The DNC is going broke!

The The Democratic Party is on Suicide Watch. Let’s not call 911.

The Gateway Pundit reported that “Under the leadership of former Obama official Tom Perez, a new FEC report reveals the DNC finished the month of June $3.3 million in debt.”

Donations  have been tanking. Even the Globalist godfather of greed, George Soros isn’t forking over his dirty money. He’s only given $33,900 to the DNC so far this year. Last year he blew gave millions to prop his Satanic Sister Hillary on the throne.

On the other hand, the  RNC easily raised  $13.4 million in June.

The Democratic Party is imploding from their own hate and corruption. It’s glorious! They can’t think straight. They can’t talk straight. Along with their souls and common decency they have literally lost their minds.

A descent into madness proven by their new Party slogan.

They were desperate for a message. They know they don’t have one so they have to make something up. After months of “brain” storming they came up with this slogan:

“A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages.”

They were instantly shredded on Twitter for ripping off Papa John’s.

“Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John’s.”

It’s ironic that the slogan  for the depraved Party parallels with Papa John’s pizza. Maybe they should have found inspiration from a local DC joint instead. Support small businesses and all.

It’ll be interesting to see if they stubbornly cling to that failure too. The Dems don’t learn their lessons. So the Blue Party in operating in the red.

10 examples of their “Leadership” could provide a clue.

1) Tom Perez-the new Capo de Capi of the DNC






Perez, the guy with the krill sifting smile, kicked off his new leadership style by cursing like a dump truck driver. The  poor Democrats are still outraged by our President’s language. So much that they copy-cat  it to infinity and beyond.

He spat,  Republicans don’t give a shit about people! This is the same guy who in another rant said that Democrats can’t be pro-Life.-no exceptions.

Fox reported that “Perez repeated his punchline from previous speeches in Newark, N.J. and Portland, Maine, proclaiming that Trump “doesn’t give a s–t about” people or their health care.” Perez eloquently called President Trump’s financial agenda a “shitty budget.” A young child was present, but that never matters to the Dems.

2) Nancy Pelosi. House lights on but nobody’s home.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is a perfect example of Vacuous Involuntary Psychobabble Syndrome. The  tragic ailment has struck many a Dem lately.

Nancy personifies the Dems’ breathtaking hypocrisy.  The “Catholic” speaker is a huge promoter of abortion as well as all the other depravity, death and destruction that comprises the Party platform.

Pelosi lectured President Trump  about withdrawing from the Climate Change Accord. “The Bible tells us that to minister to the needs of God’s creation is an act of worship. To ignore those needs is to dishonor the God who made us, and that is just what we’re doing by walking away from the accord.” Preach it Sista.

Nancy’s two remaining neurons fired up the notion that funding transgender surgery for enlisted “men” and “women”  is vital for national security. 

It’d be a whole lot funnier if it weren’t so painful to watch.  Someone needs to drive her to the nearest home. Please tell me she doesn’t operate a moving vehicle.

Maybe the Dems are too afraid of offending her. But don’t real friends tell friends when there’s spinach on their teeth?  Now she’ll always be remembered as that speaker who was suffering from dementia. What was her name again? 

3)Kamala Harris-being groomed for 2020.

Looks like the Dems are hoping that a vagina-toting candidate of color will have a better shot at winning than Hills did. They still don’t get it that it was the content of Hillary’s character, not her gender that led to her crushing defeat. So they picked yet another role playing Barbie doll to bait their idol worshiping voter base.

This feminazi Barbie talks! She curses! She interrupts! She plays the gender card!

BTW-why are Dems so focused on female candidates and reviving the struggles of feminism, but are so dead against acknowledging gender at all anymore?

4)Outgoing CA DNC Chair John Burton

Thousands of Democrats  flipped off and said F*ck You! to our President.

The Sacramento Bee reported,

“The always foul-mouthed Burton, 84, stood before thousands of Democratic delegates at Saturday’s general assembly and as a rallying cry asked the crowd to join in. He then shoved two fists in the air, flipping the bird. Across the room at the Sacramento Convention Center, others onstage and in the audience followed suit.

Onstage were House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, Rep, Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, state Sen. Toni Atkins, D-San Diego, and others.”

And they wonder why they’re going broke.

5)Elizabeth Warren. Another possible pic for 2020.

Fake-ahontas Elizabeth Warren was ahead of her time. Long before it was “cool” Warren was “trans-racial.” By claiming to be a Native American she capitalized on the plight of our indigenous people to land a sweet teaching gig at Harvard.

The Dems howl about Native Americans’ and women’s rights. Yet they don’t care that Elizabeth Warren may have cheated another woman out of the job. Or that she may have stolen some administrative space from a genuine Native American.  So that she could snatch up  her 430,000 salary while railing on to voters about the high cost of a college education.

They’re also mute on her pulling off the ultimate “cultural misappropriation.”

Maybe Elizabeth  gets a pass because of her charm. She wins them over with her snarling, Trump-hating, feminazi threats, like “Donald, You ain’t seen nasty yet!”

Trump-hate never gets old with the Left.  It’s precious fuel for their Hellfire.

6)Maxine Waters. A candidate for 2020. Or the nut house.

Maxine Waters is the Dem’s Queen o’ Mean. But Mad Max’s message is getting as worn out as Madonna’s…..act.   “Impeach fohty-fahv! Impeach fohty-fahv!”

Now she’s got a new one.  She’s tossing out a “Kremlin Klan” pitch to infer that Donald Trump is not only “in bed with Putin” but that he’s a racist.  Cute.

The ol’ race baiter even threatened, “Donald Trump I’m comin’ after you!”

