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Fact or Fiction: Do Trump Supporters Hate Gay People?

Do Trump supporters hate gay people? Or is it just one more smear tactic from the Left?

David (the Gay Republican)” tweeted that “Liberals” try to convince him that Trump supporters hate gay people.

He shot back:

David (The Gay Republican)@GayRepublicSwag

Liberals continue to tell me Trump supporters hate me yet I just passed 130,000 Trump loving followers. You don’t follow an openly gay man if you hate gays. The only people who show me hate are Liberals. Conservatives don’t hate gay people and that stereotype must end.13.1K8:50 AM – Oct 8, 2018Twitter Ads info and privacy6,393 people are talking about this

He’s not alone.

In June of 2016 two gay Latino Trump supporters were attacked at a rally. Vice quoted the response from Eric, a gay man, as saying, “It’s easy to come out of the closet. It’s dangerous to come out as a Trump supporter.”

Here’s what I’d say to David (the gay Republican)

Dear David,

Imagine how many other MAGA supporters you’d have if the social media technocrats weren’t messing with your algorithms!

And it’s safe to say that openly gay #WalkAway Founder Brandon Straka is widely admired and loved by Trump supporters!

And please tell me-which Conservative made a peep when PresidentTrump appointed openly gay Richard Grenell as Ambassador to Germany?

If Democrats didn’t have blackmail, bribery, lies, and smears they’d have no ammunition at all.

This “Trump supporters hate gay people” lie is just one more smear campaign about Conservatives. In fact, I know loads of Trump supporters that love sites like and the content that they produce.

Instead of crafting lucid arguments, “Liberals” label Conservatives as racist, nazi, homophobe, Islamophobe, sexist, misogynist, under-educated, hillbillies and then some.

Are there some Trump supporters who hate gay people?

Of course. But it seems they are a small minority. Unlike the Left that is rife with antisemitism. “Liberal” Democrats align themselves with every leader, country, policy, organization and ideology that aims to see Israel and every last Jew wiped off the face of the earth. Some of those Jews are gay. Who are the real Nazis?

Democrats have obliterated the Black population through abortion, spearheaded by Hillary’s admired woman, Margaret Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood. Sanger infamously stated, “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population…” Hitler was inspired by Sanger’s mission to “exterminate the negro population.” Democrats continue to fight for this cause. Who are the real Nazis? The real racists?

Planned Parenthood flaunts their Pink Branding. Hitler’s homosexual victims wore pink brands too. If you would have been one to wear a pink brand then Click Here as you might like this.

Speaking of Hillary’s idol, Margaret Sanger, the eugenicist also stated, “No more children should be born when the parents, though healthy themselves, find that their children are physically or mentally defective.”

Hitler felt that homosexuals were also defective. Rather than the yellow stars that Jews had to wear on their clothing, Hitler, forced gay people to wear pink triangles.

Have Democrats and Planned Parenthood ever openly disavowed Margaret Sanger? Or do they prefer to claim that Conservatives are promoting “false narratives” about her to “shame” women who support abortion?

Pro-Life Conservatives point to the hypocrisy of feminists who-if they really cared about women and little girls-wouldn’t kill them in the womb. No Conservative has (to my knowledge) ever insisted that no unborn child should be tortured, dismembered and murdered in the womb unless it is suspected the fetus may become gay? And no “Pro-Choice” feminazi has ever said, we have a “right” to abort our babies, unless thy’re female or may become gay!

That may sound silly, but since women abort Downs babies and babies due to their gender, is it really that far off?

Why don’t “Liberal” Rainbow Radicals care that their eugenics program, Planned Parenthood, is wiping out another generation of gay Americans?

No wonder Democrats want to erase their history.

Democrats launched a Civil War to keep their slaves. Many white male Americans, who the Left now vilifies, fought, bled and died to free Black people from the grip of Democrat slavery.

Later, as KKK terrorists, they refused to honor the Civil Rights of Black Americans. Republicans had to send in the National Guard to ensure that segregation was stopped and Civil Rights laws were enforced.

