on a psychotic rage accusing innocent citizens of being clueless and callous.

Warning: this post could trigger Leftists and cause dramatic faux-seizures!

Social Justice Warriors have such bloated egos and shrunken brains that they truly believe they’re the first people who ever realized that America’s sins regarding Native Americans and slavery is an abomination and we need them to enlighten us.

For example, the thunder thighed beast in the video below stole a guy’s MAGA hat and went off on a psychotic rant justifying her right to steal his property, shut down free speech and hate all white people.

Her white-hate episode was disturbing on many levels. It was largely  fueled by programmed rage regarding our history with slavery and the Native Americans.

As with science, Social Justice Warriors love history when it feeds their self righteous outbursts and hate it when it reveals the truth.

The Hillbot and Berniebot Party aka the Democrat Party has always been the pro-slavery Party. The Dems are scrambling to keep that dirty secret from their under-educated useful idiot army. Feeding skewed history to students and destroying  Confederate statues are a means to that end.

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SJW’s  trumpet  their newfound knowledge that America was founded on some pretty ugly stuff.  So they “make the world a better place” by shutting down free speech, attacking innocent white people,  and accusing them of being racist. 

Newsflash- we don’t need you snot nosed kids to tell us that America’s treatment of slaves and  Native Americans was horrible. It gnaws on America’s soul. We knew that long before any of you  public school swampmonsters were spawned.

We’ve worked hard to improve and to make amends. Before Obama came along we had made a great deal of progress in terms of reparations and racial harmony.

Note~IMOwired offers many posts exposing Democrats as racist Nazis. There’s a whole tab devoted to it. The purpose of this post is to confront our guilt about America’s first original sin-our treatment of the Native Americans.

The supposedly “unprivileged” college student typically evoked America’s original sin, “Your ancestors stole this land.”

Gee what a hip, new thing to be outraged about-said everyone 50 years ago. Anyone who grew up “playing cowboys and Indians” knows better now.

Chances are good that 99.9% of the population feels terrible about what the original settlers did to the Native Americans. We feel terrible that the settlers stole their land and slaughtered and enslaved them. We feel terrible that so many were corralled onto desolate reservations where poverty is rampant.

But here’s the deal. (Brace yourself for a ride into Non-PC Land)
It was their destiny.

Let’s  face the cold hard facts-in those days that’s what people did. They explored. They staked claims to land. They fought and conquered. They were involved in the slave trade. They were often cruel and barbaric.

If it wasn’t the original settlers it would have been explorers from some other country with a cast of characters that could have been even more barbaric.

Mind you, that doesn’t make it right-just reality.

The settlers came from a highly civilized area. Not in terms of behavior obviously, but certainly in terms of weaponry. They arrived in America-an enormous undeveloped country that was sparsely populated by natives who only had bows and arrows. The Native Americans never stood a chance.

Another reality check-explorers would not arrive here after an arduous journey and say Oh! Someone’s here already-let’s turn back.  So America was destined to either be exactly the way it is, or we could be speaking Spanish, Chinese, Russian, or Swedish as our first language.

Sadly, Native Americans were destined to be displaced by invading settlers from more developed countries. Over time all countries evolved and agreed that expansion by brute force has no place in modern society. (Not that they all abide, or that our coups don’t replace an old school invasion).


Long before the snarling SJWs escaped a toilet flush, the people they’re screeeeeeching at understood our nation’s sins and took actions to make amends.

As for the Native Americans, we have given reparations of cash, land and tribal recognition. We affirmed their right to be governed by their own tribal laws and have their own police on their land. They receive some special college grants, and affirmative action for employment.

It’s not nearly as much as many of us believe, and there’s more work to be done.

The sad fact of the matter is that no matter how much we try,  we can’t turn back time and take away the pain of black or Native American ancestors.

Many Native Americans don’t even want financial reparation because they say the land was theirs, and not for sale at any price. This statement however, contradicts two historical narratives. One historical interpretation states that settlers were able to “steal” land for next to nothing because the Native Americans did not believe that they owned the land at all.  Another historical narrative states that Native Americans were actually fully aware of land ownership and willingly sold it. Both of those accounts cancel out the land is/was not for sale argument.

We can’t return all the land. Although here’s a thought-all the SJW’s could leave and give the Native Americans their piece of the pie. That would really shame the rest of us. It would shame us much more dramatically  than spewing worn out  insults.

Perhaps that should be our challenge to them. Otherwise they need to keep their yap shut. They’re no better than the rest of us.

Standing Rock

During the Dakota Pipeline protests SJW’s really showed how much they care about Native Americans and their sacred land.

They totally disrupted the lives of Standing Rock Sioux and left behind a disgusting mess that took months to clean up.

