Yet another under reported MOAB: the DNC acknowledged that Joseph Misfud is not only missing-he could be deceased.*

Joseph Misfud has been missing since last year.

According to former Trump aide George Papadopoulos, Maltese academic Joseph Mifsud bragged to him that that Moscow had thousands of Hillary’s missing emails.

Papadopoulus became ensnared in the Mueller investigation/coup. When he told the FBI about Mifsud’s boast, they took it very seriously. The FBI was hoping that Mifsud would prove to be a link between Russia and the Trump campaign. 

However, when the FBI questioned Misfud he flatly denied ever making such a claim. Gosh. Wouldn’t Misfud’s denial present a big problem for the FISA-abusing Powers That Be? Wouldn’t that make his being a key witness for the very foundation of the Mueller investigation- a problem? 

If Moscow did have thousands of Hillary’s missing emails would disclosing that information be bad for Misfud’s health? 

Up until now, Democrats and their Demstream media have buried the story of Misfud’s disappearance. 

So why is the DNC bringing this up now?

Could it be that they want all eyes focused on their upcoming lawsuit against President Trump, Wikileaks and Russia for interfering in the 2016 election?

The Hill reported, 

The DNC’s counsel has attempted to serve Mifsud for months and has been unable to locate or contact him. In addition, public reports have said he has disappeared and hasn’t been seen for months,” DNC spokeswoman Adrienne Watson said.

Democrats have made criminalizing opponents in court an art form. What a great way to perpetuate their ongoing-yet crumbling- Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax.

However, as evidence mounts concerning their own interference in the 2016 election, will it backfire?

Democrat thugs in social media, google and MSM continue to squash Conservative voices and information streams.  “Debunking” the #WalkAway movement asRussian bots, Voter fraud, fighting policies for voter ID and calling for Open Borders to import votes…isn’t it all too obvious that it’s the Left who interferes with US elections? 

Speaking about dead witnesses-what about poor Oleg Ervinkin? 

So key witness Joseph Misfud may not be able to testify in their Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax lawsuit. Because he may be dead. How convenient. 

Another convenient death-Ex-KGB Chief and specialist in ‘disinformation campaigns,” Oleg Erovinkin, was Christopher Steele’s likely source for the “dossier.”

That’s right. Hillary’s political opposition rag that was dubbed a “dossier,” may have been born of Russian collusion. 

But we’ll never know his level of involvement. Erovinkin turned up dead from a “heart attack” of the worst kind-in the back seat of his own car. 

Could there be some dotskis to connect here? 

Joseph Misfud is described as a Maltese Professor with high level connections to the Russian government.

Do you suppose Misfud might have known Erovinkin? Could one or both of them have been working for the best interests of their boss, President Putin?

After all, it was Hillary who handed over 20% of our precious uranium to the supposedly dangerous enemy of America-Russia. It was Hillary who would have carried on Obama’s “green” policies-poising Putin’s Russia to be the number one Global energy superpower. 

But we’re supposed to believe Putin interfered with our election to put “America-First” Trump in office?


2016/2017 was a most unfortunate time period for people who went up against the Clintons and/or were snooping around into DNC voter fraud.

  1. John Ashe-Found dead June 2016. Barbells to the neck. He was set to testify against a Clinton crony-Chinese real estate developer  Ng Lap Seng. That trial would have proven embarrassing to the Clintons, as it would unearth “Chinagate.” The Chinagate scandal involved Bill Clinton’s former run for President. Money was  funneled to the DNC for Bill Clinton through Arkansas restaurant owner Charlie Trie.
  2. Seth Rich-Found dead July 2016. DNC staffer suspected of leaking emails to Wikileaks. Gunned down. 
  3. Shawn Lucas-Found dead August 2016. Gleefully served the DNC with a subpoena to investigate possibly rigging the primaries to knock Bernie out of the box in favor of Hillary. Found dead in his bathroom. 
  4. Victor Thorne- Found dead August 2016. Bestselling author of Anti-Hillary books. Found on a mountainside near his home. He “killed” himself on his 54th birthday even though he told radio show host Russell Scott that if anything happened to him it would be murder. He would never commit suicide. 
  5. Beranton Whisenant. Found dead May 2017. Lived in DW-S’s district. A prosecutor who was investigating DNC voter fraud. Body washed up on the beach. Police somehow couldn’t tell if he died of 2 gunshots to the head or not. 
  6. Peter Smith-Found dead May 2017. GOP operative Peter Smith was on a mission to obtain Hillary’s famously missing 30,000 emails from Russian hackers. He told the Wall Street Journal about it. Ten days later he was found dead from asphyxiation with a plastic bag. 
  7. Klaus Eberwein-Found dead July 2017. Gunshot to the head.  A former Haitian official. Was preparing to testify the following week against the Clinton Foundation regarding their having ripped off Haiti’s earthquake victims. 
  8. Chester Bennington. Found dead July 2017. MSM would love to file this under “tin hat” but the alleged suicide of this young rock star was timely. He was set to release an album about child sex trafficking. There are ties between his band, Haiti and the Clinton Foundation. He also appears to be the illegitimate son of John Podesta. (see related posts below) 
  9. Kurt Smolek-Found dead August 2017. Lived in D W-S’s district. Federal Agent investigating witness child sex trafficking in Cambodia. Some people cite the Clinton Foundation in Cambodia as having access to children. 
They all have one thing in common-the Clintons. What are the odds? Should Misfud and Erovinkin be added to this list? 


Real Great American Kathie Rivas alerted me that there’s news that Joseph Misfud has been found. So far the bulk of the major outlets have not confirmed this. So far I’ve only found this update from the Gateway Pundit and The Daily Caller.

The Daily Caller reported:

But a Swiss-German lawyer who has been described as a close friend and adviser of Mifsud’s calls the allegation “nonsense.”

“I’m in a better mood today. I got it from really good sources. They say that he is alive, that he has another identity, and that he is staying somewhere, at a nice place,” Stephan Roh told The Daily Caller News Foundation on Sunday.

“I just this morning got a message, indirectly, that he is alive and that they have provided him with another identity,” added Roh, who did not describe his sources.

TheDCNF was not able to independently confirm whether Mifsud is alive.

What do you think? Anonymous sources? A new identity? If this is true, why? Will add more updates as they become available.

Thanks so much for the quick catch Kathie! 

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The Hill-Misfud may be dead/upcoming lawsuit

*Gateway Pundit-Misfud alive? 

*Daily Caller-Misfud alive?

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