Dinesh D’Souza crushed the myth that the “parties switched” (video link below) Democrats still don’t want their “Negroes” educated as they #ResistSchoolChoice. This determination to deny Black Americans the best education possible is a truly heinous Civil Rights violation. In addition, Democrats continue to foster revolting stereotypes, such as Black people can’t make it without a handout. And Black people are too stupid, backwards and poor to obtain a voter ID.

Who are the real racists? And at the same time aren’t they insulting Black Americans who are gay?

“Liberals” aim to revamp and rewrite history.

“Liberal” protesters live in the past. They’re screaming about issues that have already been addressed. Fighting wars that have been fought and won. These costumed 60’s wannabes are triggered into an all-consuming rage as if the problems experienced in their history books are happening today.

They ignore the years that followed, encompassing how the problems were addressed (largely by white men and Black Conservatives) and the progress that has been made. This includes issues with Native Americans, race, gender, religious affiliation…and sexual preference.

Is there more work to be done? Of course. But you can’t be “progressive” if you revert to the past problem instead of building on the progress that was made.

If anyone doubts that the vast majority of Conservatives never hated gay people, then the movie “Bernie” is a must-see. Jack Black pulls off an amazing performance as a closeted gay funeral director. He is highly respected and loved in what condescending “Liberals” might view as a backwards community in Texas that (just guessing) would probably vote for Trump today. It’s based on a true story.

Gay vs. Radicalized

If Democrats and “Liberals” stereotype Conservatives as being anti-gay, it may be because their radicalized LGBTQI movement is designed to create division and confusion.

Conservatives did not take to the street armed with baseball bats, flamethrowers, and hitting Democrats on the head with bike locks when gay marriage was legalized or when celebrities, politicians or community members came out.

Their radicalized LGBTQI agenda is targeting our children and undermining our government. That’s where we draw the line.

That is also where decent gay Americans draw the line.

Openly gay Professor Camille Paglia is one example. She’s been a champion for children, defending them against the Left’s Mengelesque science/social experiment-the transgender agenda.

Gay Americans have made great strides towards protecting their rights in housing and the workplace. Laws have been enacted to protect them from hate crimes. The goal was to become respected citizens so they could reach their potential. The radicalized movement wants to keep them mentally, spiritually and emotionally stuck by obsessing on their identity as a gay individual rather than an individual who happens to be gay.

Ironically, the Rainbow Radicals simultaneously push for Radical Islam to infiltrate this country. The politicized cult of Islam that the “Liberals” love, whose feminazis are led by Sharia-Law promoter Linda Sarsour, would have all gay people tortured, raped then thrown off buildings. Confused much? Anti-gay much?

Pink Plantation

“Liberals” cannot stomach Conservative Trump supporters who are Black, Hispanic or female. Conservative gay Americans are also viciously attacked.

According to Democrats, your vote for them depends on one thing only-the group you identify with. It is not about the individual who is a complex, multi faceted human being who recognizes the needs of our country as being complex and multi-faceted.

However, their identity politics are being crushed. Not only are Black and Hispanic Americans rejecting their worn-out race baiting games, the gay community is also refusing to be manipulated into voting for their own demise.

Gay Americans are checking out of the Pink Plantation.

During the 2016 election cycle Breitbart’s outspoken Milo Yiannopoulos hammered a massive thorn in the Democrat side every time he referred to our then-Presidential Candidate as “Daddy Trump.” He was a huge hit with Conservatives.

His brilliant arguments destroyed Democrats and their “Liberal” policies, particularly their aim to import gay-killing Radical Islamists. Their only solution was to ensure that Milo was shut out of speaking engagements on college campuses.

However, the over-the-top Milo made a fatal error when he joked about his having been molested by a Priest when he was 13. Granted, the remarks were vile. Milo tried to back-peddle by insisting he was joking, but it didn’t fly. The Democrat Party-who promotes the normalization of pedophilia-was “outraged” and relished his fall from grace.

Unfortunately for Democrats, Milo was not the only gay American who supports Trump and our Constitution.