In order to stroke their egos they took a big giant dump on the people they were supposedly there to help. If early settlers were a bunch of filthy pigs who showed no respect for the land, the SJWs proved that we have not evolved one bit.

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The “hip” green warriors also typically stereotyped all Native Americans. The thought never occurred to them that some of the them might actually be free thinkers. That some of them might welcome job opportunities provided by the oil or coal industries.

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It’s OK to steal-if you’re a SJW.

SJWs rail on about how we stole the land from the Native Americans. Yet they have no problem stealing hats or campaign signs or flags from people’s yards.

But the worst is the attempted robbery of our accomplishments-the proud moments when we acknowledged our country’s mistakes and put  years of tremendous effort into apologizing and righting our wrongs.

We don’t want to steal the history of how slaves or Native Americans suffered. It’s egregious to steal anyone’s history. But the Left aims to do just that as they scramble to shred historic evidence of the Republicans’ efforts to free the slaves and enforce Civil Rights in spite of chronic Democrat opposition.

Their self righteous narrative is based on lies that fuel division and chaos which Globalists count on for the ultimate heist-to steal America.

Speaking of stealing, it’s common knowledge- but always amusing-that the Left holds Elizabeth Warren in such high esteem. By identifying herself as a Native American in professional academic directories she stole  someone’s job- a reparation intended for someone of actual Native American ancestry.

Outrage appropriation.

No my snarling little SJW’s you don’t own that outrage. It’s ours.

We-that is, Independents and Republicans- acknowledged our nation’s sins long before you were even born, you little pisspots.  And we’ve been working  hard to make amends in spite of the vast majority of us having no shared DNA with even one of the early settlers or slave owners.

We had made great progress until your Globalist tool Obama ignored all our accomplishments and hijacked modern history.

Where’s your concern now? 

Moving forward, we  need to work together to pick up where we left off-to progress even further. To work on issues with law enforcement and financial divide. To lift struggling  communities out of poverty and improve education.

It’s the Democrat Hillbots and Berniebots  that don’t want this progress. They aggressively block initiatives such as school choice and protecting citizens from illegal immigration that hurts minorities and Native Americans.

The deranged college swampmonster in the video accuses white people in power of having policies that kill people in the masses. Yet its the Left’s pro-abortion platform that is responsible for the genocide of millions of minority babies.

So please, SJWs- don’t pretend that you care about black people, Latinos or Native Americans when you support Leftist Policies. And  you sure as Hell don’t care about any of them when you’re driving the Globalist agenda.

Raw, chronic national guilt is mass suicide. Just ask Germany.

Germany has tried desperately to heal national wounds inflicted by the Holocaust.

It could be said that  Germany was the  shining example of showing the world their remorse and doing whatever was in their power to make up for the past.

However, the Globalists don’t view the Germans’ remorse as a wonderful human quality. They view it as a weakness to exploit.

Because Germany has chronic Holocaust shame, they have been manipulated into accepting hoards of “refugees” that are raping their women, committing violent crimes, imploding their economy, eradicating their culture and destroying their country. The EU’s trojan horse “refugees” are allowed free reign because Germans would apparently rather die than be called racist or xenophobic. 

Meekly allowing Germany to be destroyed and reinvented as a Muslim nation will not atone for the sins of the Holocaust. On the contrary- it will add to them.

When Germany is overrun by Muslims-who loathe Jews and want every last one of them wiped off the face of the earth- that will pick up right where Hitler left off.

Muslims will proceed to destroy all historical evidence of the Holocaust that serves as a reminder to the world that the evils of Antisemitism and genocide must never be repeated.

The Germans’ Holocaust guilt is killing them.  And it’s going to kill the Jews.

SJW’s unwittingly support epic barbaric genocide and expansion. 

Fact is, this isn’t about America’s sin of slavery nor is it about our shameful history with the Native Americans. It’s all about the “sin” of electing Donald Trump.

This isn’t about America trading slaves or violently displacing Native Americans. It’s all about  paving the way for Globalization.

Ironically, the idiot army of SJW’s are fighting on behalf of everything and everyone they claim to hate-the Globalist Elite.

Their New World Order handlers are currently launching what will be the bloodiest massacre in world history as they plot the ultimate expand-and conquer-operation to destroy all sovereign nations and create a One World Government.

The Globalist Elite do not care one bit about  black people, Latinos or Native Americans. To them we are all one and the same-we are their enemy. We’re nothing more than pesky vermin to wipe out with abortions, tainted vaccines, poisoned food, LGBTQI population control, microchips and Radical Islamists.

The useful idiot armies don’t understand they will not be spared. They’ll just be the last ones thrown into the ovens.

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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