Democrats and their idiot army feign outrage as they claim that “President Trump’s policies” regarding illegal children detained at the border is inhumane. 

First of all, these are not “President Trump’s policies.” The Homeland Security Act of 2002 that put forth these policies was passed by the Democrat House Majority under Obama’s watch.

But of course, the only ones falling for the “caring about illegal children” ploy are the Dems’ abortion-cheering idiot army.

Democrats are grasping at straws to energize their base with sustained hate and rage. Exploiting illegal children is no problem if the end justifies the means.

Satan’s favorite court jester, the hideous Kathy Griffin, sunk to a new unimaginable low.

In response to a tweet from the First Lady the deranged Carrot Top doppleganger attacked our lovely First Lady Melania with this vile tweet:

Where was their outrage during the Obama years? 

Before the media’s job was to hate on President Trump and push the Globalist agenda, journalists reported on the problem of rampant human trafficking. Crimes involved Cartels raping and trafficking adults and illegal children crossing Hillary’s “dream of” a hemorrhaging open border.

Here’s 7 reports proving that Dems don’t give a damn about adult illegal immigrants or illegal children. 

1•Channel 4

In 2010 Channel 4 conducted an interview with a Mexican girl who was held captive by human traffickers and later managed to escape.

She told Channel 4 News that she witnessed babies and children being “sold to order” to American citizens.


Looks like Obama’s idea of “solving problems” is to loot America’s coffers to fund foreign countries.

CNN stated that child immigrants were creating a border crisis. Obama’s solution? According to CNN “The plan includes almost $100 million in aid to the Central American governments of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to help reintegrate the illegal migrants whom the United States will send back, and to help keep them in their home countries, according to a White House statement. ”

Will that “solution” be a part of his legacy? Will it be noted in his Presidential Library?

3•Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera reported on the dangers of human sex trafficking back in 2014.

You pay or you die is apparently the only deal the Cartels offer. But no worries. If you can’t chalk up the cash, there’s other ways. For example, they may force a migrant to become a drug mule for them. However, the deal is quickly broken. Most often once the drugs are delivered, the migrant is killed.

Another option is to “cross the Sasabe desert and go on to Arizona, [where] migrants are told they must pay about $4,500 to the coyote [term for a sex trafficker] who is appointed by the cartels.”

4•ABC News

The “Feminist” Dems claim to be the Party of Women, yet ignore horrific violations against women across the globe (not to mention their own vicious attacks on Conservative women) But it wasn’t always so. They used to care when grown women were trafficked.

Way back in 2014 ABC News was outraged when they discovered that human sex traffickers at the border received much lighter sentences than weed dealers.

5•Obama’s own Department of Justice

Looks like Obama and his AG Loretta Lynch missed this DOJ memo…”Each year, worldwide there are about 800,000 to 6 million people trafficked across borders, and up to 17,500 people trafficked across borders in the United States.”

6•Human Trafficking Search. Org

This organization ran a report in 2015 clearly pinning the blame on Obama for ignoring the need to protect illegal children. “The lack of consistent trafficking screening of Mexican unaccompanied migrant children raises concern about the prevalence of trafficking in this population and signals a need for reform….”

“…Inconsistent screening results in misidentification of child trafficking victims as was recently experienced by a group of girls from Mexico who were caught and repatriated by U.S. immigration forces multiple times before they were later discovered by U.S. police as victims of a sex trafficking ring.”

Another interesting nugget they posted related to the opioid epidemic. President Trump often cites the opioid epidemic as another reason to build The Wall.

“Parents addicted to opiates/opioids have seemingly led to an increase of what is referred to as “familial sex trafficking,” the selling of children by family members for drugs or money.”

7•ICE Website

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Website drives home the importance of caring for illegal children.

“According to the U.S. Department of State, the United States is a destination country for thousands of men, women, and children trafficked from all areas of the world. These victims are trafficked for the purposes of sexual and labor exploitation. Many of these victims are lured from their homes with false promises of well-paying jobs; instead, they are forced or coerced into prostitution, domestic servitude, farm or factory labor or other types of forced labor.”

ICE takes the matter of trafficking migrants, including  illegal children very seriously. How to show true love and compassion? Stop human trafficking.

The website describes their role:

“ICE works with its law enforcement partners to dismantle the global criminal infrastructure engaged in human smuggling and human trafficking. ICE accomplishes this mission by making full use of its authorities and expertise, stripping away assets and profit incentive, collaborating with U.S. and foreign partners to attack networks worldwide and working in partnership with nongovernmental organizations to identify, rescue and provide assistance to trafficking victims.”

Their site also lists recent successes in busting prostitution rings exploiting migrants who illegally entered the USA.

Given the facts about trafficking women and illegal children, and this very clear solution to stop it-how can the Dems seriously claim to care about people South of the border?

Boo Hoo

No tears were shed by Cryin’ Chuck Schumer when he, along with the  Democrat Majority Senate, passed the Homeland Security Act of 2002.

The Bill contains the language used by DHS to outline the approach to deal with illegal children.  Detained parents can’t care for their kids, so their kids are “unaccompanied.” But what do facts matter when you can push lies and hate with impunity?

Are we really surprised that they’re perpetuating a hoax to replace the Russia/Trump Collusion Hoax?

Well that’s that then. Yet another attempt for the Democrats to smear our fairly elected President. How long will it take for this stunt to blow up in their faces?

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