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Donna Brazile Haunted by Seth Rich. Yeah. So Are We.

Donna Brazile haunted by Seth Rich

Donna Brazile stunned the world with some bombshell revelations in her new book “Hacks.”

Brazile blew some major whistles in that have Hillbot ears bleeding, fangs bared and claws sharpened. The ones who solely rely on MSM still haven’t heard a word. 

Bombshell- Hillary stole the primary from Bernie.

It wasn’t just Debbie Wasserman-Schultz pulling strings on Hillary’s behalf. Donna Brazile found an incriminating document-an agreement allowing Hillary to take complete control of the DNC- a  full year before the election.

Candidates take control after their nomination, not before. Bernie and his supporters never stood a chance.

But dots connecting from the hijacked DNC to Seth Rich could be the final death blow to Hillary, the DNC and their handlers in the the Shadow Government. 

Nuclear bombshell-Donna Brazile was haunted by Seth Rich

Establishment Media nightmare Matt Drudge tweeted, 

“Brazile writes she was haunted by murder of DNC Seth Rich, and feared for her own life, shutting the blinds so snipers could not see her.”

What she is telling us is that she knew it was a political assassination

Seth Rich was suspected of leaking the DNC’s emails to Wikileaks. It’s likely that Amy Dacey, the DNC’s CEO found out that Seth was the leaker. She informed John Podesta, Hillary’s Campaign Manager,. He responded, I’m”definitely for making an example out of a suspected leaker, whether or not we have any real basis for it.” 

Reading between the lines here, but if DNC insider and interim Chair Donna Brazile  truly believed that Seth Rich was randomly mugged in his  neighborhood at 4:20 AM, her paranoia would not exist.

This may be the ultimate inside story that Brazile knew about, but as is her MO, kept under wraps.  She will likely remain haunted until she comes clean. 

What did she know?

Accidental truth

Brazile may be fairly forthcoming in this book, but she accidentally reveals some ugly truths about herself. She sees wrongdoing and does nothing. 

She knew Hillary hijacked the DNC to steal the nomination from Bernie. She did nothing. Bernie did nothing. 

She knew Hillary’s health was sketchy. After Hills took a shaky-seizy nose dive into the limo last year at the 9/11 ceremony Brazile considered replacing her with Biden and Booker. She did nothing. 

She apparently also knew that Seth Rich was not mugged, but assassinated. 

But she didn’t do nothing.  She interfered with the investigation.

Donna Brazile tried to squash the Seth Rich investigation. 

According to Private Investigator Rod Wheeler, after questioning  DC police about Seth Rich they got a call from major DNC power player,  Donna Brazile.

She “accused Wheeler of “snooping” and demanded to know why the investigation was still going on.” Imagine. The DC police have to answer to the DNC about investigating a murder that supposedly has nothing to do with them. 

Let’s face it.

Chances are she wouldn’t have made that call if Seth Rich were randomly mugged.  If she cared at all, she would have wanted his muggers to be caught.

So chances are someone told her to  make that call. Either that or as Rod Wheeler said, perhaps she is a “person of interest.” 

If it’s not the latter, then who in Hillary’s hijacked DNC told her to make the call? 

The most innocent possible explanation still reeks.

What excuse could the DNC possibly have for gagging the Seth Rich investigation? They could shrug it off as worry about the DNC’s image.

But that wouldn’t fly for 2 reasons:

1) If the DNC was innocent of pesky charges made by “conspiracy theorists,” the best thing that could happen would be to find the real muggers. 

2) What does it say about the DNC that their Party image is more important than finding the cold blooded murderers of a young man-one of their own staffers? 

More connections from Hillary’s hijacked DNC to Seth Rich

Remember Brad Baumann who showed up on the scene to represent the Rich family? He immediately put the kabash on the Rich family talking to the press. 

It was after Baumann came into the picture that the Rich family suddenly told the  public that they didn’t want the investigation or reports to go any further. Very odd behavior from a grieving family and more odd still that the MSM and DC police would stop  looking for their son’s killer because it was bothering them. 

Brad Baumann vehemently denied that he was being paid by the DNC for representing the Rich family. However, most won’t buy that because he also happens to be a crisis spin manager for the DNC. 