In June of 2016 Radical Muslim Omar Mateen open-fired in Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, killing 49 people. Following the massacre,then-Candidate Trump won over the hearts of many in the gay community.

Vice reported that “Trump specifically appealed to the LGBTQ community during a rally in North Carolina. “We want to live in a country where gay and lesbian Americans and all Americans are safe from radical Islam, which, by the way, wants to murder and has murdered gays and they enslave women…”

In contrast, opponent Hillary was promising to unleash over a half a million “refugees” a year into our country. That’s over half a million Radical Islamists who believe in throwing gay people off rooftops. After Trump’s reaction to the Pulse Nightclub Massacre, the LGBT-supporting Log Cabin Republicans group reported that inquiries into their organization increased tenfold.

Peter Boykin challenges Democrat gay-group-think.

The “Gays for Trump” website is another example of the growing movement of Conservative gay people who appreciate President Trump’s initiatives to Make America Great again (and safe again) for all Americans.

Founder Peter Boykin isn’t stopping there. He’s running for House of Representatives in NC District 58.

It’s no surprise that he’s been attacked by the “Liberal” gay media.

He slammed the gay community for not truly representing “diversity” for those who voice their own opinion.

Boykin even had the courage to confront the trans agenda in our military. He told The Daily Beast that he believed transgender soldiers are “mentally challenged,” too expensive for the military, and “would be our weakest link.”

Funny. I can’t find any source that says that Peter Boykin has been attacked by Conservatives.

Brandon Straka is all the proof needed that the “Trump supporters hate gay people” spin is a lie.

Straka, Founder of the #WalkAway movement is not only openly gay, he is playing an historic and pivotal role by encouraging Democrats to #WalkAway from the hate and violence of their Party. His #WalkAway March on Washington is at the end of this month (check the link below for more info.)

He is not only widely admired and loved by Trump supporters, he is considered a hero. He appears frequently as a pundit on Fox and other conservative outlets and is embraced by Conservative power players such as Herman Cain, Dinesh D’Souza and Roseanne Barr.

Obviously for Democrats, free thought, free speech and the free flow of information is their worst nightmare.

The difference between how “Liberals” and Conservatives treat gay people in one Tweet:

While some Conservatives do not agree with a gay lifestyle due to their religious beliefs, another tweet I read a while back (can’t remember who it was) from a gay person said something to this effect:

When “Liberals” disagree with my choices, they attack and threaten me. When Conservatives disagree with my choices they pray for me.

Would you say that pretty much sums it up?

To assure David (the gay republican) that Trump supporters do not hate him, visit his Twitter page. And give the rest of our fellow patriots-who also happen to be gay-a shout-out in the comments section below!

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  1. Comments lost during transfer. On 10/8/18 RegalEagle wrote,”I’m a Christian. I believe homosexuality is a sin. I also believe adultery is a sin. And many other things. But I don’t hate anyone. God is Judge, not me. So I don’t judge. I’m on disability now, but one of my last managers was a lesbian. I didn’t care. I worked as hard for her as any of the other managers I had. And I liked her a lot. The only people that really test me and push my hate button are the hateful leftists. They make it very hard to be a good Christian. But I keep trying! #maga #keepAmericagreat2020″

  2. Alvaro

    I am 58 years old, I have been an openly gay hispanic male (Brown…lol …I find this coloring and/or letter labeling truly discriminating and divisive) almost my entire adult life. I have never been the victim of hatred and discrimination as I am now, mostly from the LGBTQ crowd, add points if they are also Hispanics.

    • Thank you for speaking out. I’m sorry you find yourself in the thick of “loving tolerant Liberal” attacks. Yes, this politicized movement-as with the others-is causing terrible divisiveness and will backfire on the Conservative gay community for sure. And as you point out-where were the problems, really? They act like there was some nationwide massacre going on. Also, a good excuse to shove age-inappropriate psyho-sexual abuse on our children under the “anti-bullying” mask. For hetero abuse they mask it as “health.”

Comments appreciated!

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