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Does McCain “Is Dying Anyway” Remark Call for WH Staffer Firing?

White House staffer Kelly Sadler said of McCain that  “he’s dying anyway” so he shouldn’t oppose the nomination of Gina Haspel for CIA director.

In response, the Left has once again become the gasping bastion of virtue. CNN took the opportunity to attack innocent bystander First Lady Melania’s new program. The CNN headline blares “Be Best” to “He’s Dying Anyway” in Trumpworld. 

So once again a leaked remark thought to be said in private is being weaponized as a way to shred President Trump.

As usual the Left is calling for Sadler’s firing. Yet they’re mute on MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace suggesting that Sarah Huckabee-Sanders should be choked.

Leak #2 revealed that Sarah Huckabee-Sanders railed into her communications team. But the MSM spin was that she was somehow more concerned about the leak than the “he’s dying anyway” remark. And that was supposedly a bad thing.

Many feel the “he’s dying anyway”remark, thought to be said in a private meeting, was in poor taste. But is it really that far off the mark?

McCain-with an lethal brain tumor- is still empowered to be voting on issues that will effect Americans now and until long after he dies.

The image of his spiteful “thumbs down” on the skinny repeal of Obamacare is one that is burnt into our collective minds. Seeing his decisions fueled by vitriol and a thirst for revenge against the President begs the question-are all Democrats and RINOs in Congress too compromised to be drafting our nation’s laws?

Is “he’s dying anyway” worse than “Please someone-anyone-murder the President?” 

The Left has relentlessly flooded the country with images of President Trump’s gory beheading and words designed to inspire the assassination of our fairly elected President.

Some who “wished for” President Trump’s murder were elected officials. Others masked their calls for violence in the name of “comedy.” All remarks and antics were in the public forum. None of them showed any regard for President Trump’s family.

Perhaps it’s time for both sides to calm down and behave in a more civil manner. But until that day, it must be said that McCain’s lifetime career as a traitor to the US will all come to light. Those who still hold him up as a hero will be bitterly disappointed. Sadly for all of us, that will be what he’ll be remembered for.

See John McCain. Once a Traitor. Always a Traitor. 

Do you think the Trump administration should cave to pressure and fire Kelly Sanders? What do you think of the “he’s dying anyway” remark? Do you think it’s time that people who run as a Presidential candidate should not be allowed to have their records sealed? Do you think that other Members of Congress such as Pelosi, Tom Perez and Maxine Waters ought to have their heads examined? Should people with brain tumors and/or who hold a personal vendetta against a President and/or who work for Globalist interests rather than America’s be allowed to craft America’s future?

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Business Insider-Sarah H-S berates staff

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  1. Comments lost during transfer. On 5/14/18 OrangeSnow wrote,”I believe that Senator McCain should have resigned when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. My Aunt had brain cancer and her mental capacity dropped quickly.”

  2. Comments lost during transfer. On 5/13/18 Green Butterfly wrote,” If FREEDOM OF SPEECH applies to Leberals that staffer should be able to use her right to say what everyone is saying and thinking.”

  3. Comments lost during transfer. On 5/13/18 BlueButton wrote,” He is a Traitor with evil and vengeance! He has destroyed whatever tidbit of honor he may have held with his actions and behavior since Trump became Presidrnt! He will not be missed and will go down in history as an evil man! Good bye traitor!!!”

  4. Comments lost during transfer. On 5/13/18 PurpleCocktail wrote,” McCain is a career traitor he has done nothing that is good for the American people”

  5. Comments lost during transfer. On 5/13/18 Irwin GraulichL wrote,” John McCain is loser in life. Just because he served in the military, does NOT make him a good guy. He is more like Benedict Arnold, and has used the fact that he was captured in Vietnam, to give himself a career in politics. He is extremely jealous of Donald Trump who actually won the presidency. McCain’s daughter is jealous of a truly successful daughter of a president–Ivanka Trump. Compare the Trumps to the McCains and you will see what fools and losers the McCains really are!!!”

  6. Comments lost during transfer. On 5/13/ BlueFish wrote,” Whether McCain is a war hero or not, let his fellow POWs answer that one. Otherwise there is some wisdom in letting him have his day in the sun, knowing that the problem will soon go away all by itself.”

  7. Comments lost during transfer. On 5/13/ OrangeTree wrote,” Nothing to Apologize for. Get over the sensitivity in a world of important issues dealing with.”

  8. Comments lost during transfer. On 5/13/ BlueCar wrote,” Absolutely not, he should have taken himself out when diagnosed”

  9. Comments lost during transfer. On 5/13/ BluePretzel wrote,” In reference to John McCain, a white house staffer was criticized as offensive and disrespectful when he remarked, “it doesn’t matter, he’s dying anyway.” Excuse me, but Senator John McCain has made offensive and disrespectful remarks about President Trump for the past year and a half. Where is the criticism of McCain???”

  10. Comments lost during transfer. On 5/13/ OlivePin wrote,” While it is a little insensitive, it does make a point. She has nothing to apologize for and should not be forced out. He really should have stepped down when he was diagnosed to focus on treatment and spending time with his family. For all his time in office there is very little he has achieved other than be a thorn in the side of his own party.”

  11. Comments lost during transfer. On 5/13/ Sandy Taylor wrote,” What she said in a private meeting should NOT require an apology! Did she not make a true statement? He IS dying! He has been an a**hole and has said lots worse about our president! The left is all upset about the comment, but they have said lots worse in public and on tv. Just look at Maxine Waters comments and rants! Hillary’s comments, anyone? Crickets…”

  12. Comments lost during transfer. On 5/13/ OrangeRocket wrote,” No. Not at all.”

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