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Dr. Phil Mainstreams #Pizzagate! (video)

  • Dr. Phil mainstreams pizzagate

    sick "art" at Comet Ping Pong


Dr. Phil just mainstreamed Pizzagate.

Thank you Dr. Phil.

While he didn’t specifically mention Pizzagate, he brought national attention to the very real elite pedophile networks operating in this country.

On his March 21st episode of Dr. Phil, he interviewed “Kendall,” a victim of an elite pedophile ring. She was sold into sex slavery by her depraved parents when she was just an infant. They later told her that it was the best thing that could have happened to her and she should be grateful.  In addition to the obvious sexual abuse, traffickers manipulate their victims with  mind control.

The full video of the episode was at the bottom of this post.It has since been deleted everywhere and when I find one I’ll post it. There is a link to clips below. 

JUST IN! A reader, Bryce, was kind enough to send along this link to view the entire episode:

Prior to airing Kendall’s testimony Dr. Phil’s staff spent 4 months validating her claims. He also interviewed retired LAPD Lieutenant and human trafficking expert Andre Dawson to speak about this vile practice.

She was first abused before she could speak. “Clients” were extremely wealthy. They abused infants and performed heinous acts on Kendall and others. 

Kendall mentioned that some of her “clients” included members of law enforcement and the FBI.  Could this video have been deleted on You Tube and elsewhere by the Powers That Be who would be implicated in this sex trafficking ring?

And thank you Wikileaks.

The backstory…

Wikileaks published the seriously disturbing emails that could link high ranking officials, including Hillary, John Podesta, and possibly Obama himself to an elite pedophile ring operating out of Washington, D.C.  Emails  were riddled with  giddy code words for pedophilia. “Pizza ” is pedo-code for little girls.

Our politicians’ obsession with “pizza” and “hot dogs” led to pizza joint Comet Ping Pong in DC.  Many drew the conclusion that it could possibly be a hot spot for this type of activity. For sure, owner James Alefantis posted enough creepy pics and captions in his Instagram account to back up these suspicions. Satanic pedo-loving bands that play in his “family friendly” place, pedo-inspired ‘art” on the walls, and the fact that this pizza shop owner was listed as one of DC’s most influential people was very troubling.

Wikileaks exposed other bizarre vocabulary, behavior and associations. Podesta was linked to activities involving Satanic rituals of “spirit cooking.” Hillary bailed out Laura Silsby, a convicted child sex trafficker operating out of all places, Haiti.

The Left has been masterful in diverting attention away from this story.

BTW-Kendall mentioned wealthy clients who own large tracts of land. They set their young victims free and hunt them like animals and sexually abuse them.  Oddly enough, some people claim to have found John Podesta’s estate on google. The large tract of land was marked “John Podesta  Pizza Mansion.” The label was removed after Pizzagate came to light.

This blows the lid off the “Pizzagate is a hoax” narrative.

Decent citizens and alternative media’s journalists had questions. They were rightfully concerned that their could be an elite pedo ring destroying the lives of innocent children. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before.

But mainstream media refused to investigate and without looking into it, they shut down all questions and investigations as being a “conspiracy” or “hoax.”

When a gunman entered Comet Ping Pong it gave them the ammo they needed to paint Alefantis as a victim of some right wing nut jobs. Fox News did just that and labeled Megyn Kelly’s shameful interview with Alefantis as “fake news.”

Facebook, Google  and Reddit have also censored and shut down Pizzagate.  In response, it’s now also called Pedogate. 

Ben Swann was the only mainstream journalist who covered Pizzagate.

President Trump is fighting evil from so many sides.

If this does all turn out to be true, there’ll be Hell to pay.

The wealthy and powerful scum that take part in these pedo rings will be exposed. And so will their accomplices in the mainstream media.

The Dems and RINOs are in a panic because their dreams of a global takeover are being squashed. In addition, many are probably lashing out like vicious cornered rats because their filthy pedo activities will be exposed-and prosecuted.

Will Dr. Phil’s show be shut down like the You Tubers that have been pursuing answers and justice for victims of child sex trafficking? Probably not. Because he never mentioned Pizzagate per se. But he did drive home that elite pedo rings are very real. They won’t be stopped unless they’re acknowledged and investigated.

Have you been following Pizzagate? Comment below!

Here’s a link with clips about the Dr. Phil episodes on  his site.

note-Can no longer find full episodes on You Tube or Dr. Phil’s site! If I can find one I’ll re-post it here. 



  1. Auree

    Strange how the video is not available!

  2. DJ

    Hi, here is a current link were you can view the full episode:

    PS.. Is it just me, or is it somewhat fishy that I can’t find anything online that alludes to who this woman’s ‘owner’ was…? I know due to libel laws, they clearly couldn’t mention anybody by name, but perhaps Epstein?

  3. Kandice Keck

    The video is no longer accessible.

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