Additionally, Ed Butowsky, a wealth management and financial adviser, said that  Seth’s Dad, Joel Rich told him that he he needed to tell a Jack Burkman to stop speaking for the family because the DNC assigned Brad Baumann to them. 

“Please tell him to stop… [Burkman should not speak for the family] We have a man who was assigned to us by the DNC….We were assigned a guy named Brad Bauman. I don’t know why we were assigned him. I have no idea why I need somebody to speak for me…”

It wouldn’t be a stretch to conclude that the DNC’s  crisis spin manager Brad Baumann muscled the Rich family. If Donna Brazile wasn’t complicit herself, perhaps it was Baumann who muscled her to muscle Wheeler and the DC Police.

Baumann says there’s a “special place in Hell” for people who believe  the “debunked” story that the Seth Rich murder was a political assassination because he leaked  DNC emails to Wikileaks. 

However, it has never been debunked- just ridiculed in an attempt to shut it down. It is still an open investigation. 

We now know that Hillary hijacked the DNC.
  • Hillary’s agreement with thug Debbie Wasserman-Schultz gave the HC Campaign full control of the DNC.
  • Amy Dacey who also signed that agreement told John Podesta that their software company found out who downloaded and exported DNC e-mails. 
  • Seth Rich was likely the suspected leaker.
  • John Podesta said he was all for making an example of a leaker.
  • Seth Rich was gunned down. 
  • A DNC damage control specialist was sent to handle the Rich family.
  • Donna Brazile called the cops to demand an answer as to why Wheeler was snooping and why they were still investigating Seth Rich’s murder.
  • Players within the DNC and with ties to the DNC took aggressive steps to hush witnesses, investigators, the media and even the victim’s family to obstruct the investigation into Seth Rich’s murder. 
  • Again-the DNC was under full control of the Hillary camp.

Or maybe there’s no real connections at all. Just a string of random events that as usual, lead back to Hillary.  

The DNC clinging to Hillary is like Norman Bates clinging to his mother’s corpse. 

Hillary isn’t even in the running anymore. But her bitter clinger worshipers  fly into a cross dressing, bloody Russian knife wielding rage any time she may be exposed. 

Hillbot and Globalist-driven Dems are going for the jugular, accusing Donna Brazile of spreading “false Russia-fueled propaganda.”

If the Left doesn’t stop their foolish Russia-talk the Democratic Party is toast.

The gig is up. Hillary paid for the lies (possibly stemming from Russian parties) in the Pee Pee Dossier to steal the election. She stole the primary from Bernie. She hijacked and corrupted the DNC. She committed treason and colluded with Russia through her Uranium One deal. She committed treason by hijacking our state department and turning it into her own piggy bank.

Her hijacked DNC aggressively tried to bury the Seth Rich investigation. 

When Hillary goes down, they’ll all go down.

Too bad Donna’s a Democrat. She could arm herself.

It’s not as if  her worst fears couldn’t happen. Some nut job just attacked Senator Rand Paul at his home. Imagine what a professional could do.

Donna Brazile will be checking her blinds well into the foreseeable future. 

However, judging by the way Democrats who want to survive are turning on Hillary,  it could be that the Clintons have run out of body bags.

But wait-not yet. There may be a few body bags left. 

Donna Brazile stated in her book that it broke her heart  when she discovered evidence that she said showed Hillary Clinton’s campaign fixed the Democratic nomination system in her favor.

Someone must have slipped the definition of “Arkancide” under her door.

Suddenly Donna’s scrambling to backtrack on her own revelations. This morning she says there was no evidence that the primary was rigged against Bernie. 

Donna may have erroneously banked on her book as being her “life insurance” file. At any rate, hopefully her book will lay the groundwork for more light to shine on the maggot-ridden corpse of the Clinton dynasty.

Your thoughts? Comment below!


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  1. Well written, You Nailed it! Thank you for putting the new pieces into the almost finished puzzle…Gathering it into one place…Killery; She’s worse than all the shooters who kill innocent people, Rolled up into one diabolical “Whore of Babylon” The Great Witch! All we have known about her, from the thief in the Whitehouse to all these Murders (Judge Scalia) It reads like a Bad Dream….Innocent Victim Trail will be overwhelming

    • Thank you 🙂 Yes Hillary is some piece of work. She’s a 2 time presidential loser but she may win the prize for the most evil woman in history.

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