Thing is, Maxine knows that Omar Navarro is coming after her. Signs created by conservative street artist Sabo beautify street corners and bus stops in  her run down district. The  graphics call  for her impeachment.

Perhaps sensing a loss is why she’s thinking about running for President in 2020. Can you imagine? That would be so much fun. Let’s not discourage her.

7) Scott Hamann. Lawmaker and P*word-wielding punk.

Maine Democratic lawmaker Scott Hamann threatened President Trump and laced his social media rant with the  P* word. But hey- it’s OK when Dems say it!

Portions of his Party-killing tirade include:

  • “Trump is a half term president, at most, especially if I ever get within 10 feet of that pussy!”
  • Hamann accused Trump of being “anti-American,” and an “admitted rapist” who was “installed by the Russians.”
  • He railed on Trump supporters who, according to him, only read Breitbart. “Don’t like the truth?” he asked. “Well then fuck you, snowflake. You’re a fucking pussy. And you people are destroying America.”
  • “100% of intelligence Americans agree that Trump is a complete loser. But go back to clinging to your guns because you’re afraid. Pussy.”

He’s since apologized. Too little, too late. But not for the Dems. They kicked him off a couple of legislative committees but he’s still a State Rep.

The Secret Service didn’t share the warm and fuzzy feelings. They investigated, but let him off the hook.

8) Senator Chuck Schumer

There’s nothing funny about Schumer’s foul mouth. He spews seditious lies.

The vocal Trump-hater was recently outed by Senator Grassley. Schumer held a high position of trust as a member of the “Gang of Eight.” He knew a long time ago that President Trump was not under investigation in the Russian Probe. But he lied outright to the public and said he was!

He even interfered with the President’s nomination of Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court Justice . He  claimed that President Trump shouldn’t vote on the Supreme Court Justice because he was under investigation. A total bald-faced LIE.

9) Bill de Blasio. A 2020 candidate banking on public amnesia.

The Mayor of NYC is on a roll. And not in a good way. He was under fire because he gave his blessings for Oscar Lopez Rivera to Marshall New York City’s Puerto Rican Day parade. Rivera is a convicted criminal and the leader of the the FALN. The FALN is a terrorist organization responsible for at least 70 bombings in the US that took the lives of 5 people and injured dozens more.

His sanctuary city  policies not only rob NYC taxpayers to support hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, they roll  out the welcome mat for terrorists. A sanctuary city manual recently circulated instructs sanctuary cities how to protect illegals, dangerous gangs and yes-terrorists.

New York City was outraged when he chose to travel to Europe to join protests against President Trump at the G-20 Summit instead of staying behind to support the police. The city was mourning the loss of police officer Miosotis Familia, mother of three. She was shot and killed in cold blood while sitting in her police car.

Politicians love amnesia. But  this will not be forgotten. The Men in Blue won’t be the only Americans to turn their back on De Blasio if he goes for a run.

9)Phil Montag

That quote above? Phil Montag’s  reaction to Steve Scalise being shot.

Montag was a volunteer co-chaiman for the Nebraska Democratic Party. Even the Democrats don’t want him-not even for free.

At least they were smart enough to oust this dirtbag.  Still, it’s a sparkling window into the Democratic soul. It’s been said, like a diamond, the internet is forever. 

10)  Joe Biden. Eyeballing the Oval.

No one would be surprised if Joe Biden ran in 2020. Don’t tell Maxine.

VP profanity trailblazer Joe Biden  said the Affordable Care Act was a big fuckin’ deal back in 2010 on an open mic. Real nice.

It sure would provide more fodder for entertainment. Let’s encourage him.

You can bet that if he ran, everyone in America would  suddenly be exposed to the extensive gallery of Joe feeling up women of all ages. Turns out the former Veep is a serious creep. Known on You Tube as “Creepy Uncle Joe,” his  fondleness for defenseless children is far more objectionable than his cursing.

The list is endless.

But for the sake of being contrived and overly cutesy it was limited to 10.

Since Hillary and Obama won’t go away, they’d have to be considered a given.

The Dems have many stellar players, like Gov. Gerry Brown, Potty Mouth Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and Sellout Sanders who loves jihadist Linda Sarsour.

Add more nominees to this Hall of Shame in the comments section!

These are vulgar people. These are dangerous people.

It’s very clear that the DNC is not just riddled with low class, corrupt, uncreative caricatures. The DNC is infused with thugs and gangsters, like Hillary, Podesta and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

The Party keeps sinking into the Abyss of Hell where it was born.

Self righteousness because our President said a bad word 11 years ago in a private conversation fuels their incessant and unrelenting vulgarity.

Their Russia-phobic battle cry, even after being debunked, still poses a serious threat to the results of our election.

Polls show that 52% of all Americans believe that the Democratic Party stands for one thing-to obstruct President Donald Trump.

This political power has become unhinged. They’ve got a whole lot of nothing. Their new ploy is to resort to foul language and/or to pull off the image of wild outsiders.

What they don’t understand is that when then-Candidate Trump did it, it was truly authentic, not wannabe authentic. Plus he had an actual message to back it up.

The Dems are anti-everything and everyone pro-Trump. But deep down inside they all wish they were him. He’s a badass rock star.

John Phillips of The Orange County (CA!) Register summed it up.

Even more tellingly, it proves that Democrats are still clueless as to why they lost the election.

Trump did not win the election because voters were in love with his vulgarian behavior; he won in spite of it.

The New York billionaire won the election because both major political parties insisted on supporting free trade, endless wars and open borders, expressly against the wishes of the American people. Trump was the only candidate willing the challenge the Washington, D.C., elite consensus.

And no amount of swearing will change that reality.

Who else do you think should be on this list? Leave your nominees in the comments section below!

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